This page presents the content of a two long running Nigerian journals with interests ranging from the agronomics to the ethnography. Nigeria, a quarterly magazine of general interest that was published from 1937 till 1990 by the Government of Nigeria, before and after independence. It has been followed up since 1992 by Nigerian Heritage, a publication of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments.


Nigerian Field, on the other hand, is a private initiative of the Nigerian Field Society, going on continuously since 1931 !


On this page, you have the content of all the volumes from the beginning. It is classified by author. You can either scroll it or search it is by using the “Find on this page” function hereunder. Both the National Commission for Museums and Monuments and the Nigerian Field Society have got websites.Up to recently, the texts themselves were hard to come by, but now those of Nigerian Field are available on the website of the Archeology Data Service.

Author Title Journal Year Volume Issue Pages
Abadom, M. The complementarity of museums and tourismNigerian Heritage19943075-80
Abadom, Monica The museum and functional education in NigeriaNigerian Heritage19976090-8
Abalogu, U N Ekpe society in Arochukwu and BendeNigeria Magazine1978120 78-97
Abaraonye, F. I. Women and social engineering: the case of the Ibibio of southeastern NigeriaNigerian Heritage199320138-46
Abaraonye, Felicia Ihuoma The impact of national and regional politics of Ibibio women, 1950-1983Nigerian Heritage199980109-19
Abarry, Abu Social and ethical values of story- telling among the Berom of Plateau StateNigeria Magazine1986540 83-6
Abdulazzez.Religion : a major impetus in our quest for unity and national survival Nigerian Heritage2006150 67-73
Abejide, E. O. Gourds and calabash-carving technology in OyoNigerian Heritage19921038-48
Abia, Offiong T. History as a tool of developmentNigerian Heritage199760126-31
Abia, Timothy Offiong The [Oberi Okaime] Christian mission as a protest movementNigerian Heritage20009021-29
Abimbola, W The Ifa divination systemNigeria Magazine1977120 35-76
Abubakar, S Emirate-type government in the Sokoto caliphate in the 19th century. 1Nigeria Magazine1974110 59-64
Abubakar, S The nineteenth century emirate type government in the Sokoto caliphate. 2Nigeria Magazine1974110 50-5
Abu-Manga, Al-Amin The concept of 'woman' in Fulani narratives [Nigeria]Nigeria Magazine1984150 52-8
Achebe, Chinua Where angels fear to tread.Nigeria Magazine1962750 61-62
Achi, B The gandu system in the economy of HausalandNigeria Magazine1989570 49-59
Acholonu, Catherine O Folklore origins of the IgbosNigeria Magazine1987550 72-6
Acholonu, Catherine Obianuju Role of Nigerian dancers in dramaNigeria Magazine1985530 33-9
Achufusi, G I The main genres of African traditional literatureNigeria Magazine1986540 1-8
Adalemo, I A The Kainji dam: a resettlementNigeria Magazine1968990 265-79
Adams, R F G Efik vocabulary of living things.Nigerian Field1943110156-169
Adams, R F G Efik vocabulary of living things. Part II.Nigerian Field194612123-34
Adams, R F G Efik vocabulary of living things. Part III.Nigerian Field194813261-67
Adebajo, S Oku riro - Yoruba system for avenging the deadNigeria Magazine1988560 16-21
Adebanjo, T O A Second Ife Festival of the ArtsNigeria Magazine1969100 516-25
Adebanjo, T O A Back to the land of their ancestors [on African tribal life in Suriname, and on the visit of 4 Suriname African chiefs to Nigeria]Nigeria Magazine1970100 167-74
Adedayo, O. F. Osun Osgbo festivalNigerian Heritage200514070-89
Adedeji, J A A profile of Nigerian theatre 1960-1970Nigeria Magazine1971100 3-14
Adedeji, J A Indigenous drama at the festival [Fourth National Festival of the Arts, Lagos]Nigeria Magazine1975110 3-8
