The Journal of African Archaeology is an international peer-reviewed periodical appearing half-yearly since 2003. It publishes original papers addressing recent research and developments in African archaeology and related disciplines. The journal's main purpose is to provide scholars and students with a new pan-African forum for discussing relevant topics on the cultural dynamics of past African societies. On this page, we index not only the journal itself but also the monographs, reports and books published by it.


African Archaeology Review is also international peer-reviewed periodical, but older as it is published since 1983 by Springer. It publishes articles on African archaeology, highlighting the contributions of the region as they relate to key global issues. Important topics include the emergence of modern humans, earliest manifestations of human culture, and the origins of African plant and animal domesticates. A special focus is on new field data from key excavation sites.


Afrique: Archéologie & Arts is a French university yearly journal, published by a team of scientists of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique known by a name coming straight of a spy-movie : ArScAn-UMR 7041. As the title implies, it is covering not only archeology but also the history of African art.


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Author Title Journal Year Volume Issue
Abungu, George Book Review The Archaeological Identity of the Mutapa State: Towards an Historical Archaeology of Northern Zimbabwe (Studies in African Archaeology). By Innocent Pikirayi. Societas Archaeologica Upsaliensis, Uppsala, 1993, 200 pp., ISBN91-506-1007-4AAR199815
Abungu, George & Lorna AbunguSaving the Past in Kenya: Urban and Monument ConservationAAR199815
Adamson, D.A. & J. D. Clark, M. A. J. WilliamsPottery tempered with sponge from the White Nile, SudanAAR19875
Adebisi Sowunmi, M.Beyond Academic Archaeology in Africa: The Human DimensionAAR199815
Agorsah, E. KofiEthnoarchaeology: the search for a self-corrective approach to the study of past human behaviourAAR19908
Agorsah, E. KofiArchaeology and resistance history in the CaribbeanAAR199311
Agorsah, Kofi The archaeology of the African DiasporaAAR199613
Alabi, Raphael A.Environment and Subsistence of the Early Inhabitants of Coastal Southwestern NigeriaAAR200219
Alabi, Raphael A. P. Allsworth-Jones: The Middle Stone Age of Nigeria in Its West African ContextAAR2020372
Alexander, John The Saharan divide in the Nile Valley: the evidence from Qasr IbrimAAR19886
Alexander, John Book Review: Aspects of African Archaeology. Edited by G. Pwiti and R. Soper. University of Zimbabwe, Harare, 1996, 855 pp.AAR199815
Alexander, John Sir Laurence KirwanAAR199916
Alexander, John Saving the African Heritage is a Global Priority: How Can a New Subdiscipline of Rescue Archaeology Aid It?AAR201128
Allsworth-Jones, P.Review of P. Breunig (ed.). Nok - African Sculpture in Archaeological ContextJAA2014122
Allsworth-Jones, P. Ugwuele-Uturu: A Lithic Exploitation Site in South-East NigeriaJAR2015132
Allsworth-Jones, vUgwuele-Uturu: A Lithic Exploitation Site in South-East NigeriaJAA2015132
Altamura, Flavio Finding Fossil Footprints in the Archival Record: Case Studies from the Archaeological Site of Melka Kunture (Upper Awash, Ethiopia)JAA2020182
Ama Asaa Engmann, Rachel John Kwadwo Osei-Tutu (Ed.): Forts, Castles and Society in West Africa: Gold Coast and Dahomey, 1450–1960AAR2020374
Amblard, Sylvie & Jean PernĂšsThe identification of cultivated pearl millet (Pennisetum) amongst plant impressions on pottery from Oued Chebbi (Dhar Oualata, Mauritania)AAR19897
