Sudan Notes and Records was published continuously in Karthoum from 1918 till 1984, except for a break in 1943 and 1944. A new series appeared briefly from 1997 till 2001.


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Author Title Year Volume Pages
A.J.A.The Southern Route to Kufra. From El Fasher to the Senussi and Back With Ali Dinar's Caravan, 1915-16. Told by Bidi Awadi, the Guide19225130
Abbas, Ali A.Notes on Tayeb Salih: Season of Migration to the North and the Wedding of Zein1974554660
Abbas, Ali A.The Strangled Impulse: The Role of the Narrator in Tayed Salih's 'Season of Migration to the North'1979605685
Abdalla, Abdel G.M.A System for the Dissection of Meroitic Complexes1973548193
Abdalla, Ismail H.The Choice of Khashm al-Girba Area for the Resettlement of the Halfawis1970515674
Abdel Gadir Disougi, Lutfi & Mustafa, Mohammed IdrisBibliography of weed research in the Sudan197960
Abdel Ghaffar, Ahmad M.Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard and the Sudan197455167171
Abdel Mageed, YahiaIntegrated River Basin Development: A Challenge to the Nile Basin Countries1981626981
Abdelsalam, Elfatih AbdullahiPolitical instability and party institutionalization: a study of Sudan's parliamentary democracy 1954-19892000481107
Abdin, Abd A.Some General Aspects of the Arabisation of the Sudan19594048
Abushama, Faysal T. & Osman, A.M.Natural and Induced Repellency of Sorghum Bicolor (var. Feterita) to Grasshoppers198263
Abusin, M.E.Sudan: Population, Development and Quality of Life1997169104
Acland, P.B.E.Notes on the Camel in the Eastern Sahara193215119
Adam, Ahmed El BedawiObservations on the commercial fish in Lake Nubia197556261268
Adam, Farah H. & Apaya, William A.Agricultural Credit in the Gezira197354
Adams, William Y.Continuity and Change in Nubian Cultural History1967481
Addison, F.The Temple of Taharqa at Kawa19291285
Addison, F. & Dunham, D.Alem. A Meroitic Site19225
Affan, KhalidAn Analytical Framework of the Relationship Between Migration to Mechanized Farming and Peasant Labour Supply in the Rainfed Savannah Belt of the Sudan1981628297
Agabawi, K.A.Some Developments in Rain Fed Agriculture in Central Sudan1968497182
Agabawi, K.A.Some Developments in Rain-Fed Agriculture in Central Sudan-II196950106128
Ahmad, Muhammad & Ghaffar, AbdelThe Role of the Sedentary Population in Rufa'a al-Hoj Politics197152
Ahmed Harran, Tag E.Shaykh Rifaa Rafi al-Tahtawi in the Sudan, 1850-195419765719
Ahmed, Abbas S.The Antiquities of Mograt Island197152122
Ahmed, Abdel G.M.Nomadic Competition in the Funj Area1973544356
Ahmed, Adil M.Community Facilities in the Gezira: A Study of Community and Architects' Participation in the Provision of Community Facilities1979608693
Ahmed, Ahmed A.Foreign Investment in the Sudan: A Survey197758134141
Ahmed, FaroukThe Sileitat-es-Sufur Subvolcanic Intrusion197758226233
Ahmed, Hassan A.Aspects of Sudan's Foreign Trade During the Nineteenth Century1974551632
Ahmed, Siddig M. & Ahmed, Ahmed E.M.Analysis of Non-Sampling Errors in Censuses and Surveys With Special Reference to the Sudanese Experience198364
Akolawin, Natale O.Bail in the Sudan1976574049
Al Adawi, I.A.Description of the Sudan by Muslim Geographers and Travellers195435
Al Beily, Awad I.Multi-Temporal Remotely Sensed Data in Monitoring Environmental Changes Within and Around Tuti Island19982205212
Ali, Abbas I.M.Contemporary British Views on the Khalifa's Rule1970513146
Ali, Abbas I.M.The British Military Officers and the Sudan, 1886-18961973541731
