American Indian Art Magazine has run for 40 years articles on all aspects of (North) American Indian art. Even if it's not a peer-reviewed journal, many authors are academics. It is published quarterly form Scottsdale, Arizona. It also features regular columns on auctions, exhibitions and book reviews. It has decided to close down in 2015.


For past issues of American Indian Art Magazine, see

Author Title Year Volume Issue Pages
Alpert, J. M.Kokopelli : a New Look at the Humpback Fluteplayer in Anasazi Rock Art1991171 48-57
Ames, TimThe Jump Dance basket of Northwestern California [Le panier de la danse sautée du nord-ouest de la Californie]2004293 46-53
Ames, TimIndian Money and Elk Horn purses [Porte-monnaies en corne d'Ă©lan et monnaies indiennes]2010353 68-72
Anderson, Bruce A.Kokopelli: The Humpbacked Flute Player19761236
Anderson, Jeffrey D. The Sacred Art of Arapaho Quillwork201439260
Anderson, Marcia & Hussey-Arnston, K.Ojibwe bandolier bags in the collections of the Minnesota Historical Society1986114 46-57
Anderson, Marcia G. and Herb DorrThe Bluecloud Dolls of Granite Falls: A Dakota Story201540442
AnsonWarner, J.New Visions in Canadian Plains Painting1985102 46-53
Archuleta, M.The Fourth Biennial Native American Fine Arts Invitational at the Heard Museum1989151 54-61
Archuleta, M.Art in 2 Worlds : The Native American Fine Art Invitational 1983-19971999242 30-35
Ash Milby, KathleenOff the map : landscape in the Native imagination20073200
Ashton, Robert Jr.Nampeyo And Lesou19761324
Auger, Emily E.The cultural and multicultural aesthetics of Baker Lake Inuit artists2001264 48-59, 94-95
Babcock, B. A.Clay changes: Helen Cordero and the Pueblo storyteller198382 30-39
Babcock, B.A."Those, they called them monos" - Cochiti figurative ceramics, 1875-19051987124 50-57, 67
Backhouse, Tara J.Unconquered History: The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum Collection201439450
Badertscher, Vera Marie & Havens, CharnellQuincy Tahoma of Santa Fe2006310 48-57
Bailey, RandyTurquoise: Real Or Fake? An Interview With Michael L. Parsons19773176
Baker, JoeA beautiful resistance : American Indian paintings at the heard museum2005303 70-77
Ball, Gene & Leo A. PlatteterMuseum Collections New Plains Indian Museum19794342
Barabas Potter, Bryn and Christa BarlebenTwenty-five Baskets for Twenty-five Years: The Eiteljorg’s Silver Anniversary201439252
Barkin, JonathanThe Jim and Lauris Phillips Center for the Study of Southwestern Jewelry at the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian201540334
Bates, C. D.Feather belts of central California198171 46-53, 86
Bates, C. D.Ethnographic Collections at Yosemite National Park198273 28-35
Bates, C. D.The California collection of I. G. Voznesenski198383 36-41, 79
Bates, C. D. & Bibby, B.Collection among the Chico Maidu: The Stewart Culin Collection at the Brooklyn Museum198384 46-53
Bates, C. D. & Bibby, B.Amanda Wilson: Maidu weaver198493 38-43, 69
Bates, C. D. & Hamber, J.A. & Lee, M. J.The California condor and California Indians1993191 40-47
Bates, C. D. & Lee, M. J.Chukchansi Yokuts and Southern Miwok weavers of Yosemite National Park1993183 44-51
Bates, Craig D.Miwok-Paiute Basketry 1920-1929: Genesis Of An Art Form19794454
Bates, Craig D. & Brian BibbyFlicker Quill Bands Of The Maidu: Ceremonial Art Of Central California19805462
Bates, Craig D. & Kahn, Bonnie B. & Lanford, Benson L.Washee and the Indian scouts of Fort Reno, Cheyenne and Arapaho ledger art at the end of the nineteenth century2001271 44-53, 86-87
Batkin, J.Martina Vigil and Florentino Montoya. Master Potters of San Idelfonso and Cochiti Pueblos in Pottery Issue.1987124 28-37
Batkin, J.Some early curio dealers of New Mexico1998233 68-81
Batkin, JonathanMail-order catalogs as artifacts of the early Native American curio trade2004292 40-49
Baxter, P. A.Navajo and Pueblo jewelry : 1940-1970 : Three decades of innovative design revisited1996214 34-43
Bean, L.J.The Lee Collection of Hopi and Navajo art1987123 38-45
Beardsley, G.Design development in Tarahumara and Pueblo sashes1985104 30-43
Beardsley, G.Design Development in Tarahumara and Pueblo Sashes1985104 30-43
