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Author Title Year Volume Issue Pages
A-Amang, BoeLes Amants de Nulle Part: Une Critique par Emmanuel E. Moukory (In French) 1969/Spring2300
Abbink, Jon Extensions of the Self: Artistry and Identity in the Headrests and Stools of Southwest Ethiopian Peoples2015/Winter4844659
Abe, Stacey Gillian & Immy MaliConjuring Our Beings: Stacey Gillian Abe and Immy Mali in Conversational Partnership2019/Summer5221831
Abiodun, RowlandUnderstanding Yoruba Art And Aesthetics: The Concept Of Ase1994/Summer27300
Acquaye, SakaThe Language Problem Of The Developing African Theater1968/Autumn2100
Acquaye, SakaModern Folk Opera In Ghana1971/Winter4200
Adams, MonniAn Evening With William Fagg1977/Summer10400
Adams, MonniKuba Embroidered Cloth1978/Autumn12100
Adams, MonniFon Appliqued Cloths1980/Winter13200
Adams, MonniAfrican Treasures Of The Peabody Museum, Harvard1982/Summer15400
Adams, MonniWomen And Masks Among The Western We Of Ivory Coast1986/Winter19200
Adams, Monni18Th-Century Kuba King Figures1988/Autumn21300
Adams, MonniBeyond Symmetry In Middle African Design1989/Autumn23100
Adams, MonniWomen'S Art As Gender Strategy Among The We Of Canton Boo1993/Autumn26400
Adams, MonniLocating the Mano Mask.2010/Summer4321637
Adams, Monni & T. Rose HoldcraftDida Woven Raffia Cloth From Cote D'Ivoire1992/Summer25300
Adams, SarahIn My Garment There Is Nothing But God.2006/Summer3922635
Adande, Joseph C.E.Asen and Methodology in Art History2007/Autumn40300
Adedeji, JoelTraditional Yoruba Theater1969/Autumn3100
Adedeji, JoelThe Poetry Of The Yoruba Masque Theatre1978/Spring11300
Adedze, AgbenyegaRe-Presenting Africa: Commemorative Postage Stamps of the Colonial Exhibition of Paris (1931)2004/Summer37200
Adedze, AgbenyegaCommemorating the Chief: The Politics of Postage Stamps in West Africa2004/Summer37200
Adekeye, AdeyemoUzo Egonu Of Nigeria1973/Autumn7100
Adelman, Kenneth LeeThe Art Of The Yaka1975/Autumn9100
Adkins Richardson, JohnSpeculations On Dogon Iconography1977/Autumn11100
Adler, Christine KatrinRobert Visser and His Photographs from the Loango Coast2002/Winter35400
Adnan, EtelThe Weavings Of The Children Of Harrania1970/Spring3300
Aduamah, Enos YaoNothing Happens For Nothing1971/Spring4300
Adwoa Anriri, JanetAkan Combs1974/Autumn8100
Agqrey Zankli, BoeviPrayer To Wetri Yeye1969/Autumn3100
Agu, OgonnaLonesongs At Dawn1973/Winter6200
Agu, OgonnaThe House Of Death1973/Summer6400
Ainselle, JeanTarzan, ou Rousseau chez les Waziri: Musée du Quai Branly, Paris.2010/Autumn4338688
Aj Ayah, PaulOliti1969/Autumn3100
Akande, Abiodun Commonalities and Disparities in the Iconography of OpĂłn IfĂĄ and ÌrĂłkĂ© IfĂĄ in ÒyĂł, SĂĄbe, and IfĂš-Ana YorĂčbĂĄ Communities2020/Summer532 4253
Akpabot, SamuelAfrican Instrumental Music1971/Autumn5100
Akpabot, SamuelTheories On African Music1972/Autumn6100
Akpabot, SamuelRandom Music Of The Birom People1975/Winter8200
Akpan, Joseph J.Ekpo Society Masks Of The Ibibio1994/Autumn27400
Allara, PamelaDislocation and Collaboration: Recent Prints by Kim Berman.2010/Winter4342029