Amblard-Pison, SylvieQuelques réflexions sur la statuaire zoomorphe néolithique saharienne en terre cuiteAAA20022
Amblard-Pison, Sylvie & Bernard NantetHenri-Jean Hugot (1916-2014)AAA201410
Amblard-Pison, Sylvie , Thibault Vallette, HĂ©lĂšne Jousse, ChloĂ© Albaret, Alain PersonLes gravures rupestres d’anthropomorphes du Dhar NĂ©ma (Mauritanie sud-orientale)AAA20106
Amblard-Pison, Sylvie, Jean Polet et Julien VolperAlain Person (1948-2019)AAA201915
Amills, Marcel & Oscar Ramírez, Ofelia Galman-Omitogun
Domestic Pigs in AfricaAAR201330
Anag, Giuma & Mauro Cremaschi, Savino di Lernia
Forum: Environment, Archaeology, and Oil: The Messak Settafet Rescue Operation (Libyan Sahara)AAR200219
Anderson, Helen, Elizabeth Galvin
 Museological Approaches to the Management of Digital Research and Engagement: The African Rock Art Image Project AAR201835
Anderson, Helen, Jorge de Torres, Elizabeth Galvin Introduction to Special Issue: African Rock Art and Digital Practice AAR201835
Anfinset, NReview of H. Riemer. El Kharafish. The Archaeology of Sheikh Muftah Pastoral Nomads in the Desert around Dakhla Oasis (Egypt)JAA2012101
Anne Hildebrand, Elisabeth & Steven Andrew Brandt
The Holocene Archaeology of Southwest Ethiopia: New Insights from the Kafa Archaeological ProjectAAR201027
Anquandah, James The stone circle sites of Komaland, northern Ghana, in West African archaeologyAAR19875
Antonites, Alexander Fiber Spinning During the Mapungubwe Period of Southern Africa: Regional Specialism in the HinterlandAAR201936
Antonites, Annie R. HĂ©lĂšne Jousse: Atlas of Mammal Distribution Through Africa from the LGM (~ 18 KA) to Modern Times, The Zooarchaeological RecordAAR201936
Antonites, Annie R. Cooking, Serving, and Storage: Ceramic Vessel Function and Use Contexts at SchrodaAAR2020372
Aouadi-Abdeljaouad, N. & L. BelhouchetRecent Prehistoric Field Research in Central Tunisia: Prehistoric Occupations in the Meknassy BasinAAR200825
Apoh, WReview of K. Schramm. African Homecoming: Pan-African Ideology and Contested HeritageJAA201192
Apoh, Wazi & Kodzo GavuaMaterial Culture and Indigenous Spiritism: the Katamansu Archaeological “Otutu” (Shrine)AAR201027
Arazi, Noemie B. O. M. NaffĂ©, R. Lanfranchi and N. Sclanger, L’ArchĂ©ologie PrĂ©ventive En Afrique. Enjeux Et PerspectivesAAR200926
Arazi, Noemie Safeguarding Archaeological Cultural Resources in Africa—Policies, Methods and Issues of (Non) ComplianceAAR201128
Aremu, David A.Preservation of Ampara and Delimiri Ironworking Sites: Toward the Promotion of Nigeria's Cultural HeritageAAR199916
Arthur, John W.Culinary Crafts and Foods in Southwestern Ethiopia: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Gamo Groundstones and PotteryAAR201431
Arthur, John W., Matthew C. Curtis, Kathryn J. W. ArthurThe Transition from Hunting–Gathering to Food Production in the Gamo Highlands of Southern EthiopiaAAR201936
Arthur, John W., Matthew C. Curtis, Kathryn J. W. ArthurCorrection to: The Transition from Hunting–Gathering to Food Production in the Gamo Highlands of Southern EthiopiaAAR201936
Ashley, CReview of C. Saidi. Women's Authority and Society in East-Central AfricaJAA201191
Ashley, Ceri African Archaeology: A Critical IntroductionAAR200522
Ashley, Ceri Haour, A. 2007. Rulers, Warriors, Traders, Clerics: The Central Sahel and the North Sea, 800–1500AAR200825
Ashley, Ceri Z.Towards a Socialised Archaeology of Ceramics in Great Lakes AfricaAAR201027
Ashley, Gail M. & E. K. Ndiema, J. Q. G. SpencerPaleoenvironmental Reconstruction of Dongodien, Lake Turkana, Kenya and OSL Dating of Site Occupation During Late Holocene Climate ChangeAAR201734
Atherton, John H.Ethnoarchaeology in AfricaAAR19831