Ali, Abbas I.M.A History of European Geographical Exploration of the Sudan: 1820-1865197455115
Ali, Ali A.G.The Sudan's Invisible Trade, 1956-1969: A Brief Survey197354124138
Ali, Ali A.G.Balance of Payments Statistics: Purpose, Method, Sources and Problems: Case of the Sudan197556176191
Ali, Ali A.G.Income Distribution in the Sudan: Some Preliminary Results1976573139
Ali, Ali A.G.The Sudan and the People's Republic of China: An Appraisal of Trade and Aid Relations1976575071
Ali, Ali A.G. & Sattar, Huda A.On Production Relations in Sudanese Irrigated Agriculture197960
Ali, Ali, A.G.Productivity of Labour in Sudanese Traditional Agriculture: Some Exploratory Results197758142151
Ali, Mohamed A.The Propensity to Consume and Economic Development in a Dual Economy: Sudan, 1955-67197253116124
Ali, Mohamed A.Calculating the Contribution of a Structural Shift to Economic Growth in the Sudan: 1955-1967197354116123
Ali, Mohamed A. & Salim, Kamal A.Export Taxes and Fiscal Policy in Developing Countries With Special Reference to the Sudan197455
Ali, Mohammed Z. & Robinson, R.K.A Survey of Cheesemaking in the Al-Duwaym Area198263
Ali, Nasr E.H.Educational Problems in the Sudan1960416677
Ali, Nasr E.H.Shaykh Babiker Badri's Autobiography: Tarikh Hayati19674871
Almond, D.C.Petrology of the Basalt at Jebel et Toriya, Near Khartoum196748141
Almond, D.C.New Ideas on the Geological History of the Basement Complex of North-East Sudan197859107136
Al-Shahi, AhmedEconomic Change and Individual Initiative: The Case of a Developing Community in the Northern Sudan1980616176
Al-Tayib, AbdullaThe Changing Customs of the Riverain Sudan-319644512
Al-Teraifi, Al-Agab A.Sudanisation of the Public Service: A Critical Analysis197758117134
Amin, Mutwakil A.Ancient Trade and Trade Routes Between Egypt and Sudan1970512330
Anderson, A.B.Small Mammals of the Southern Sudan194930252
Anderson, D.M.W.Gum Exudates From Sudanese Acacia and Other Plant Genera: Some Factors Involved in Planning Fundamental and Applied Research Programmes198364113124
Anderson, J.N.D.Recent Developments in Sharia Law in the Sudan19503182
Andrew, G.A Note on Zeolite Artefacts195132308
Andrew, G. & Karkanis, G.Y.Stratigraphical Notes, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan194526
An-Na'im, Abdullahi A.Pre-Trial Custody and Release in the Sudan1982632038
Arbab, H.R. Ziada O.The Sudan in History1959405
Arber, H.B.The Baramka194023139
Archibald, R.G.Some Remarks on the Medical Aspects of Albinism and Leucoderma19247
Arkell, Anthony J.Magic and Medicine in Dar Masalit19269
Arkell, Anthony J.Fung Origins193215201
Arkell, Anthony J.Darfur Antiquities193619301
Arkell, Anthony J.Darfur Antiquities19372091
Arkell, Anthony J.Rock Pictures in Northern Darfur193720281
Arkell, Anthony J.Throwing Sticks and Throwing Knives in Darfur193922251267
Arkell, Anthony J.Darfur Pottery193922
Arkell, Anthony J.The Coinage of Ali Dinar, Sultan of Darfur, 1898-1916194023151
Arkell, Anthony J.Forged Mahdi Pounds19452643
Arkell, Anthony J.Beads Made in Darfur and Wadai194526305
Arkell, Anthony J.More About Fung Origins19462787
Arkell, Anthony J.Darfur Antiquities194627185
Arkell, Anthony J.The Baza Festival in Jebel Meidob'194728127134
Arkell, Anthony J.The Excavation of a Neolithic Site at Esh Shaheinab194930212
Arkell, Anthony J.The History of Darfur, 1200-1700 A.D19513237
Arkell, Anthony J.The History of Darfur, 1200-1700 A.D195132207
Arkell, Anthony J.The History of Darfur, 1200-1700195233129