Adedeji, J A Theatre forms: the Nigerian dilemmaNigeria Magazine1979120 26-34
Adediran, Nath Mayo Prof. Ekpo Eyo : 28 July 1931-29 May 2011.Nigerian Field2011761-2 105-107
Adegboye, J D & B A Aiyedun River fisheries surveys in northern NigeriaNigerian Field1967324 160-170
Adejumo, Ademola African time and its manifestation in the traditional art of the Yoruba of Nigeria.Nigerian Field1997621-2 41-50
Adejumo, Z A Language in the play of J.P. Clark ['Ozidi']Nigeria Magazine1980130 56-74
Adejuyigbe, O Evolution of the boundaries of LagosNigeria Magazine1969100 480-4
Adeloye, A Nigerian pioneer doctors and early west African politicsNigeria Magazine1976120 2-24
Ademuleya, Babasehinde Continuity and change in Yoruba dress cultureNigerian Field201580028-50
Adenaike, A O The influence of Uli art on contemporary Nsukka school painting. lNigeria Magazine1982140 38-52
Adeniji-Soji, Elizabeth J.The public relations officers in the service of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments Nigerian Heritage2006150 133-140
Adeniyi, I F Frank Speed (aged 87 years).Nigerian Field200772173
Adeogun, A African art in EpeNigeria Magazine1967950 330-6
Adeogun, S Apo: darling of the womenfolksNigeria Magazine1968980 193-200
Adepegba, C O The essence of the image in the religious sculptures of the Yoruba of NigeriaNigeria Magazine1983140 13-21
Adepegba, C O The artist in the set-up of Yoruba traditional religions: a re-assessment of the approach to African artsNigeria Magazine1983140 28-36
Adepegba, Cornelius Oyeleke Ara : the factor of creativity in Yoruba art.Nigerian Field1983481-4 53-66
Adepegba, Cornelius Oyeleke Intriguing aspects of Yoruba Egungun masquerades.Nigerian Field1990551-2 3-12
Adepegba, Cornelius Oyeleke Igbo Ukwu sculpture and later Igbo arts.Nigerian Field1995603-4 90-103
Adesanya, R The feminine bias in Igbo-Ukwu finds.Nigerian Field1995603-4 115-123
Adesoji, Abimbola O.The changing status of historical sites in Ile-Ife Nigerian Heritage2006150 59-66
Adewumi, Adejoke Abeni The story of fishing in NigeriaNigerian Field2012771-213-20
Afigbo, A E Efik origin and migrations reconsideredNigeria Magazine1965870 267-80
Afigbo, A E Ibibio origin and migrations: a critique of methodologyNigeria Magazine1971100 62-9
Afigbo, A E The nineteenth century crisis of the Aro slaving oligarchy of south-eastern NigeriaNigeria Magazine1974110 66-73
Afigbo, A E The retreat of Jeffreys? [comment on 'Jeffreys' pet theory', by M.D.W. Jeffreys]Nigeria Magazine1975110 44-5
Afigbo, A E Fact and myth in Nigerian historiographyNigeria Magazine1977120 81-98
Afigbo, A E The Beni 'mirage' and the history of south central NigeriaNigeria Magazine1981130 17-24
Afigbo, A E Some aspects of the history of Ozo among the Igbo of NigeriaNigeria Magazine1983140 13-23
Afigbo, A E Traditions of Igbo origin: a commentNigeria Magazine1983140 3-12
Afigbo, A. E. Textile art and culture in southern NigeriaNigerian Heritage19987011-20
Afigbo, A. E. Time and its measurement in Igbo cultureNigerian Heritage200110011-21
Afigbo, A. E. Oral tradition and the political process in pre-colonial NigeriaNigerian Heritage200211011-25
Afigbo, A. E. (Adiele Eberechukwu).Igala diaspora : the southern phase considered Nigerian Heritage2006150 11-20
Afigbo, A.E. Igbo women, colonialism and socio-economic changeNigerian Heritage200312011-20
Afigbo, A.E. Britain and the hydra in the light of Biafra. (Towards a history of the abolition of the internal slave trade in the Oil Rivers and its hinterland, c. 1885 - c. 1943)Nigerian Heritage20041308-21
Afonja, S A Weaving and carving in St. Matthew's School, Ijebu Ijesha.Nigeria Magazine1937110 63-64
