The publications indexed on this page start in 1877 with the Contributions to North American Ethnology (Contr. NAE) published by the Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region under the direction of the geologist J. W. Powell.

In 1879, the Bureau of Ethnology was established by an act of Congress for the purpose of transferring archives, records and materials relating to the Indians of North America from the Interior Department to the Smithsonian Institution and J.W. Powell was its first director. What became in 1897, the Bureau of American Ethnology started publishing extensive research on (mostly) North American Indians in Annual Reports (from 1880 to 1933) (A.R. BAE) and in Bulletins (from 1886 to 1971) (Bulletin BAE).

In 1965, the Bureau of American Ethnology was merged with the Department of Anthropology of the Museum of Natural History to form the new Smithsonian Office of Anthropology, which continues publishing to this date the Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology (SCA).We have also added the publication of the short-lived Institute of Social Anthropology dedicated to South America (1944-1953) (ISA). During that period, it published the remarkable 7 volumes of the Handbook of South American Indians, whose scans are available here under.


All these publications are available digitally for free and we have provided individual links to the articles. The whole collections are available either on the Smithsonian Institution or at the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Handbook of South American Indians




Author Title Journal Year Volume Pages
Adams, William Y. Shonto: A study of the role of the trader in a modern Navaho community  Bulletin BAE1963
Alphonse, Ephraim S. Guaymi; grammar and dictionary, with some ethnological notes  Bulletin BAE1956
Angel, J. Lawrence Early Skeletons from Tranquillity, California  SCA1966
Ball, Sydney H. The mining of gems and ornamental stones by American Indians  Bulletin BAE1941
Basso, Keith H. The Gift of Changing Woman  Bulletin BAE1966
Beals, Ralph L. The contemporary culture of the Cahita Indians  Bulletin BAE1945
Beals, Ralph L. Cherán: A Sierra Tarascan villageISA19462225 pp.
Beals, Ralph L., Pedro Carrasco, and Thomas McCorkleHouses and house use of the Sierra TarascansISA1944137 pp.
Beckwith, Martha Warren The Hawaiian romance of LaieikawaiA.R. BAE1911-191233285-666
Benedict, Ruth Tales of the Cochiti Indians  Bulletin BAE1931
Ben-Shlomo, David and Gus W. Van BeekThe Smithsonian Institution Excavation at Tell Jemmeh, Israel, 1970–1990SCA2014
Biese, Leo P. The prehistory of Panama; Viejo  Bulletin BAE1964
Boas, Dr. Franz The Central EskimoA.R. BAE1884-18856399-669
Boas, FranzHandbook of American Indian languages  Bulletin BAE1911
Boas, FranzHandbook of American Indian languages  Bulletin BAE1922
Boas, FranzChinook textsBulletin BAE 1894 [1895]
Boas, Franz Kathlamet texts  Bulletin BAE1901
Boas, Franz Tsimshian texts  Bulletin BAE1902
Boas, Franz Kutenai tales  Bulletin BAE1918
Boas, Franz Tsimshian mythologyA.R. BAE1909-19103129-1037.
Boas, Franz (based on data collected by George Hunt)Ethnology of the KwakiutlA.R. BAE1913-19143543-794.
Boas, Franz (based on data collected by George Hunt)Ethnology of the Kwakiutl [continued]A.R. BAE1913-191435795-1473.