Arkell, Anthony J.The History of Darfur, 1200-1700 A.D195233244
Arkell, Anthony J.The Medieval History of Darfur in its Relation to Other Cultures and to the Nilotic Sudan19594044
Asad, TalalSeasonal Movements of the Kababish Arabs of Northern Kordofan1964454858
Asad, TalalA Note on the History of the Kababish Tribe1966477987
Atiya, Samuel A.Senin (Wad Hussein) and Ali Dinar19247
Atiyah, P.S.Some Problems of Family Law in the Sudan Republic19583988100
Audas, R.S.Oryx Hunting in Northern Darfur1919220
Awad, Mohamed H.The Southern Sudan: Planning for National Integration1974558895
Babiker, Ahmed A.A.The Land Rotation Cultivation System and its Effect on Woody Vegetation Suppression in the Jabal Marra Area of the Sudan198162108122
Babiker, M.M.Dietary Nile Fishes: A Reclassification According to Nutritional Merit198162161170
Babiker, Muneef AbdelbagiHealth policy and health status in a liberalized economy20004173217
Babiker, MustafaThe making of a paramount chief: native administration in Dar-Hamar, 1905-1938200041932
Bacon, C.R.K.The Anuak19225113
Bacon, C.R.K.Days and Nights on the Akobo River1923651
Balla El Nour, Abdel H.The Relationship Between Urbanization and Socio-Economic Development in Sudan19971113133
Barbour, K. MichaelThe Wadi Azum From Zalingei to Murnei195031105128
Basinski, J.J.Some Problems of Agricultural Development in the Southern Provinces of the Sudan1957382146
Baumer, M.The Ranges of Dar Maganin: 1196344120
Baumer, M.The Ranges of Dar Maganin: 2196445133147
Bayoumi, M.S.On the Development of Animal Industry Under Gezira Conditions196647104110
Beaton, A.C.Bari Studies19321563
Beaton, A.C.A Chapter in Bari History: The History of Sindiru, Bilinian and Mogiri193417169
Beaton, A.C.The Bari: Clan and Age-Class Systems193619109
Beaton, A.C.The Poetry of Bari Dance193821105
Beaton, A.C.Fur Dance Songs194023306
Beaton, A.C.Youth Organization Among the Fur194124181
Beaton, A.C.Tigre Folk Tales (Digann)194728146
Beaton, A.C.The Fur194829139
Beck, KurtEscaping from the rule of the infidels: on the origins of the Kinnîn (Tuareg) in Darfur and their Chado-Sudanese adventurers in the early 19th century200155373
Bedri, IbrahimSome Notes on the Padang Dinka19482940
Beer, L.A. ClaytonThe Sudan Government London Office and Bayt al-Sudan (Its Origin and History, 1945-63)1982634764
Bein, F.L.Land Use Patterns Along the Nile197758180189
Bell, G.W.Nuba Agricultural Methods and Beliefs193821237
Bell, G.W.Some examples of Arabic slang used in the Sudan195334299308
Bell, HermanAn Extinct Nubian Language in Kordofan1973547380
Bell, HermanDocumentary Evidence on the Haraza Nubian Language197556135
Bentley, O. & Crowfoot, J.W.Nuba Pots in the Gordon College19247
Berry, L.The Red Sea Coast of the Sudan196445148157
Beshir, M.O.The Foundations of Extra-Mural Work in Ghana, Nigeria and the Sudan19735494103
Beshir, M.O.Ethnicity, Regionalism and National Cohesion in the Sudan198061114
Bey, AbbasThe Diary of 'Abbas Bey195132179
Bjrkelo, AndersThe Territorial Unification and Administrative Divisions of Turkish Sudan, 1821-1885199712546
Bloss, J.F.E.The Story of Suakin193619271
Bloss, J.F.E.The Story of Suakin193720247
Bloss, J.F.E.Notes on the Health of Sudan Prior to the Present Government194124131
Bloss, J.F.E.The Sudanese Angler194526257282
Bolton, A.R.C.El Menna Ismail: Fiki and Emir in Kordofan193417229
Bolton, A.R.C.The Dubab and Nuba of Jebel Daier19361993
Bond, W.R.G.Rotation of Crops in Gum Gardens of the White Nile1918180
Bond, W.R.G.Some Curious Methods of Cultivation in Dongola Province1925897