Allara, PamelaDiane Victor and Paul Emmanuel.2012/Winter4543445
Allara, Pamelacorrection.2013/Spring46155
Allara, Pamela Susan Woolf: Taxi Hand Signs: South African Jewish Museum Cape Town, South Africa July 10–September 5, 20162017/Winter5048284
Allara, Pamela African Art in the Barnes Foundation: The Triumph of L'Art nĂšgre and the Harlem Renaissance by Christa Clarke New York: Skira Rizzoli in association with the Barnes Foundation, 2015; 288 pp., 325 color ill., biblio, index. $75.00, hardcover2017/Spring5019192
Allison, PhilipCollecting Yoruba Art1973/Summer6400
Allison, Philipe & Robert Plant Armstrong & Herbert Baker & al.Fakes, Fakers, And Fakery: Authenticity In African Art1976/Spring9300
Alolabi Ojo, G.J.Traditional Yoruba Architecture1968/Spring1300
Alpers, Edward A.Folk Art and Personal Independence in Tanzania: Fundi Mdawalo bin Milonge2004/Summer37200
Altman, Ralph C.African Negro Sculpture Has Many Faces1967/Autumn1100
Ames, DavidProfessionals And Amateurs: The Musicians Of Zaria And Obimo1968/Winter1200
Ames, David and Barbara & Philip M. Peek & Julian Brody & al.William Bascom: In Memoriam1983/Winter16200
Ames, David W. & Ken A. GourlayKimkim: A Women'S Musical Pot1978/Winter11200
Amos, Samuel &Bruce OnobrakpeyaTortoise In Legend1970/Autumn4100
Anderson, LoisThe African Xylophone1967/Autumn1100
Anderson, Martha G.The Funeral Of An Ijo Shrine Priest1987/Autumn21100
Anderson, Martha G.Ikiyan Aru: Ijo Vessels of Sacrifice2003/Spring36100
Anderson, Martha G. & Philip M. PeekWays of the Rivers: Arts and Environment of the Niger Delta2002/Spring35100
Aniakor, ChikePoems And Drawings1975/Summer8400
Aniakor, Chike C.The Igbo Ijele Mask1978/Summer11400
Anklam, Nico & Ganzenberg, ChristianKendell Geers, 1988-2012 Haus der Kunst, Munich February 1-May 12, 20132014/Autumn4737981
Anta KĂą, AbdouLe Mal-Mort (In French)1969/Autumn3100
Anta KĂą, AbdouPinthioum Fann (In French)1970/Winter3200
Apotsos, MichelleObjects of Belief from the Vatican: Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas de Young Museum San Francisco, CA February 9-September 8, 20132014/Autumn4737678
Apotsos, Michelle Moore a/wake in the water: Meditations on Disaster Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA), Brooklyn, New York August 14–November 30, 20142016/Summer4928284
Appiah , PeggyAkan Symbolism1979/Autumn13100
Appiah, K. Anthony & Sokari Douglas CampThe Need for Roots2004/Spring37100
Aradeon, Susan B.Moufou Architecture1980/Autumn14100
Armstrong, R.G.Onugbo Mloko: Story In Idoma Ancestral Mask Chant1968/Summer1400
Armstrong, Robert PlantAesthetic Continuity In Two Yoruba Works1971/Spring4300
Armstrong, Robert PlantMy Collection1974/Spring7300
Armstrong, Robert PlantOshe Shango And The Dynamic Of Doubling1983/Winter16200
Arndt, LotteBEYOND THE OFFICIAL TRACK.2011/Summer4428587
ARNOLD, MARIONSouth African Art Now.2011/Spring4419293
Arnoldi, Mary JoThe Artistic Heritage Of Somalia1984/Summer17400
Arnoldi, Mary JoSomono Puppet Masquerades In Kirango, Mali (Photo Essay) Photographs By Susan Vogel Text By2001/Spring34100