Bonnerjea, Biren Index to Bulletins 1-100 of the Bureau of American Ethnology, with index to Contributions to North American Ethnology, Introductions, and Miscellaneous Publications  Bulletin BAE1963
Bonnerjea, Biren General Index, Annual Reports of the Bureau of American Ethnology, Vols. 1 to 48 (1879-1931) [Washington, D.C., 1881-1933], compiledA.R. BAE1930-193148 25-1221
Bourke, John G. The medicine-men of the ApacheA.R. BAE1887-18889 443-603
Bowers, Alfred W. Hidatsa social and ceremonial organization,  Bulletin BAE1965
Brand, Donald D. Quiroga: A Mexican municipioISA195111242 pp
Breedlove, Dennis E.; Laughlin, Robert M. The Flowering of Man: A Tzotzil Botany of Zinacantan, Volume I  SCA1993
Breedlove, Dennis E.; Laughlin, Robert M. The Flowering of Man: A Tzotzil Botany of Zinacantan, Volume II  SCA1993
Bunzel, Ruth L. Introduction to Zuñi ceremonialismA.R. BAE1929-193047 467-544
Bunzel, Ruth L. Zuñi origin mythsA.R. BAE1929-193047 545-609
Bunzel, Ruth L. Zuñi ritual poetryA.R. BAE1929-193047 611-835
Bunzel, Ruth L. Zuñi katcinas: An analytical studyA.R. BAE1929-193047 837-1086
Bushnell, David I. Jr The Choctaw of Bayou Lacomb, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana  Bulletin BAE1909
Bushnell, David I. Jr Native villages and village sites east of the Mississippi  Bulletin BAE1919
Bushnell, David I. Jr Native cemeteries and forms of burial east of the Mississippi  Bulletin BAE1920
Bushnell, David I. Jr Villages of the Algonquian, Siouan, and Caddoan tribes west of the Mississippi  Bulletin BAE1922
Bushnell, David I. Jr Burials of the Algonquian, Siouan, and Caddoan tribes west of the Mississippi  Bulletin BAE1927
Byington, Cyrus A dictionary of the Choctaw language  Bulletin BAE1915
Caldwell, Joseph R. The Rembert mounds, Elbert County, Georgia  Bulletin BAE1953
Caldwell, Warren W. Archeological investigations at the Coralville Reservoir, Iowa  Bulletin BAE1961
Capron, Louis The medicine bundles of the Florida Seminole and the Green Corn Dance  Bulletin BAE1953
Carter, John G. The northern Arapaho flat pipe and the ceremony of covering the pipe  Bulletin BAE1938
Chafe, Wallace L. Seneca Thanksgiving rituals,  Bulletin BAE1961
Chafe, Wallace L. Seneca Morphology and Dictionary  SCA1967
Champion Randle, Martha Iroquois women, then and now  Bulletin BAE1951
Coe, Michael D.; Flannery, Kent V. Early Cultures and Human Ecology in South Coastal Guatemala  SCA1967
Colton, Harold S. A survey of prehistoric sites in the region of Flagstaff, Arizona  Bulletin BAE1932
Conzemius, Eduard Ethnographical survey of the Miskito and Sumu Indians of Honduras and Nicaragua  Bulletin BAE1932
Cooper, John M. Analytical and critical bibliography of the tribes of Tierra del Fuego and adjacent territory  Bulletin BAE1917
Cooper, Paul L. Archeological investigations in the Heart Butte Reservoir area, North Dakota  Bulletin BAE1958
Crocker, William H. The Canela (Eastern Timbira), I: An Ethnographic Introduction  SCA1990
Culbertson, Thaddeus A. Journal of an expedition to the Mauvaises Terres and the Upper Missouri in 1850  Bulletin BAE1952
Culin, Stewart Games of the North American IndiansA.R. BAE1902-190324 3-809
Cumming, Robert B. Archeological investigations at the Tuttle Creek Dam, Kansas  Bulletin BAE1958
Cushing, Frank Hamilton Zuñi fetichesA.R. BAE1880-18812 3-45
Cushing, Frank Hamilton A study of Pueblo pottery as illustrative of Zuñi culture-growthA.R. BAE1882-18834 467-521