Booth, G.A.The Forests of the Upper Nile Province, 1862-1950195233113
Bramley, W.E.J.Tales of the Wadai Slave Trade in the Nineties194023169
Braukamper, UlrichSudanese Studies in Germany19971159187
Bredin, G.R.F.The Life-Story of Yuzbashi Abdullah Adlan1961423752
Briggs, John A.Problems of Agricultural Planning: Observations From the Jamuiya Development Scheme in the Central Sudan19816298107
Broadbent, P.B.Reminiscences of a Berber Merchant194023123
Brock, R.G.C.Some Notes on the Zande Tribe as Found in the Meridi District (Bahr El Ghazal Province)19181249262
Brockett, A.M.Amir Suleyman Ibn Inger Abdullah: A Further Note1970514755
Burton, John W.A Note on Nuer Prophets19755697107
Bushra, El-Sayed El- & Taha, Mahgoub ObeidA model for the distribution of waters of international rivers among sharing countries20004
Bushra, El-Sayed El.Functional status of Sudanese towns197556243252
Butler, H.The Cranial and Caphalic Indices of the Nilotic Tribes of the Sudan196748151
Buxton, JeanClientship Among the Mandari of the Southern Sudan195738100110
Cann, G.P.A Day in the Life of an Idle Shilluk192912251253
Carter, E.B.Note on Frazer's Folklore in the Old Testament19247
Catford, J.R.Katiri Cultivation in the Moru District of Equatoria195132106
Catford, J.R.The Introduction of Cotton as a Cash-Crop in the Maridi Area of Equatoria195334153
Chataway, J.D.P.Notes on the History of the Fung193013247
Chataway, J.D.P.Archaeology in the Southern Sudan193013259
Clark, W.T.Manners, Customs and Beliefs of the Northern Bega193821130
Cloudsley-Thompson, J.L.Climate and Fauna in the Central and Southern Sudan196647127
Collins, Robert O.Patrole Against the Beirs19604135
Collins, Robert O.The Aliab Dinka Uprising and its Suppression19674877
Condie, R.H.B.Egypt's Trade With the Sudan1955365762
Condie, R.H.B.Cotton Exports and Economic Development in the Sudan1956377078
Cook, R.C. & Beaton, A.C.Bari Rain Cults and Fur Rain Cults and Ceremonies193922
Corfield, F.D.The Koma193821123
Coriat, P.Gwek, the Witch-Doctor and the Pyramid of Denkgur193922221
Corkill, N.L.Snake Stories From Kordofan193518243
Corkill, N.L.The Kambala and Other Seasonal Festivals of the Kadugli and Miri Nuba193922205
Coryton, E.G.Some Stages of Evolution as Evidenced by the Fishes19192211
Cottam, R. & Cottam, L.Some Native Superstitions About the White-Spotted Gecko Lizard With Notes on its Habits19236
Cox, F.J.Munzinger's Observations on the Sudan, 1871195233189
Crawford, Osbert G.S.The Strange Adventures of Zaga Christ195031287296
Crossland, C.Comfort and Health in the Tropics19192198
Crowfoot, Grace M.Spinning and Weaving in the Sudan1921420
Crowfoot, Grace M.The Handspinning of Cotton in the Sudan19247
Crowfoot, Grace M.The Sudanese Camel Girth in Double Weave195132
Crowfoot, J.W.Angels of the Nile (Banat al-Hur)19192183
Crowfoot, J.W.Old Sites in the Butana1920385
Crowfoot, J.W.Beliefs About the Mansions of the Moon19203271
Crowfoot, J.W.Wedding Customs in the Northern Sudan192251
Crowfoot, J.W.A Note on the Date of the Towers1922583
Crowfoot, J.W.Further Notes on Pottery19258125
Crowfoot, W.J.Customs of the Rubatab19181117135
Cruickshank, A.The Birth of a Leper Settlement -Li-Rangu, Equatoria194829183
Culwick, G.M.Some Problems of Social Survey in the Sudan195435
Cumming, D.C.The History of Kassala and the Province of Taka1937201
Cumming, D.C.The History of Kassala and the Province of Taka1940231
Cumming, D.C.The History of Kassala and the Province of Taka194023225