Arnoldi, Mary JoSymbolically Inscribing the City: Public Monuments in Mali, 1995-20022003/Summer36200
Arnoldi, Mary Jo All the World's Futures: The 55th Venice Biennale May 9–November 22, 2015 multiple venues, Venice, Italy2016/Fall4938485
Arnoldi, Mary Jo & Christine MullenReflections On 'African Voices' At The Smithsonian'S National Museum Of Natural History2001/Summer34200
Arnoldi, Mary Jo & Christine Mullen KreamerCrowning Achievements: African Arts Of Dressing The Head (Exhibition Preview)1995/Winter28100
Arnoldi, Mary Jo & Morphy, Howard & Nzewi, Ugochukwu & Thompson, Krista & Kreamer, Christine Mullen & Ross, Doran H.Ivan Karp (1943-2011)2012/Summer452811
Aronowicz, MiriamContinental Rifts: Contemporary Time2009/Winter4248283
Aronson, LisaPatronage And Akwete Weaving1980/Spring13300
Aronson, LisaPopo Weaving: The Dynamics Of Trade In Southeastern Nigeria1982/Spring15300
Aronson, LisaThe Language Of West African Textiles1992/Summer25300
Aronson, LisaIjebu Yoruba Asd Olona: A Contextual And Historical Overview1992/Summer25300
Aronson, LisaEwe Ceramics as the Visualization of Vodun2007/Spring40100
Aronson, LisaGender and South African Art.2012/Winter45415
Aronson, Lisa Joanne Bubolz Eicher: Trailblazer in the Field of African Textiles, Dress, and Fashion2017/Autumn5033847
Aronson, Lisa Maternity: Mothers and Children in the Arts of Africa2019/Spring5219495
Asalache , KhadambiTwo Poems1968/Summer1400
Ashby Johnson, MarianGold Jewelry Of The Wolof And The Tukulor Ofsenegal1994/Winter27100
Ashong-Katai, SelbyA Nightmare1971/Winter4200
Atallah Nadine Art et LibertĂ©: Rupture, War, and Surrealism in Egypt (1938–1948). Exhibition at Palace of Arts, Cairo2018/Spring5118688
Aubry, RogerLe Cinema Au Cameroun (In French) 1969/Spring2300
Auslander, MarkAssemblies Excavation and Reconstruction in Contemporary African Art.2005/Spring381189
Auslander, Mark By Iron Possessed: Fabrice Monteiro's Maroons: The Fugitive Slaves2016/Fall4936267
Auslander, Mark Chief S.O. Alonge: Photographer to the Royal Court of Benin, Nigeria National Museum of African Art, Washington, DC September 17, 2014—July 31, 20162016/Spring4918891
Awe, KayodeThree Nigerian Festivals: Arts Festival In Western State1971/Summer4400
Awoonor-Williams , GeorgePoems1967/Autumn1100
Ayebermo Freemann , RichardUdouye The King Of Beauty1968/Autumn2100
Baasch, Rachel Bodies, Buildings, and Borders: Navigating the Divided Nation through Contemporary South African and Palestinian Art Practice2018/Summer5123243
Baasch, Rachel, Stephen Folárànmí, Emi Koide, Angelo Kakande & Ruth Simbao“Knowing With”: New Rhodes Board Navigates Collaboration, Intimacy, and Solidarity2020/Summer532 15
Babalola Yai, OlabiyiTradition And The Yoruba Artist1999/Spring32100
Badejo, PeterPremiere Production: The Gods Are Not To Blame1970/Winter3200
Baird Hinckley, PriscillaThe Dodo Masquerade Of Burkina Faso1986/Winter19200
Balona de Oliveira, Ana The Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics of Migration in Contemporary Art from Angola and Its Diaspora2020/Fall533 815