Agada-Uyah, Ugo Omume ceremony in Ehugbo (Afikpo): a look at greatnessNigeria Magazine1983140 24-50
Agbaje-Williams, B Ife, Old Oyo and Benin: a chronological consideration in the light of recent archaeological work at Old OyoNigeria Magazine1987550 23-31
Agbaje-Williams, B. Archaeological reconnaissance of the Federal Capital Territory, AbujaNigerian Heritage19965047-65
Agbaje-Williams, Babatunde The discovery of Koso, an ancient Oyo settlement.Nigerian Field1989543-4 123-127
Agbaje-Williams, Babatunde Systematic interval survey: a strategy for meaningful and purposeful archaeological investigationNigerian Heritage200110071-84
Agbaje-Williams, Babatunde Potsherd pavements and early urban sites in Yorubaland, Nigeria : an interim reportNigerian Field2001662 93-104
Agbamu, K E The Ovie of Uvwie: a chieftaincy installationNigeria Magazine1968960 23-35
Agberia, J. T. Notes on the Ladi Kawli pottery art at AbujaNigerian Heritage19932079-86
Agberia, John-Tokpabere T Ladi Kwali pottery art at Abuja: a revisitationNigeria Magazine1990580 102-13
Agbo, J O Alago-Jukun relations: a process of state elaborationNigeria Magazine1984150 48-51
Agbontaen, Kokunre A Benin city arts and craft heritageNigeria Magazine1990580 3-17
Agbontaen-Eghafona, K A A diary of events of the great Benin centenary anniversary : Benin City, 17-23 February 1997.Nigerian Field1997621-2 51-54
Agbontaen-Eghafona, K. A. The use of Benin cultural objects for educational programmes in museumsNigerian Heritage2002110120-4
Aghahowa, D O The ancestors and their roles in the human life: a case study of the Bini people of Bendel State of NigeriaNigeria Magazine1988560 63-8
Agiri, B. A. Women entrepreneurs in Ikorudu state 1900-1980Nigerian Heritage19976077-89
Agom, Damian The concept of African time and its manifestation in the traditional art of the Yoruba of Nigeria.Nigerian Field1998631-2 49-53
Agu, Ogonna Dance theatre, ritual and the Igbo dramaNigeria Magazine1987550 78-84
Ahmed, S Gimba Grass weavingNigeria Magazine1962740 10-15
Ahmed, Umaru B A taxonomy of Hausa dramaNigeria Magazine1985530-32
Ahura, T Origins and development of the masquerade theatre among the Tiv of Benue State of NigeriaNigeria Magazine1988560 41-51
Ahura, Tar Awareness and involvement in development through popular theatre: the Igyura experienceNigeria Magazine1982140 59-64
Ahura, Tar Popular theatre and social education in Benue State of NigeriaNigeria Magazine1985530 57-65
Aigbefo, J E Marriage customs in Ishan with special reference to Ewohimi in Agbazilo local govt. area, Bendel stateNigeria Magazine1987550 27-34
Aig-Imoukhuede, F Loja of ItagunmodiNigeria Magazine1974110 14-31
Aimiuwu, O E I OduduwaNigeria Magazine1971100 85-90
Aimiuwu, O E I Ashipa: the first Oba of LagosNigeria Magazine1969/70100 624-7
Aina, M.O. Epa festival among the Ekiti people of Kwara StateNigerian Heritage200312035-47
Aina, M.O. Village morphology and indigenous architecture: the case of the Ekiti (1600-1950)Nigerian Heritage200413084-95
Aiyedun, Kolawole D Archaeological investigation in the Wushishi area [Niger state, Nigeria]Nigeria Magazine1984150 15-29
Aiyedun, Kolawole D Wushishi archaeological reconnaissance surveyNigeria Magazine1985530 76-83
Aiyedun, Kolawole David Pottery making in Igbaja, Igbomina area, Kwara State.Nigerian Field1988533 76-88
Ajala, Museum of popular art in OshogboNigeria Magazine1965860 231-2
Ajala, Aderemi Suleiman.Ifa divination : a diagnostic and therapeutic device in Yoruba healing system Nigerian Heritage200615081-97
Ajao, C A [Ayo] : letter to the editor.Nigerian Field2005702 172-173
Ajayi, A Olosunta festivalNigeria Magazine1965840 17-30
Ajayi, B Yoruba palace entertainment crew: the Alaafin palace exampleNigeria Magazine1989570 60-7