Bell, J.Tohono O'Odhan wire baskets1988132 48-57
Benton, WilliamT. C. Cannon: The Masked Dandy19783434
Berlo, J. C.Plains Indian drawings, 1865-1935 : Pages from a visual history : A traveling exhibition of Lakota, Cheyenne, Kiowa and Arapaho graphic arts1996221 56-65
Berlo, Jane CatherineThe Szwedzicki Portfolios of American Indian Art, 1929-1952, part 2 : "Sioux Indian painting," "American Indian painters" and "North American Indian costumes"2009340 58-67, 90
Berlo, Janet CatherineThe Szwedzicki Portfolios of American Indian Art, 1929-1952 : Kiowa Indian Art, Pueblo Indian Painting & Pueblo Indian Pottery [Les Portefeuilles Szwedzicki de l'art amérindien, 1929-1952 : l'art amérindien Kiowa, la peinture et la poterie Pueblo]2009342 36-45
Berlo, Janet CatherineChanging hands, shifting paradigms : materiality, craft, and identity in twenty-first-century Native art2013380 58-71
Berlo, Janet CatherineChanging Hands, Shifting Paradigms: Materiality, Craft and Identity in Twenty-First-Century Native Art [Changeant de main, changement de paradigmes : matérialité, habileté et identité dans l'art autochtone du vingt-et-uniÚme siÚcle]2013383 58-69
Berlo, Janet CatherineDennis Cusick—A Tuscarora Artist at Seneca Mission: Missionary Propaganda and American Vernacular Culture, 1820–1822201540238
Bernstein  , BrucePanamint Shoshone Basketry: A Definition Of Style19794468
Bernstein, BruceThe National Museum of the American Indian collections2004294 52-55
Bernstein, BruceAcoma, San Ildefonso and Zuni pottery at the National Museum of the American Indian2004294 78-85
Bird, A.Jewelry collection at the school of american research1993184 56-63
Black, MarthaOut of the mist: HuupuKwanum.tupaat: Treasures of the Nuu-chah-nulth chiefs2001262 44-53, 92-94
Blackard, D.M.Patchwork and palmettos - Seminole/Miccosukee folk art since 18201990152 66-83
Blackman, M. B.Contemporary Northwest coast art for ceremonial use1985103 24-37
Blackman, M. B.In their own image : The Anaktuvuk pass skin mask1997224 58-67
Blackman, M. B. & Hall, E. S.Contemporary Northwest coast art: tradition and innovation in serigraphy198163 54-61
Blackman, M. B. & Hall, E. S.The afterimage and image after: visual documents and the renaissance in Northwest coast art198272 30-39
Blackman, M. B. & Hall, E. S.Snakes and clowns: Art Thompson and the westcoast heritage1986112 30-45
Blair, WinkLelooska19761282
Blomber, Nancy J.The Hand and Eye of the Aitis Clebrating the Arts of Native America at the Denver Are Museum [La main et l'oeil de l'Aitis. Célébrer les arts de l'Amérique native au musée d'art de Denver]20113640
Blomberg, NancyThe hand and eye of the artist : celebrating the arts of Native America at the Denver Art Museum2011360 44-53, 96
Bolz, P. & Davis, A. L.From the Kunstkammer to the Museum fĂŒr Volkerkunde : The eventful history of the early North American Indian collection in Berlin2000252 34-45
Boucher, Diane"Under the Pavement of Broadway" : The Indian Hall in Hotel Astor ["Sous le Pavement de Broadway " : le Hall indien dans l'HĂŽtel Astor]2010354 70-76
Bowers, Kendra E.The Taylor Museum19761416
Brace, M. A. & Parezo, N. J.The Arizona State Museum1984101 24-31
Brako, J.Recognizing ethnographic wear patterns on southwestern textiles1993183 64-71
Brasser, T. J.Backrest banners among the Plains Cree and Plains Ojibwa1984101 56-63
Brasser, T. J.Notes on a recently discovered Indian shirt from New France1999242 46-55
Brasser, Ted J.Pedigree Of Hugging Bear Tipi In The Blackfoot Camp19795132
Brody, J. J.Mimbres Art: Sidetracked On The Trail Of A Mexican Connection19772426
Brody, J. J.In Our Own Time : Anasazi and Pueblo Pottery in the 20th Century and Beyond1991162 60-67
Brody, J. J.Art on the land: Rock art in the American Southwest2002273 58-61
Brody/Coe/Feder/Goldwater/Houlihan/Howard/HuldermannSymposium : The Future Of Indian Art19772222
Brown, I. W.Soft gold: a Northwest coast exhibition at the Peabody Museum, Harvard University1985104 24-29
Brown, S.In the shadow of the Wrangellmaster1994194 74-85
Brown, S. C.Formlines changing form : Northwest Coast art as an evolving tradition [Forme changeante des reliefs : l'art de la CĂŽte Nord-Ouest, une tradition en Ă©volution]1997222 62-73, 81-83