Bame, K.N.Comic Play In Ghana1968/Summer1400
Bandler, Donald & JanThe Pottery Of Ushafa1977/Spring10300
Bankole, Ayo & Judith Bush & Sadek H. SamaanThe Yoruba Master Drummer1975/Winter8200
Bargna, Ivan Collecting Practices in Bandjoun, Cameroon: Thinking about Collecting as a Research Paradigm2016/Summer4922037
Barkan, ElazarAesthetics And Evolution: Benin Art In Europe1997/Summer30300
Bassani, EzioKongo Nail Fetishes From The Chiloango River Area1977/Spring10300
Bassani, EzioA Kongo Drum Stand1977/Autumn11100
Bassani, EzioNineteenth-Century Airport Art1979/Winter12200
Bassani, EzioSono From Guinea Bissau1979/Summer12400
Bassani, EzioA Newly Discovered Afro-Portuguese Ivory1984/Summer17400
Bassani, EzioAdditional Notes On The Afro-Portuguese Ivories1994/Summer27300
Bassey Onyile, Onyile and Christopher SlogarNobody Can Harm You, Nobody Can Charm You: Efik Nnabo Society Masquerades of Calabar, Nigeria2016/Spring4917077
Bassing, AllenGrave Monuments Of The Dakakari1973/Summer6400
Bassing, Allen & A.A. Y. KyerematenThe Enstoolment Of An Asantehene1972/Spring5300
Bastin, Marie-LouiseL’Art D'Un Peuple D'Angola Arts Of The Angolan Peoples Part 1: Chokwe (In French And English)1968/Autumn2100
Bastin, Marie-LouiseL’Art D'Un Peuple D'Angola Arts Of The Angolan Peoples Part 2: Lwena (In French And English) 1969/Winter2200
Bastin, Marie-LouiseL’Art D'Un Peuple D'Angola Arts Of The Angolan Peoples Part 3: Songo (In French And English)1969/Spring2300
Bastin, Marie-LouiseL'Art D'Un Peuple D'Angola Arts Of The Angolan Peoples Part 4: Mbundu (In French And English)1969/Summer2400
Bastin, Marie-LouiseRitual Masks Of The Chokwe1984/Summer17400
Basu, PaulRecasting the National Narrative.2013/Autumn4631025
Batkin, JonathanAfrican Art At The Denver Art Museum1979/Spring12300
Battiss, WalterElc Art And Craft Centre At Rorke'S Drift1977/Autumn11100
Bay, Edna G.Cyprien Tokudagba Of Abomey1975/Summer8400
Bay, Edna G.On Ouidah Asen2007/Spring40100
Becker, CynthiaAmazigh Textiles and Dress in Morocco. (Cover story)2006/Autumn3934296
Becker, CynthiaBeaded Prayers.2006/Summer3927678
Becker, CynthiaExile, Memory, and Healing in Algeria: Denis Martinez and La FenĂȘtre du Vent.2009/Summer4222431
Becker, CynthiaBlack Womanhood: Images, Icons, and Ideologies of the African Body: Hood Museum Dartmouth College.2009/Autumn4238284
Becker, CynthiaNew Orleans Mardi Gras Indians: Mediating Racial Politics from the Backstreets to Main Street.2013/Summer4623649
Becker, Cynthia Medieval Morocco: An Empire from Africa to Spain October 17, 2014–January 19, 2015 Louvre, Paris, France. Contemporary Morocco October 15, 2014–March 31,2015 l'Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France2015/Winter4848588
Becker, Cynthia & Breunlin, Rachel & Regis, Helen A.Performing Africa in New Orleans.2013/Summer4621221
Becker, Cynthia & Zito, AlexYelimane Fall: Senegalese Calligraphy in Action.2014/Summer4722839
Becker, NatashaPrimitivism Revisited: After the End of an Idea.2008/Spring4118687
Bedaux, R.M.A.Tellem And Dogon Material Culture1988/Summer21400