Ajayi, 'Bade B Yoruba drum language: a problem of interpretationNigeria Magazine1990580 29-37
Ajayi, Frank Aesthetic value and professionalism in Yoruba craft: a field research on Madam Felicia Adepelu (a.k.a. Eye Depelu Olukoko Umole): traditional potter of Igbara-Odo-EkitiNigeria Magazine1987550 1-16
Ajayi, Frank Craft industries in Nigeria: Ipetu-Ijesa traditional woven-mat-craft exampleNigeria Magazine1990580 65-94
Ajayi, J F Ade The British occupation of Lagos, 1851-61 : a critical review.Nigeria Magazine1961690 96-105
Ajekigbe, P G Traditional palm oil industry at Alagogo in Yorubaland : an ethno-archaeological study.Nigerian Field1983583-4 91-96
Ajekigbe, Philip G. Ahoro-Jobele: an abandoned settlement in western NigeriaNigerian Heritage20009068-89
Ajekigbe, Philip Gbade Abuwe : Yoruba traditional soap.Nigerian Field1997621-2 33-40
Ajia, Olalekan Games of the moonlit.Nigerian Field1973381 40-42
Akanbiemu, M. O. The development of museums in NigeriaNigerian Heritage199540124-32
Akegbejo-Samsons, Yemi The resources of Ilaje/Eseodo coastal area of Ondo State.Nigerian Field1999641-2 31-42
Akenzua, E The Oba's palace in BeninNigeria Magazine1965870 244-51
Akenzua, Edun Benin, 1897Nigeria Magazine1960650 177-190
Akeredolu, Justus D Ife bronzesNigeria Magazine1958590 341-353
Akinade, Olalekan Pottery production at Ogga, Kogi stateNigerian Heritage199540113-23
Akinade, Olalekan Perspective on bridging of cultures in Nigerian museumsNigerian Heritage200514014-25
Akinade, Olalekan Ajao Management and communication in Nigerian museums: challenges and recommendationNigerian Heritage199870127-39
Akinjogbin, I A Ife: the home of a new universityNigeria Magazine1967920 40-6
Akinola, V O Technology in the arts: an appreciation of Yoruba traditional handloom weaversNigeria Magazine1988560 69-74
Akinpelu, Olakunle A Abiku : see what improved child care and immunisation have done to Yoruba abiku names!.Nigerian Field2009741-291-96
Akinpelu, Olakunle A Posers on the reality of igi-nla : or nuunu ebe?.Nigerian Field2010751-292-96
Akinrinsola, F Ogun festivalNigeria Magazine1965850 84-95
Akinsemoyin, K Nigeria in the world of artNigeria Magazine1967950 301-3
Akintoye, S A Ife's sad centuryNigeria Magazine1970100 34-9
Akintoye, S A Nigerian contributions to black historyNigeria Magazine1975110 116-36
Akintunde, Dorcas Olu Women as healers : the Nigeria (Yoruba) example.Nigerian Field200772163-72
Akinwumi, Olayemi Borguland before KisraNigerian Heritage20009058-67
Akinwunmi, Tunde M The upo fabric of the Okun-Yoruba : its decline and possible renaissanceNigerian Field1997623-4 101-112
Akinyeye, O A Traditional communication in NigeriaNigeria Magazine1986540 31-5
Akolo, J B Art education and cultural imperativesNigeria Magazine1987550 20-9
Akorede, V E A Urban planning in IlorinNigeria Magazine1980130 23-33
Akpaide, U Uko Ibibio concept of the mask: the Otoro community exampleNigeria Magazine1982140 24-39
Akpan, A U Bakor new yam festival at AlokNigeria Magazine1989570 49-53
Akpan, A. U. Cowrie shells in Nigerian cultureNigerian Heritage199320128-37
Akporobaro, F B O The theme of evil in the balladic poetry of the Isokos of southern NigeriaNigeria Magazine1987550 11-22
Alabi, Raphael A. Were coastal resources exploited in Badagry coastal area of southwestern Nigeria during the late stone age?Nigerian Heritage199980101-8
Alagoa, E J Ijo origins and migrations. 1Nigeria Magazine1966910 279-88
Alagoa, E J Delta masqueradesNigeria Magazine1967930 144-55
Alagoa, E J Ijo origins and migrations. 2, MigrationsNigeria Magazine1967920 47-55
Alagoa, E J Ijo funeral ritesNigeria Magazine1967950 279-87
Alagoa, E J The Ju festivalNigeria Magazine1968960 11-16
Alagoa, E. J. Conflict management: traditional models from the Nigerian south-south zoneNigerian Heritage200110022-34