Cunnison, IanThe Humr and Their Land195435
Cunnison, IanGiraffe Hunting Among the Humr Tribe19583949
Dafa'Alla, Samia B.A New Interpretation of Some Personal Names in the Ethiopic Text of Ezana, King of Axum198263145148
Dafalla, HassanNotes on the History of Wadi Halfa Town1965468
Dafalla, HassanLand Economy of Old Halfa1969506374
D'Almasy, LaszloBir Bidi193518259
Daly, M.W.Development of the Governor-Generalship of the Sudan, 1899-19341980612746
Daly, MartinA Note on the Memoirs of George Schuster199938188
Daniel, N.A.Bishop Gwynne and General Gordon19674862
Darling, H.S.Insects and Grain Storage in the Sudan195132131
Davies, H.R.J.Some Tribes of the Ethiopian Borderland Between the Blue Nile and Sobat Rivers: A Study in Comparative Human Ecology1960412134
Davies, H.R.J.Population Change in the Sudan Since Independence1983642335
Davies, R.Elephant and Giraffe Hunting in the Homr Tribe (South-West Kordofan)1919217
Davies, R.A System of Sand Divination19203155
Davies, R.The Masalit Sultanate19247
Davies, R.Some Arab Games and Riddles19258137
Dawi, Tag E.A.Migration in Western Sudan197556160175
De Almasy, L.E.A Motor Car From Wadi Halfa to Cairo193013269
De Schlippe, P.Hedge Strip Farming: A Plan for Zanderland195536733
Debenham, FrankThe Water Resources of Africa195435
Delmet, ChristianIslamization and the Traditional Society and Culture of Jabal Quli (Dar Funj)1981622546
Delmet, ChristianThe Maban: a Funj tribe or a Nilotic people?200043358
Dirar, Hamid A.The Art and Science of Merissa Fermentation197657115129
Disney, A.W.M.The Coronation of the Fung King of Fazoghli19452637
Disney, A.W.M.English Law in the Sudan, 1899-1958195940121123
Driberg, J.H.Lafon Hill1925847
Driberg, Jack H.A Preliminary Account of the Didinga19225208
Driberg, Jack H.Didinga Customary Law19258153
Dunbar, J.H.Some Nubian Rock Pictures193417139167
Dunham, D.Outline of the Ancient History of the Sudan. Part Five: The Kingdom of Kush at Napata and Meroe 750 B.C. to A.D. 3501947281
Dunn, S.C.Native Gold Washings in the Nuba Mountains Province19214138
Edmonds, J.M.A Ruin in the Wadi el Qasr194023161
Edmonds, J.M.Some Stone-Walled Enclosures in Dar Hawawir194023295
Edwards, F.A.The Foundation of Khartoum19225157
El Arifi, Salih A.Urbanisation in the Gezira Scheme1978594764
El Badawi, Ibrahim A.The Economic and Ecological Potentialities of Gum Arabic Cultivation in the Sudan: The Role of Government Economic Policies198364125157
El Boushi, Ismail M.The Shallow Ground Water of the Gezira Formation at Khartoum and the Northern Gezira197253155163
El Boushi, Ismail M. & Ahmed, Izz E.D.M.Idd et Tin: The First Artesina Flowing Well in the Sudan197556
El Boushi, Ismail M., Mabrok, Badr M. & Ayed, Mohamed A.Artesian Phenomenon at Um Balgi197455
El Bushra, El SayedOccupational Classification of Sudanese Towns1969507596
El Hakim, Sherif M.The Effects of Administrative Policy on Tribalism and Inter-Tribal Conflict: The History and Present Condition of the Zeyadiya of Darfur1976571020
El Mahdi, Saeed M.A.Limitations on the Ownership of Land in the Sudan197758152158
El Mamoun, AmnaThe Public Transport in Greater Khartoum19971105112
El Nur, M.I.The Role of the Native Courts in the Administration of Justice in the Sudan1960417887
El Safi, Mahasen A.G.H.A Note on Rosebery and the Establishment of the Gordon Memorial College198263142144
El Sammani, M.O.Gaps in the Water Provision Map of the Sudan19785997105
El Sammani, M.O.The Impact of Water-Supply Centres on Ecosystems With a Suggested Strategy for Action198162123146