Bedaux, Rogier M. A. & Jan SmitsA Seventeenth-Century Ivory Figure In The Rijksmuseum Uoor Volkenkunde In Leiden (Research Note)1992/Winter25100
Behrend, HeikeFeeling Global"; The Likoni Ferry Photographers Of Mombasa, Kenya2000/Autumn33300
Beidelman, T. O.Fundi Mdawala/Jak Katarikawe.2005/Spring38188
Beidelman, T.O.Jak Katarikawe2003/Summer36200
Beier, GeorginaYoruba Pottery1980/Spring13300
Beier, UlliSignwriters Art In Nigeria1971/Spring4300
Beier, UlriMiddle Art: The Paintings Of War1976/Winter9200
Beinart, JulianWall Painting: Popular Art In Two African Communities1968/Autumn2100
Bellinger, Robert A.The Géwël Tradition Project: Supporting a Living Tradition2013/Spring4616271
Beman, RebeccaEgypt In The Painting Of Watfa Midani1968/Autumn2100
Bems, Marla C.Magdalene Anyango N. Odundo (Portfolio)1996/Winter29100
ben Abdallah, MohammedThe Alien King1972/Summer5400
Ben-Amos, DanielStorytelling In Benin1967/Autumn1100
Ben-Amos, PaulaSymbolism In Olokun Mud Art1973/Summer6400
Ben-Amos, PaulaOwina N'Ido: Royal Weavers Of Benin1978/Summer11400
Ben-Amos, PaulaPatron-Artist Interactions In Africa1980/Spring13300
Ben-Amos, PaulaArtistic Creativity In Benin Kingdom1986/Spring19300
Ben-Amos, Paula & Osarenren OmoregieKeeping The Town Healthy: Ekpo Ritual In Avbiama Village1969/Summer2400
Ben-Amos, Paula GirshickA Note On A Lost Woodcarving Tradition From The Benin Kingdom (Research Note)1991/Spring24200
Benezech, Anne-MarieSo-Called Kuyu Carvings1988/Autumn22100
Benjamin, Tritobia H.Skunder Boghossian: A Different Magnificence1972/Summer5400
Bennett, GeorgeBbc Art Competition 19701971/Autumn5100
Benney Oelmann, AlbinNduen Fobara: Ancestral Memorial Screens From New Calabar1979/Winter12200
Bentor, EliLife As An Artistic Process: Igbo Ikenga And Ofo1988/Winter21200
Bentor, EliSpatial Continuities: Masks and Cultural Interactions between the Delta and Southeastern Nigeria2002/Spring35100
Bentor, EliChallenges to Rural Festivals with the Return to Democratic Rule in Southeastern Nigeria.2005/Winter3843893
Bentor, EliMasquerade Politics in Contemporary Southeastern Nigeria.2008/Winter4143243
Bentor, Eli Warrior Masking, Youth Culture, and Gender Roles: Masks and History in Aro Ikeji Festival2019/Spring5213445
Berliner, PaulJohn Kunaka, Mbira Maker1980/Autumn14100
BERNARD, CATHERINEThe Beautiful Time: Photography by Sammy Baloji.2011/Spring4418486
Bernard, CatherineOut of Bounds2015/Spring4815465
Berns, MarlaDecorated Gourds Of Northeastern Nigeria1985/Autumn19100
Berns, Marla C.Ceramic Arts In Africa1989/Winter22200
Berns, Marla C.Ceramic Clues: Art History In The Gongola Valley1989/Winter22200
Berns, Marla C.Pots As People: Yungur Ancestral Portraits1990/Summer23300
Berns, Marla C.Pottery-Making in Bonakire, Ghana2007/Spring40100
Berns, Marla C. Celebrating Fifty Years2017/Spring50169
Berns, Marla C. & Fardon, RichardCentral Nigeria Unmasked.2011/Autumn4431637
Berns, Marla C. & Polly Nooter RobertsIntersections World Arts Local Lives No Access2006/Winter3941435
Berns, Marla C. & Roy Sieber (Guest Editors)Recollections Of Arnold Rubin1991/Spring24200