Albasu, S A The jihad in Hausaland and the Kano FulaniNigeria Magazine1985530 52-4
Albert, Isaac O Fighting bad medicine : the ban of Sopona cultism in colonial southwest Nigeria.Nigerian Field2006711-2 3-23
Albert, Olawale The Awka stool.Sakara [drumming] controversy in colonial Yorubaland.Nigerian Field1998631-2 25-38
Aleru, J. O. Igbomina /Nupe relations: a historical and archaeological reconstructionNigerian Heritage2001100126-34
Alexander, Mark N.W. Thomas (1868-1936) : a bibliography.Nigerian Field1995601-2 30-33
Ali, Vincent Egwu Biological and ideological roles of pottery as channels of communication in the societyNigerian Heritage200090136-44
Ali, Z S Centre for Black and African Arts & CivilizationNigeria Magazine1979120 55-61
Ali, Zaccheus Sunday African vernacular architecture and cultural identityNigeria Magazine1985530 1-5
Aliyu, S The detection of lies in Borgu [letter]Nigeria Magazine1966910316
Allison, Philip Elephant in the Ondo Province.Nigerian Field1943110180-184
Allison, Philip Elephant in Kabba ProvinceNigerian Field19491415-10
Allison, Philip The first travelling commissioners of the Ekiti countyNigerian Field1952173100-115
Allison, Philip Collecting for Nigeria's museums.Nigeria Magazine1963770 125-130
Allison, Philip Collecting Nigerian antiquities.Nigerian Field1971363 18-19
Allsworth-Jones, P Togolese archaeology : recent developments.Nigerian Field1990553-4 159-164
Allsworth-Jones, P West African archaeology : new developments, new perspectives.Nigerian Field2009741-232-46
Allsworth-Jones, P West African art in contextNigerian Field2014791-272-83
Allsworth-Jones, P, R Switsur & T OttoNew dating evidence and identification of wood charcoal from Kariya Wuro rock shelter, Bauchi StateNigerian Field1994593-4 135-145
Allsworth-Jones, Philip South Africa : the art of a nation : a review of an exhibitionNigerian Field2016811-267-73
Amadi, I R Palm oil trade in the Bight of Biafra before the abolitionNigeria Magazine1989570 54-61
Amadi, R Administration and developent of culture: the Nigerian experienceNigeria Magazine1981130 60-5
Amaechi, J N The function of the Obi house in Igbo culture.Nigerian Field1994591-2 51-56
Amaefunah, V C An appraisal of Osita Njelita's graphic communication designsNigeria Magazine1980130 48-55
Amaefunah, V C Galleries and museums in Nigeria's socio-cultural developmentNigeria Magazine1984140 57-66
Amah, Stanley Okere juju: Itsekiri religious ritual festivalNigeria Magazine1986540 48-66
Amali, I O O Igala bibliography (a progress report)Nigeria Magazine1989570 62-77
Amali, Idris O. O. The use of proverbs in idioma dispensation of justiceNigerian Heritage19976028-41
Amali, Idris O. O. Sources of Idoma proverbsNigerian Heritage19998050-67
Amali, Idris O. O. Alekwu poetry as a source of historical reconstructions: Idoma-Otukpo origins, genealogy and migrationsNigerian Heritage200211058-75
Amole, John Okpako Bayo Domestic architectural styles of OṣogboNigerian Field2012771-2 51-71
Amos, R L Elephant adventure at Owo.Nigerian Field1958234 186-190
Amubode, Adetoun Adedotun The use of aso-oke in Yoruba marriage ceremoniesNigerian Field2001661 29-34
Amusa, Olusoji & I O Azeez Taofeek Zana productionNigerian Field2005702 164-167
Anasiudu, B. N. Linguistic interference: Anglicization of Igbo namesNigerian Heritage19976021-27
Aniakor, C Ombale festivalNigeria Magazine1978120 3-12
Aniakor, C C Space and concepts in architectural planning of an Igbo village (Nekede example)Nigeria Magazine1980130 27-40
Aniakor, Chike C Igbo aesthetics: an introductionNigeria Magazine1982140 3-15
Aniakor, Chike C Igbo art as an environment: the example of mask head-dressesNigeria Magazine1985530 90-8