El Shersini, A.A.The Demand for Soft Drinks in the Sudan: A Case Study196142103
El Shoush, Muhammad I.Some Background Notes on Modern Sudanese Poetry19634421
El Tayeb, AbdallahThe Changing Customs of the Riverain Sudan IV: Marriage199821336
El-Amin, Mohammed N.The Impact of the Fajr School on Sudanese Communism198162124
El-Arifi, Salih A.A Regional Approach to Planning and Development of Pastoral Nomads in the Sudan197556147159
El-Battahani, AttahOn the Transformation of Ethnic-National Policies in the Sudan: The Case of the Nuba People1998299116
Elbeiti, BadreddinOn the history of the petroleum products trade in the Sudan20004133157
Elbeiti, Bedreddin O.Participatory Islamic Finance and Entrepreneurship: A Theoretical Examination19982175186
El-Bushra, El-SayedTowns in the Sudan in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries1971526370
El-Bushra, El-SayedThe Definition of a Town in the Sudan1973546672
Elhag, E.A.Ecological Imbalance in Suakin Ecosystems198364159164
El-Hakim, Sherif M.Some Socio-Economic Consequences of the Libyan Oil Discovery on the Zeyadia Nomads of Darfur, Sudan197556120129
Elles, R.J.The Kingdom of Tegali1935181
El-Tayeb, Galal el-DinEnvironmental Degradation in Gedaref District19971
El-Tom, Abdullahi O.Berti Quaranic Schools198263119
El-Tom, Mahdi A.Toward a Rational Estimation of the Average Rainfall in the Sudan197253125153
El-Tom, Mahdi A.The Relative Dryness of the White Nile197455161166
Erwa, Hashim H., Satti, M.H. & Abbas, A.M.Cerebrospinal Meningitis in the Sudan197152
Evans- Pritchard, E.E.Oracle-Magic of the Azande1928111
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.A Preliminary Account of the Ingassana Tribe in Fung Province19271069
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.The Bongo1929121
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Witchcraft (Mangu) Amongst the Azande192912163
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.The Mberidi (Shilluk Group) and Mbegumba (Basiri Group) of the Bahr-el-Ghazal19311415
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Mani, Azande Secret Society193114105
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Ethnological Observations in Dar Fung1932151
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.The Nuer: Tribe and Clan1933161
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.The Nuer: Tribe and Clan1934171
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.The Nuer: Tribe and Clan19351837
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.The Nuer: Age-Sets193619233269
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Zande Theology193619
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Economic Life of the Nuer: Cattle193720209
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Economic Life of the Nuer: Cattle19382131
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Folk Stories of the Sudan19402355
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.The Relationship Between the Anuak and the Fori (Sudan)194023337
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Further Observations on the Political System of the Anuak19472862
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.A Note on Courtship Among the Nuer194728115
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.The Nuer Family19503121
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Zande Historical Texts195536
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Zande Historical Texts-II19563720