Cushing, Frank Hamilton Outlines of Zuñi creation mythsA.R. BAE1891-189213 321-447
Cyrus Thomas,; Swanton, John R. Indian languages of Mexico and Central America, and their geographical distribution  Bulletin BAE1911
Dall, W.H.Tribes of the extreme NorthwestContr. NAE18771
Dall, W.H.Tribes of the extreme Northwest: On the distribution and nomenclature of the native tribes of Alaska and the adjacent territory.Contr. NAE18771
Dall, W.H.Tribes of the extreme Northwest: On succession in the shell-heaps of the Aleutian Islands.Contr. NAE18771
Dall, W.H.Tribes of the extreme Northwest: On the origin of the Innuit.Contr. NAE18771
Dall, W.H.Tribes of the extreme Northwest: Linguistics.Contr. NAE18771
Dall, W.H.Terms of relationship used by the Innuit: a series obtained from natives of Cumberland inletContr. NAE18771
Dall, William Healey On masks, labrets, and certain aboriginal customs, with an inquiry into the bearing of their geographical distributionA.R. BAE1881-18823 67-202
Dangberg, Grace M. Letters to Jack Wilson, the Paiute Prophet, written between 1908 and 1911  Bulletin BAE1957
Daniels Petersen, Karen Chippewa mat-weaving techniques  Bulletin BAE1963
Davis, Irvine The language of Santa Ana Pueblo  Bulletin BAE1964
de Laguna, Frederica The story of a Tlingit community: A problem in the relationship between archeological, ethnological, and historical methods  Bulletin BAE1960
de Laguna, Frederica Under Mount Saint Elias: The History and Culture of the Yakutat Tlingit: Part Two  SCA1972
de Laguna, Frederica Under Mount Saint Elias: The History and Culture of the Yakutat Tlingit: Part Three  SCA1972
de Laguna, Frederica Under Mount Saint Elias: The History and Culture of the Yakutat Tlingit: Part One  SCA1972
de Laguna, Frederica; Riddell, Francis A.; McGeein, Donald F.; Lane, Kenneth S.; Freed, J. A. Archeology of the Yakutat Bay area, Alaska,  Bulletin BAE1964
Deardorff, Merle H. The religion of Handsome Lake: Its origin and development  Bulletin BAE1951
Denig, Edwin Thompson , edited with notes and biographical sketch by J. N. B. HewittIndian tribes of the Upper MissouriA.R. BAE1928-192946 375-628
Densmore, Frances Chippewa music  Bulletin BAE1910
Densmore, Frances Chippewa music-II  Bulletin BAE1913
Densmore, Frances Teton Sioux music  Bulletin BAE1918
Densmore, Frances Northern Ute music  Bulletin BAE1922
Densmore, Frances Mandan and Hidatsa music  Bulletin BAE1923
Densmore, Frances Chippewa customs  Bulletin BAE1929
Densmore, Frances Pawnee music  Bulletin BAE1929
Densmore, Frances Papago music  Bulletin BAE1929
Densmore, Frances Yuman and Yaqui music  Bulletin BAE1932
Densmore, Frances Menominee music  Bulletin BAE1932
Densmore, Frances Nootka and Quileute music  Bulletin BAE1939
Densmore, Frances Technique in the music of the American Indian  Bulletin BAE1953
Densmore, Frances Seminole music  Bulletin BAE1956
Densmore, Frances Music of Acoma, Isleta, Cochiti, and Zuni Pueblos  Bulletin BAE1957
Densmore, Frances Uses of plants by the Chippewa IndiansA.R. BAE1926-192744 275-397
Devereux, George Mohave ethnopsychiatry and suicide: The psychiatric knowledge and the psychic disturbances of an Indian tribe  Bulletin BAE1961
Dick, Herbert W. The Hodges site: Two rock shelters near Tucumcari, New Mexico  Bulletin BAE1953
Dorsey, James Owen Omaha and Ponka lettersBulletin BAE1891
Dorsey, James Owen A study of Siouan cultsA.R. BAE1889-189011 351-544
Dorsey, James Owen Omaha dwellings, furniture, and implementsA.R. BAE1891-189213 263-288