Berqer, RenatoOgun Onire1974/Autumn8100
Bessire, AiméeSukuma Figures, Boundaries, and the Arousal of Spectacle.2005/Spring3813694
Bessire, AiméeThe Power of Ephemera: Permanence and Decay in Protective Power Objects. Part of a special issue: Ephemeral Arts I2009/Autumn4231627
Bester, Rory & Barbara BuntmanBushman(Ia) And Photographic Intervention1999/Winter32400
Betfelheim, JudithThe Lantern Festival In Senegambia1985/Winter18200
Bettelheim, JudithNegotiations Of Power In Carnaval Culture In Santiago De Cuba1991/Spring24200
Bettelheim, JudithWomen In Masquerade And Performance (Research Note)1998/Spring31200
Bettelheim, JudithPalo Monte Mayombe And Its Influence On Cuban Contemporary Art2001/Summer34200
Beumers , Erna & Peter AbspoelThe African Collection Of The Wereldmuseum Rotterdam2000/Spring33100
Biasio, ElisabethContemporary Ethiopian Painting in Traditional Style: From Church. Part of a special issue: Contemporary Expressive Culture in Ethiopia2009/Spring4211425
Bick, TenleyHorror Histories: Apartheid and the Abject Body in the Work of Jane Alexander.2010/Winter4343041
Bickford Berzock, KathleenAfrican Art At The Art Institute Of Chicago1999/Winter32400
Bickford Berzock, KathleenCeramic Arts in Africa: A Curator's Perspective2007/Spring40100
Biebuyck, Daniel P.Bembe Art1972/Spring5300
Biebuyck, Daniel P.Nyanga Circumcision Masks And Costumes1973/Winter6200
Biebuyck, Daniel P.Mumbira: Musical Instrument Of A Nyanga Initiation1974/Summer7400
Biebuyck, Daniel P.Textual And Contextual Analysis In African Art Studies1975/Spring8300
Biebuyck, Daniel P.Sculpture From The Eastern Zaire Forest Regions1976/Winter9200
Biebuyck, Daniel P.Sculpture From The Eastern Zaire Forest Regions: Mbole, Yela And Pere1976/Autumn10100
Biebuyck, Daniel P.Sculpture From The Eastern Zaire Forest Regions: Metoko, Lengola And Komo1977/Winter10200
Biebuyck, Daniel P.Lega Dress As Cultural Artifact1982/Spring15300
Binder, LisaAfrica 05.2006/Winter3948688
Binder, Lisa M.El Anatsui: Transformations.2008/Summer4122437
Bingham, ElizabethIssues Of Authorship In The Portrait Photographs Of Seydou Keita1998/Autumn31400
Binkley, David A.Spectacular Display; The Art Of Nkanu Initiation Rituals (Exhibition Preview)2001/Winter32400
Binkley, David A.Southern Kuba Initiation Rites: The Ephemeral Face of Power and Secrecy. Part of a special issue: Ephemeral Art II2010/Spring4314459
Birch Aguilar, LaurelMetaphors, Myths and Making Pots: Chewa Clay Arts2007/Spring40100
Birch Faulkner, LaurelBasketry Masks Of The Chewa1988/Autumn21300
Bird, RandallThe Merina Landscape in Early Nineteenth Century Highlands Madagascar.2005/Winter3841892
Bisci Bowen, AnneMurals At Afin Oyo1977/Spring10300
Bishop, Catherine P.African Occasional Textiles: Vernacular Landscapes of Development2014/Winter4747285
Bissell, William CunninghamBurning the Mabanda.2012/Autumn4537083
Blackman, Barbara W.The Art of Benin.2011/Summer4428991
Blackmun Visona, MonicaCarved Posts Of The Lagoon Region, Ivory Coast1987/Winter20200
Blackmun Visona, MonicaThe Limitations Of Labels1987/Summer20400