Aniakor, Chike C The state of Igbo art studiesNigeria Magazine1986540 9-17
AnimageddiWest African just so storiesNigerian Field193434135-137
AnimageddiWest African just so stories.Nigerian Field193543140-142
AnimageddiWest African just so stories.Nigerian Field193544190-191
AnimageddiWest African just so storiesNigerian Field193653140-142
AnimageddiWest African just so storiesNigerian Field193874183-185
AnimageddiWest African just so storiesNigerian Field19398138-39
AnimageddiHitler in Ibibioland.Nigerian Field195318144-46
Anozie, F N Who were the Igbo-Ukwu bronze casters?.Nigerian Field1995603-4 104-114
Anya, Ikechukwu Art as life : the Bristol symposium.Nigerian Field2003682 167-170
Anyanwu, U D Local government and the development of health services in a Nigerian area (Imo State, 1914-1966)Nigeria Magazine1986540 92-101
Anyka, Francis Church Missionary Society (C.M.S.) ministerial formation on the Niger: reverend V.N. Umunna as a pioneerNigerian Heritage199540133-45
Apata, Z O The conflict potential of the British colonial administrative boundaries 1894-1940 the case of northeast YorubalandNigeria Magazine1989570 10-17
Apena, Igho Isoko of the Niger - some references to [traditions] of originNigeria Magazine1985530 61-5
Aradeon, Susan B A history of Nigerian architecture: the last lOO yearsNigeria Magazine1984150 1-17
Aradeon, Susan B Contemporary Nigerian art, tradition and national identityNigeria Magazine1987550 1-10
Ardener, Shirley Wovea islandersNigeria Magazine1958590 309-321
Aremu, Alice O. The socio-cultural significance of Olofin festival: a culture of peace in Idofin, Oke Ero local government authority, Kwara state, NigeriaNigerian Heritage2005140123-34
Aremu, David A Museum and other cultural resources in Yankari National Park, Bauchi., Nigeria.Nigerian Field1997623-4 150-158
Aremu, David A.The role of cultural administrator in the preservation of culture towards national development in Nigeria Nigerian Heritage2006150 74-80
Aremu, David A. An ethnoarchaeological study of metallurgical sites at OkeriNigerian Heritage199540102-12
Aremu, David A. Educating the public through archaeology on video film, smelting in Yorubaland: Isundunrin as a case studyNigerian Heritage199870114-26
Aremu, P S O Yoruba adire-eleko fabrics.Nigerian Field1979443-4 98-106
Aremu, P S O Textile-like patterns on Yoruba carvings.Nigerian Field1982471-3 18-21
Aremu, P S O Yoruba traditional weaving: Kijipa motifs, colour and symbolsNigeria Magazine1982140 3-10
Aremu, P S O Spiritual and physical identity of Yoruba egungun costumes: a general surveyNigeria Magazine1983140 47-54
Aremu, P. S. O. The figures of power: reflections upon power and identity in the Yoruba Egungun worshipNigerian Heritage19987062-73
Aremu, PSO The beadworks of Jimoh Buraimoh as compositional patterns of spiritual realityNigeria Magazine1990580 50-7
Areo, A.B. Ethno-botanical studies of medicinal plants in South-West NigeriaNigerian Heritage2003120135-49
Arhuidese, J. E. An analysis of Nigerian cultural policyNigerian Heritage19932099-108
Arhuidese, J. E. The National Commission for Museums and Monuments as a legal instrument for safeguarding Nigerian cultural heritageNigerian Heritage199650115-124
Arnot, Agnes Siddons Uri body painting and Aro embroideryNigerian Field19501530
Arnott, D W The Far-Flung FulaniNigeria Magazine0000
Arnott, D W The far-flung FulaniNigeria Magazine1962750 15-25
Asabe, A U Dan The traders of Kasar Kano in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: the case of AgalawaNigeria Magazine1989570 37-43
Asein, S O The tragic grandeur of Ovonramwen Nogbaisi [a play on Benin history]Nigeria Magazine1974110 40-9
Asein, S O Literature and society in Lagos (late 19th-early 20th century)Nigeria Magazine1975110 22-32