Dorsey, James Owen Siouan sociology: A posthumus paperA.R. BAE1893-189415 205-244
Dorsey, James Owen; Swanton, John R. A dictionary of the Biloxi and Ofo languages, accompanied with thirty-one Biloxi texts and numerous Biloxi phrases  Bulletin BAE1912
Dorsey, OwenThe Cegiha languageContr. NAE 1890 [1892]6
Dorsey, Rev. J. Owen Omaha sociologyA.R. BAE1881-18823 205-370
Dorsey, Rev. J. Owen Osage traditionsA.R. BAE1884-18856 373-397
Drucker, Philip Ceramic sequences at Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, Mexico  Bulletin BAE1943
Drucker, Philip The Northern and Central Nootkan tribes  Bulletin BAE1951
Drucker, Philip La Venta, Tabasco: A study of Olmec ceramics and art  Bulletin BAE1952
Drucker, Philip The Cerro de las Mesas offering of jade and other materials  Bulletin BAE1955
Drucker, Philip The Native Brotherhoods: Modern intertribal organizations on the Northwest Coast  Bulletin BAE1958
Drucker, Philip; Heizer, Robert F.; Squier, Robert J. Excavations at La Venta, Tabasco, 1955,  Bulletin BAE1959
Emerson, Nathaniel B. Unwritten literature of Hawaii. The sacred songs of the hula collected and translated, with notes, and an account of the hula  Bulletin BAE1909
Evans, Clifford A ceramic study of Virginia archeology  Bulletin BAE1955
Evans, Clifford; Meggers, Betty Archaeological Investigations on the Rio Napo, Eastern Ecuador  SCA1968
Evans, Clifford; Meggers, Betty J. Archeological investigations in British Guiana, South America,  Bulletin BAE1960
Ewers, John C. The horse in Blackfoot Indian culture, with comparative material from other western tribes  Bulletin BAE1955
Ewers, John C. Hair pipes in Plains Indian adornment, a study in Indian and White ingenuity  Bulletin BAE1957
Fenton, William N. Iroquois suicide: A study in the stability of a culture pattern  Bulletin BAE1941
Fenton, William N. Tonawanda longhouse ceremonies: Ninety years after Lewis Henry Morgan  Bulletin BAE1941
Fenton, William N. The concept of locality and the program of Iroquois research  Bulletin BAE1951
Fenton, William N. Locality as a basic factor in the development of Iroquois social structure  Bulletin BAE1951
Fenton, William N. Factionalism at Taos Pueblo, New Mexico  Bulletin BAE1957
Fenton, William N.; Gertrude, Prokosch Kurath The Iroquois Eagle Dance, an offshoot of the Calumet Dance  Bulletin BAE1953
Fenton, William N.; Kurath, Gertrude P. The Feast of the Dead, or Ghost Dance, at Six Nations Reserve, Canada  Bulletin BAE1951
Fewkes, J. W. Antiquities of the Mesa Verde National Park: Spruce-tree House  Bulletin BAE1909
Fewkes, J. W. Prehistoric villages, castles, and towers of southwestern Colorado  Bulletin BAE1919
Fewkes, J. Walter A prehistoric island culture area of AmericaA.R. BAE1912-191334 35-271
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Preliminary report on a visit to the Navaho National Monument, Arizona  Bulletin BAE1911
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Antiquities of the Mesa Verde National Park: Cliff Palace  Bulletin BAE1911
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Tusayan katcinasA.R. BAE1893-189415 245-313
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Tusayan snake ceremoniesA.R. BAE1894-189516 267-312
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Archeological expedition to Arizona in 1895A.R. BAE1895-189617 519-744
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Tusayan migration traditionsA.R. BAE1897-189819 573-633