Babalola,A.B., Th. Rehren, A. Ige and S. McIntosh The Glass Making Crucibles from Ile-Ife, SW Nigeria JAA2018161
Babatunde Babalola, Abidemi Archaeological Investigations of Early Glass Production at Igbo-Olokun, Ile-Ife (Nigeria)AAA201511
Badenhorst, S.Goats (Capra hircus), the Khoekhoen and Pastoralism: Current Evidence from Southern AfricaAAR200623
Badenhorst, Shaw Descent of Iron Age Farmers in Southern Africa During the Last 2000 YearsAAR201027
Badenhorst, Shaw & Karen L. van Niekerk
Rock Hyraxes (Procavia capensis) from Middle Stone Age Levels at Blombos Cave, South AfricaAAR201431
Badenhorst, Shaw & Anzel Veldman, Marlize Lombard Late Holocene Fauna from Kuidas Spring in NamibiaAAR2016331
Bader, Gregor D., Jörg LinstÀdter, and Maria H. SchoemanUncovering the Late Pleistocene LSA of Mpumalanga Province, South Africa: Early Results from Iron Pig Rock ShelterJAA2020181
Badey, SylvainExploitation miniÚre du cuivre dans la région du Nioro-du-Sahel (Mali) à l'époque des grands empires soudanaisAAA20075
Bahn, P.G.Review of S. di Lernia & D. Zampetti. La Memoria dell’Arte. Le pitture rupestri dell’Acacus tra passato e futuroJAA200971
Bakry, Aboualhassan, Ahmed Saied, and Doaa IbrahimThe Oldowan in the Egyptian Nile ValleyJAA2020182
Bamford, Marion K.Macrobotanical Remains from Wonderwerk Cave (Excavation 1), Oldowan to Late Pleistocene (2 Ma to 14 ka bp), South AfricaAAR2015324
Bandama, F S. Chirikure & S. Hall,Ores Sources, Smelters and Archaeometallurgy: Exploring Iron Age Metal Production in the Southern Waterberg, South AfricaJAA2013112
Bard, Kathryn A. & Mauro Coltorti, Michael C. DiBlasi
The Environmental History of Tigray (Northern Ethiopia) in the Middle and Late Holocene: A Preliminary OutlineAAR200017
Barham, L. & S. Tooth, G.A.T. Duller, A.J. Plater & S. TurnerExcavations at Site C North, Kalambo Falls, Zambia: New Insights into the Mode 2/3 Transition in South-Central AfricaJAR2015132
Barham, v; Stephen Tooth; Geoff A.T. Duller; Andrew J. Plater and Simon Turner Excavations at Site C North, Kalambo Falls, Zambia: New Insights into the Mode 2/3 Transition in South-Central AfricaJAA2015132
Barich, BReview of E.A.A. Garcea. South-Eastern Mediterranean Peoples Between 130,000 and 10,000 Years AgoJAA2012101
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Barnett, T. & M. GuagninChanging Places: Rock Art and Holocene Landscapes in the Wadi al-Ajal, South-West LibyaJAA2014122
Baroin, Catherine L’odyssĂ©e africaine d’un cordophone rudimentaire, le « luth Ă  pique intĂ©rieureAAA20117
Barouin, CatherineLe regard des disciplinesAAA20011
Barouin, Catherine & Kyari TijaniMega Tchad Conference 2003 "Man and the Lake"AAA20043
Barsky, D C. Chapon-Sao, J.J. Bahain, Y. Beyene, D. Cauche, V. Celiberti, E. Desclaux, H. de Lumley, M.-A. de Lumley, F. Marchal, P.-E. Moullé & D. Pleurdeau,The Early Oldowan Stone-Tool Assemblage from Fejej FJ-1A, EthiopiaJAA201192
Barton, Nick & Abdeljalil Bouzouggar, David LubellModern Human Dispersals, Environments and Cultural Change in the Late Pleistocene of Northwest AfricaAAR200825
Barton, R.N.E. & A. Bouzouggar, S. N. Collcutt, R. Gale
The Late Upper Palaeolithic Occupation of the Moroccan Northwest Maghreb During the Last Glacial MaximumAAR200522
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Bennett, JThe cohortes Augustae CyrenaicaeJAA200971
Bennett, Paul & Graeme BarkerProtecting Libya's Archaeological HeritageAAR201128
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Indian Ocean Food Globalisation and AfricaAAR201431
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Breunig, P & S. Magnavita,EditorialJAA200862
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