Brown, S. C.Turning the tables : The influence of nineteenth-century southern design styles on the northern northwest coast2000253 48-55
Brown, Steven C.A tale of two carvers : The rain wall screen of the whale house, Klukwan, Alaska2005304 48-59
Brownstone, ArniAncestors: The Deane-Freeman collections from the Bloods2002273 38-49
Brownstone, ArniReverend John Maclean and the Bloods20083300
Brownstone, ArniMysteries of the Sculptural Narrative Pipes from Manitoulin Island [Les mystÚres des récits des pipes sculptées de l'ßle de Manitoulin]20113630
Brownstone, ArniEuropean influence in the Mandan-Hidatsa graphic works collected by Prince Maximilian of Wied201439358
Brugge, David M. & Taylor, TobiNavajo ring bits2001264 78-87
Brydon, S.Ingenuity in art: the early 19th century works of David and Dennis Cusick1995202 60-85
Brydon, S.The Indians of Canada pavilion at Expo 671997223 54-63
Brydon, Sherry"Beautiful in Its Materials and Finish" Early-Nineteenth-Century Iroquois Moccasins [" Ils sont beaux dans leur matiÚre et leur finition ". Les Mocassins Iroquois au début du XIXe siÚcle]2011364 64-75
Brydon, Sherry"Gifted in All Ways": The Art of Chief James Beaver [Doué de toutes les façons ": l'art du chef James Beaver]2013382 36-45
Brydon, SherryAnishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Exhibitors at Nineteenth-Century Upper Canadian Provincial Exhibitions201439458
Bunn-marcuse, K.Northwest coast silver bracelets and the use of Euro-American designs2000254 66-73
Burke, Christina E.Collecting Lakota histories: Winter count pictographs and texts in the National Anthropological Archives2000261 82-89, 102-103
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Burke, Christina E.Jewebry and Silverwork in the Engene B. Adkins Collection [Joaillerie et travail de l'argent dans la collection d'Engene B. Adkins]20093440
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Cohodas, MarvinDot So La Lee19761422
Cohodas, MarvinLena Frank Dick: Washoe Basket Weaver19794432
Cole Will, Rebecca"Delicate sweet dishes too they make" : birchbark art in the Abbe Museum's collection20063100
Cole-will, RebeccaThe Frank T. Siebert Collection of Native Amerindian Art [La collection Frank T. Siebert d'art amérindien]2004293 64-71
Collings, JeroldThe Yokuts Gambling Tray19751110
Collings, Jerold L.Profile Of A Checmehuevi Weaver19794460
Conn, RichardThe Denver Art Museum19773120
Cook, Stephen400 years of Native American art at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center2001264 60-67
Cosgrove-smith, P.Smoky-Top: The Art and Times of Willie Seaweed198384 64-69
Cowdrey, MikeHorse masks of the plateau20073300
Cowdrey, MikeHorse masks of the Plateau [Les masques pour chevaux des Indiens des Plateaux]2007331 52-59
Cowles, D. C.White Swan: Crow Artist at the Little Big Horn198274 52-61
Culley, LouAnn F.Helen Hardin: A Retrospective19794368
D'alleva, A.The art of playing games. The Stewart Culin collection at the Brooklyn Museum1992173 46-53
Dalrymple, LarrySouthern Paiute baskets : collected by Isabel T. Kelly2008330 46-55, 92
Dalrymple, LarrySOUTHERN PAIUTE BASKETS: COLLECTED BY ISABEL T. KELLY [Corbeilles paiutes du sud : recueillies par Isabel T. Kelly]20083340
Davies, CindySilver Jewelry In The Fred Harvey Fine Arts Collection19794274
Decker, JulieGuarded secrets : The art of Sonya Kelliher-Combs [Secrets guardés : l'art de Sonya Kelliher-Combs]2007331 60-65
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Di Peso, Charles C.Amerind Foundation1975117
Dillingham, RickThe Pottery Of Acoma Pueblo19772444
DiPeso, Charles C.Casas Grandes Effigy Vessels19772432
Dittemore, D. D.Pima Beaded Baskets in the Arizona State Museum1986121 46-53
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Dittemore, Diane & Jacobs, Mike & Lyons, PatrickTHE SOUTHWESTERN POTTERY COLLECTION AT THE ARIZONA STATE MUSEUM : AN AMERICAN TREASURE [La collection de poterie du sud-ouest au musée de l'Etat d'Arizona : un trésor américain]2008334 68-77
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