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Tusayan Flute and Snake ceremoniesA.R. BAE1897-189819 957-1011
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Hopi katcinas, drawn by native artistsA.R. BAE1899-190021 3-126
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Two summers' work in pueblo ruinsA.R. BAE1900-190122 3-195
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Certain antiquities of eastern MexicoA.R. BAE1903-190425 221-284
Fewkes, Jesse Walter The aborigines of Porto Rico and neighboring islandsA.R. BAE1903-190425 3-220
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Antiquities of the upper Verde River and Walnut Creek valleys, ArizonaA.R. BAE1906-190728 181-220
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Casa Grande, ArizonaA.R. BAE1906-190728 25-179
Fewkes, Jesse Walter Designs on prehistoric Hopi potteryA.R. BAE1911-191233 207-284
Fitzhugh, William W. Environmental Archeology and Cultural Systems in Hamilton Inlet, Labrador: A Survey of the Central Labrador Coast from 3000 B.C. to the Present  SCA1972
Fletcher, Alice C. (assisted by James R. Murie; music transcribed by Edwin S. Tracy)The Hako: A Pawnee ceremonyA.R. BAE1900-190122 5-368
Fletcher, Alice C. and Francis La FlescheTe Omaha tribeA.R. BAE1905-190627 17-654
Fletcher, RobertOn prehistoric trephining and cranial amuletsContr. NAE18825
Ford, James A. A Comparison of Formative Cultures in the Americas: Diffusion or the Psychic Unity of Man  SCA1969
Foster, George M. assisted by Gabriel OspinaEmpire's children: The people of TzintzuntzanISA19486297 pp
Foster, Mary L. and George M. Foster Sierra Popoluca speechISA1948845 pp.
Fowke, Gerald Archeological investigations  Bulletin BAE1922
Fowke, GerardArcheologic investigations in James and Potomac ValleysBulletin BAE 1894 [1895]
Fowke, Gerard Antiquities of central and southeastern Missouri  Bulletin BAE1910
Fowke, Gerard Stone artA.R. BAE1891-189213 47-178
Fowke, Gerard Archeological investigations-IIA.R. BAE1926-192744 399-540
Fowler, Don D.; Fowler, Catherine S. Anthropology of the Numa: John Wesley Powell's Manuscripts on the Numic Peoples of Western North America, 1868-1880  SCA1971
Fowler, Don D.; Matley, John F. Material Culture of the Numa: The John Wesley Powell Collection, 1867-1880  SCA1979
Frachtenberg, Leo J. Alsea text and myths  Bulletin BAE1920
Furuhelm, J.Notes on the natives of Alaska (communicated to the late George Gibbs, M. D., in 1862), by His Excellency J. Furuhelm, late Governor of the Russian-American colonies.Contr. NAE18771
Gann, Thomas Mounds in northern HondurasA.R. BAE1897-189819 655-692
Gann, Thomas W. F. The Maya Indians of southern Yucatan and northern British Honduras  Bulletin BAE1918
Gann, Thomas; Gann, Mary Archeological investigations in the Corozal District of British Honduras  Bulletin BAE1939
Gatschet, Albert SamuelThe Klamath Indians of southwestern OregonContr. NAE 1890 [1891]2
Gentry, Howard Scott The Warihio Indians of Sonora-Chihuahua: An ethnographic survey  Bulletin BAE1963
Gibbs, GeorgeNote on the use of numerals among the T'sim si-an'Contr. NAE18771
Gibbs, GeorgeTribes of western Washington and northwestern Oregon, by George Gibbs, M. D. Pp. 157-361, pocket map.Contr. NAE18771
Gibbs, GeorgeTribes of western Washington and northwestern Oregon: Linguistics.Contr. NAE18771
Gibbs, GeorgeTribes of western Washington and northwestern Oregon: Dictionary of the Niskwalli [Niskwalli-English and English-Niskwalli]Contr. NAE18771