Blackmun Visona, MonicaPortraiture Among The Lagoon Peoples Of Cote D'Ivoire1990/Autumn23400
Blackmun VisonĂ , Monica Gifts from Our Elders: African Arts and Visionary Art History2017/Autumn50317
Blackmun, Barbara & Matthew SchoffeleersMasks Of Malawi1972/Summer5400
Blakely, Thomas D. & Pamela A.R. BlakelySo'0 Masks And Himba Funerary Festival1987/Autumn21100
Blanc-Shapira, IreneKenyan Children'S Art Contest1973/Autumn7100
Blier, Suzanne PrestonArt in Ancient Ife, Birthplace of the Yoruba.2012/Winter4547085
Boctor, GabrielLa Peinture En Egypte Moderne (In French) 1969/Autumn3100
Bonetti, RobertaAlternate Histories of the Abebuu Adekai.2010/Autumn4331433
Boone, EmilieIn Extremis: Death and Life in 21st2014/Spring4719192
Boram-Hays, CarolBorders of Beads Questions of Identity in the Beadwork of the Zulu2005/Summer3823893
Borgatti, JeanUcla'S Yoruba Doors1969/Autumn3100
Borgatti, JeanWillie Cole's Africa Remix: Trickster and "Tribe"2009/Summer4221223
Borgatti, Jeanafrican art in unusual places.2012/Summer4529696
Borgatti, Jean & Ogene, JohnBelieving Africa: Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology at Manning Hall, Brown University, Providence, RI. Exhibit2008/Summer4128889
Borgatti, Jean MOkpella Masking Traditions 1976/Summer9400
Borgatti, Jean M.Dead Mothers Of Okpella1979/Summer12400
Borgatti, Jean M.Age Grades, Masquerades, And Leadership Among The Northern Edo1982/Autumn16100
Borgatti, Jean M.Portraiture In Africa1990/Summer23300
Borgatti, Jean M.African Portraiture: A Commentary1990/Autumn23400
Borgatti, Jean M.The Otsa Festival of the Ekperi: Igbo Age-Grade Masquerades on the West Bank of the Niger?2003/Winter36400
Borgia, François & Marie EvembéPoesies (In French)1968/Summer1400
Bortolot, AlexanderiAfrica: Connecting with Sub2010/Winter4348284
Bourdier, Jean-PaulThe Rural Mosques Of Futa Toro1993/Summer26300
Bourdier, Jean-Paul & Trinh T. Minh-HaThe Architecture Of A Lela Compound1982/Autumn16100
Bourdier, Jean-Paul & Trinh T. Minh-HaKoumbili: Semi-Sunken Dwellings In Upper Volta1983/Summer16400
Bourgeois, Arthur P.Suku Drinking Cups1978/Autumn12100
Bourgeois, Arthur P.Mbwoolo Sculpture Of The Yaka1979/Spring12300
Bourgeois, Arthur P.Kakungu Among The Yaka And Suku1980/Autumn14100
Bourgeois, Arthur P.Yaka Masks And Sexual Imagery1982/Winter15200
Bourgeois, Arthur P.Yaka And Suku Leadership Headgear1982/Spring15300
Bourgeois, Arthur P.Mukoku Ngoombu: Yaka Divination Paraphernalia1983/Spring16300
Bourgeois, Jean-LouisThe History Of The Great Mosques Of Djenne1987/Spring20300
Bourland, W. IanIbrahim El-Salalhi: A Visionary Modernist ed. Salah M. Hassan New York: The Museum for African Art, 2012.2014/Spring4719495
Bouttiaux, AnnePersona: Masks of Africa's Identities Hidden and Revealed.2009/Autumn4236271
Bouttiaux, Anne & Roberts, Allen F.Guro Masked Performers: Sculpted Bodies Serving Spirits and People2009/Summer4225667
Bowen, DonaldExhibitions At The Commonwealth Institute1973/Winter6200
Bowles, Laurian R. Dress Politics and Framing Self in Ghana: The Studio Photographs of Felicia Abban2016/Winter4944857