Ashiru, M O Silkworms as money spinners.Nigerian Field1989541-2 3-10
Ashiwaju, G Last tribute to late Chief Duro ladipoNigeria Magazine1978120 113-14
Ashiwaju, G In memory of Ojo Ladipo: born in March, 1945 and died Friday 27th October, 1978Nigeria Magazine1980130 123-4
Ashiwaju, Garba Tribute to Lazarus UkejeNigeria Magazine1982140 64-6
Asomba, Domba The role of theatre in a developing society: the Nigerian exampleNigeria Magazine1986540 71-81
Asomba, Domba Lighting as an expressive theatrical medium in African dance theatreNigeria Magazine1990580 33-46
Asuquo, Affiong A traditional ceremony in my village.Nigerian Field1971364 163-166
Atanda, Adejoke A traditional ceremony : Oba jije nu ile Yoruba.Nigerian Field1975403 130-132
Atolagbe, A. M. O. Yoruba traditional architecture: building foundationsNigerian Heritage199650125-35
Atuu, Peter O The symbol of broom among the TivNigeria Magazine1990580 47-9
Audu, James A Medicinal herbs and their uses in Bauchi State.Nigerian Field1989543-4 157-168
Augi, A R The city of BidaNigeria Magazine1977120 59-62
Augi, A R Birnin Yawuri and KontagoraNigeria Magazine1977120 53-7
Augi, A R The cities of Sakkwato and GwanduNigeria Magazine1977120 43-51
Awoniyi, Timothy A The word YorubaNigeria Magazine1981130 104-7
Ayoade, J O Outdoor recreation and tourism in Nigeria.Nigerian Field1977424 22-30
Ayoade, John A A Beekeeping among the Tiv.Nigerian Field1977421 31-36
Ayorinde, J A Yoruba customs.Nigerian Field1981461-2 92-94
Azeez, Abiodun Some Nigerian masquerades: story in pictureNigeria Magazine1983140 69-73
Babalola, D O Motifs in African calabash decorationNigeria Magazine1988560 52-62
Babalola, Ola Perception and definition of contemporary Nigerian artNigeria Magazine1990580 114-21
Bacon, Reg & Joan Chase BaconRecollections of Ife in the 1970sNigerian Field2000651-2 21-32
Baker, E F I Notes on the Yoruba names of some cultivars of the white guinea yam, Dioscorea rotundata Poir.Nigerian Field1994591-2 71-72
Baker, G L Manillas--a former currency in southeastern Nigeria.Nigerian Field1991563-4 91-96
Baker, Geoffrey L Captain H.W.E. Parker, South Wales BorderersNigerian Field1966314 158-163
Baker, Roger L M & Zubeiro YolaThe Higis of Bazza clanNigeria Magazine1955470 213-222
Baldry, D A T Some traditional tobacco pipes from Gwari areas of Central Nigeria. Partt. II.Nigerian Field1970351 37-46
Baldry, D A T Tobacco pipes of central NigeriaNigerian Field1971363 22-24
Balogun, F O Evolution of the African literary hero: the hero as a mirror of aestheticsNigeria Magazine1983140 51-61
Balogun, O Christmas at Aba in the early 1950'sNigeria Magazine1969100 436-45
Balogun, O Ibin Ukpabi of ArochukwuNigeria Magazine1974110 43-5
Balogun, O. The [dobwi](granary) in Gwari cultureNigerian Heritage19943050-8
Balogun, O. The aboriginal inhabitants of the federal capital territoryNigerian Heritage199760106-14
Bamikunle, A 'Ogun' - a poetic tradition of Ijumu district of Oyi division in Kwara StateNigeria Magazine1988560 78-92
Bamikunle, Aderemi Cross-cultural problems in the teaching of literature: the case of African oral literatureNigeria Magazine1984150 80-7
Bamikunle, Aderemi The politics of literary syllabus: the marginalization of Ene Henshaw's playsNigeria Magazine1985530 77-82
Barberopoulos, Irene Traditional granaries in Nigeria.Nigerian Field1991561-2 19-28
Barbour, Jane Adire cloth in Nigeria.Nigerian Field1990551-2 65-69
Barrett, L Interviews and encounters: Lindsay Barret speaks to visiting artists at Festac '77Nigeria Magazine1978120 13-21
Barton, Philip A canoe on the Imo River.Nigerian Field1955202 77-84
Barton, Philip Christmas canoeing, 1959.Nigerian Field1961264 162-170
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