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Zande Historical Texts-III19573874
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Ideophones in Zande196243145146
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Some Zande Folktales-11963444368
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Some Zande Folk-Tales: 219644559
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Some Zande Folk-Tales: 319654650
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Some Zande Texts About Family and Kin19674899110
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Zande Notions About Death, Soul, and Ghost1969504152
Evans-Pritchard, E.E.Notes on Zande proper names197253187191
Evans-Pritchard, E.E. & Beaton, A.C.Folk Stories of the Sudan194023
Evans-Pritchard, E.E. & Mynors, T.H.B.Folk Stories of the Sudan194124
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Farran, C.D.O.The Nile Waters Question in International Law19604188100
Farrell, H.B. McD.Dearth of Children Among the Azande: Preliminary Report195435
Fawzi, Saad E.D.Social Aspects of Urban Housing in the Northern Sudan195435
Fawzi, Saad E.D.Joint Consultation in Sudan Industry: A Critical Analysis of the Attempt to Form Works Committee in the Sudan195435
Fawzi, Saad E.D.The Wage Structure and Wage Policy in the Sudan195536
Ferguson, V.H.The Nuong Nuer19214146
Ferguson, V.H.Nuer Beast Tales19247
Fleming, G.J.Tokar1920312
Fleming, G.J.Kassala1922565
Fletcher, C.A.The Dilling Ceremony1923631
Gadallah, F.F.The Egyptian Contribution to Nubian Christianity19594038
Gage, M.F.Sudd Cutting: Experiences of the Expedition From Uganda, 1899/19001950317
Galal el Din Sid, AhmedThe first year at Khashm al Girba196748160166
Gasim, Awn A.Some Aspects of Sudanese Colloquial Arabic1965464049
Ghawi, Jad B.Notes on the Law and Custom of the Jur Tribe in the Central District of the Bahr el Ghazal Province19247
Gillan, J.A.Jebel Marra and the Deriba Lakes19181263
Gillan, J.A.Darfur, 19161939221
Giorgetti, F.African Music With Special Reference to Zande Tribe195233216
Glennie, J.F.The Equatorial Nile Project1957386773
G-Mula, HafizA Geophysical Survey of Jebel Aulia Region197253164168
Gordon, Charles G.Unpublished Letters of Charles George Gordon192710159
Grabham, G.W.Abyssinian Cereals19225104
Grant, M.The First Year of Khartoum University19563790
Grove, E.T.N.Customs of the Acholi19192157
Gulla, AliThe Defeat of Hicks Pasha19258119
Guttman, E.Land Tenure Among the Azande People of Equatoria Province in the Sudan1956374855
Haaland, GunnerBeer, Blood and Mother's Milk: The Symbolic Context of Economic Behavior in Fur Society199825376
Hadra, Tawheeda O.The Use of the Sudan in Some English Novels1972536778
Hadra, Tawheeda O.The Relative Clause in English and Sudanese Spoken Arabic: A Contrastive Analysis1978592446
Hadra, Tawheeda O.The Situation of Teaching English in Northern Sudan: Policies and Constrains199823752
Hafeez, A.T.Abdel & Ahmed, S.O.Tobacco variety trival in Khartoum area197657
Hair, Paul E.H.A Layman's Guide to the Languages of the Sudan Republic1966476578
Hair, Paul E.H.The Brothers Tut Schek and Their Sudanese Informants1969505362
Hakem, Ahmed M.A.Preliminary Report of the Multi-Disciplinary Mission of the Joint Sudanese-French Expedition to the Red Sea Region, 198119796097109
Hakem, Ahmed M.A.Continuity and Change in Meroitic Civilization1982633946
Hale, SondraNubians in the Urban Milieu: Greater Khartoum1973545765
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