Boyayo, AbrahamBerceuses Du Burundi (In French)1970/Winter3200
Boyer, Ruth MYoruba Cloths With Regal Names1983/Winter16200
Brasch, Walter M. & Gilbert D. SchneiderThe Press Meets The Afo-A-Kom1974/Autumn8100
Braun, Lesley NicoleTrading Virtue for Virtuosity: The Artistry of Kinshasa's Concert Danseuses2014/Winter4744857
Braun, Lesley Nicole The Moving Parts in MichÚle Magema's Body of Work2020/Fall533 2229
Bravmann, Rene A.An Urban Way Of Death1975/Spring8300
Bravmann, Rene A.Gyinna-Gyinna: Making The Djinn Manifest1977/Spring10300
Bravmann, Rene A.Gur And Manding Masquerades In Ghana1979/Autumn13100
Breidenbach, Paul S. & Doran H. RossThe Holy Place: Twelve Apostles Healing Gardens1978/Summer11400
Brett-Smith, SarahTextiles BĂČgĂČlan du Mali: A Response.2006/Spring3911296
Breunlin, RachelBridge Work: Repatriating Mardi Gras Indian Photography with the House of Dance & Feathers.2013/Summer4625061
Breunlin, RachelHow We Do It: A Collaborative Interview and Photo Essay.2013/Summer4626269
Bridges, Nichole N. World on the Horizon: Swahili Arts Across the Indian Ocean, curated by Allyson Purpura and Prita Meier, Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign August 31, 2017-March 24, 20182019/Summer5228487
Brink, James T.Bamana Kote-Tlon Theater1977/Summer10400
Brokensha, DavidOri Olokun: A New Art Center1969/Spring2300
Brottem, Bronwyn V. & Ann LangZulu Beadwork1973/Spring6300
Brown, CarolA Global Africa at Dak'Art 7.2006/Winter3946061
Brown, David H.Thrones Of The Orichas: Afro-Cuban Altars In New Jersey, New York, And Havana1993/Autumn26400
Brown, JeanTraditional Sculpture In Kenya1972/Autumn6100
Brown, Jean LucasMiji Kenda Grave And Memorial Sculptures1980/Summer13400
Brown, Robert HThe Senator'S Suit1977/Summer10400
Brunet-Jailly, Joseph An Exhibition Full of Troubling Charms: The Aït Khebbach Carpets at Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, France2015/Winter48414
Brus, ReneEthiopian Crowns1975/Summer8400
Brutus , DennisNew Poems1968/Summer1400
BUCKRIDGE, STEEVE O.Slaves to Fashion: Black Dandyism and the Styling of Black Diasporic Identity.2011/Spring4418990
Buggenhagen, Beth Dak'Art 11th Biennale of Contemporary African Art May 5–June 8, 2014 Dakar, Senegal2016/Spring4918285
Bulane, MofoloSouthern Sesotho Literature1972/Autumn6100
Buraimoh, JimohPainting With Beads1971/Autumn5100
Burns, VivianTravel To Heaven: Fantasy Coffins1974/Winter7200
Burt, Eugene C.Eroticism In Baluyia Body Arts1982/Winter15200
Burt, Eugene C.Mural Painting In Western Kenya1983/Spring16300
Busia, Abena P. A. & Alison SaarFashioning a Self in the Contemporary World: Notes toward a Personal Meditation on Memory, History, and the Aesthetics of Origin2004/Spring37100
Caldwell, Duncan The Use of Animals in Birth Protection Rituals and Possible Uses of Stone Figurines from the Central Sahel2015/Winter4843445
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African art in unusual places.2012/Autumn4539696
India Bibliography.2013/Spring4612629
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