Gibbs, George and W.H. DallTribes of the extreme Northwest: VocabulariesContr. NAE18771
Gibbs, George, Wm. F. Tolmie, and G. MengariniTribes of western Washington and northwestern Oregon: VocabulariesContr. NAE18771
Gifford, E. W. The Kamia of Imperial Valley  Bulletin BAE1931
Gillin, John The Quichua-speaking Indians of the Province of Imbabura (Ecuador) and their anthropometric relations with the living populations of the Andean area  Bulletin BAE1941
Gillin, John Moche: A Peruvian coastal communityISA19473166 pp
Gilmore, Melvin Randolph Uses of plants by the Indians of the Missouri River regionA.R. BAE1911-191233 43-154
Goldfrank, Ester S. The Artist of "Isleta Paintings" in Pueblo Society  SCA1967
Grisbaum, Gretchen A.; Ubelaker, Douglas H. An Analysis of Forensic Anthropology Cases Submitted to the Smithsonian Institution by the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1962 to 1994  SCA2001
Gritts Kilpatrick, Anna; Kilpatrick, Jack Frederick Eastern Cherokee Folktales: Reconstructed from the Field Notes of Frans M. Olbrechts  Bulletin BAE1966
Gritts Kilpatrick, Anna; Kilpatrick, Jack Frederick Chronicles of Wolftown: Social Documents of the North Carolina Cherokees, 1850-1862  Bulletin BAE1966
Gunnerson, James H. An introduction to Plains Apache archeology - the Dismal River Aspect  Bulletin BAE1960
Haeberlin, H. K. , James A. Teit, and Helen H. Roberts, under the direction of Franz BoasCoiled basketry in British Columbia and surrounding regionA.R. BAE1919-192441 119-484
Harrington, J. P. and Helen H. RobertsPicurís children's stories, with texts and songsA.R. BAE1925-192643 289-447
Harrington, John P. Vocabulary of the Kiowa language  Bulletin BAE1928
Harrington, John P. Tobacco among the Karuk Indians of California  Bulletin BAE1932
Harrington, John P. The original Strachey vocabulary of the Virginia Indian language  Bulletin BAE1955
Harrington, John P. Valladolid Maya enumeration  Bulletin BAE1957
Harrington, John P. Exploration of the Burton Mound at Santa Barbara, CaliforniaA.R. BAE1926-192744 23-168
Harrington, John Peabody The ethnogeography of the Tewa IndiansA.R. BAE1907-190829 29-618
Hart, C. W. , Jr. A Dictionary of Non-Scientific Names of Freshwater Crayfishes (Astacoidea and Parastacoidea), Including Other Words and Phrases Incorporating Crayfish Names  SCA1994
Haynes, C. Vance, Jr.; Agogino, George A. Geochronology of Sandia Cave  SCA1986
Heizer, Robert F. Aboriginal fish poisons  Bulletin BAE1953
Heizer, Robert F.; Massey, William C. Aboriginal navigation off the coasts of Upper and Baja California  Bulletin BAE1953
Henderson, Junius; Harrington, John Peabody Ethnozoology of the Tewa Indians  Bulletin BAE1914
Hendry, Jean Iroquois masks and maskmaking at Onondaga  Bulletin BAE1964
Henshaw, Henry W. Perforated stones from California  Bulletin BAE1887
Henshaw, Henry W. Animal carvings from mounds of the Mississippi valleyA.R. BAE1880-18812117-166
Hewett, Edgar L. Antiquities of the Jemez Plateau, New Mexico  Bulletin BAE1906
Hewett, Edgar Lee; Henderson, Junius; Robbins, Wilfred William The physiography of the Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, in relation to Pueblo culture  Bulletin BAE1913
Hewitt, J. N. B. Notes on the Creek Indians  Bulletin BAE1939
Hewitt, J. N. B. Comparative lexicologyA.R. BAE1895-189617 299*-344*
Hewitt, J. N. B. Iroquoian cosmologyA.R. BAE1899-190021 127-339
Hewitt, J. N. B. Seneca fiction, legends, and myths. Collected by Jeremiah Curtin and J. N. B. Hewitt; editedA.R. BAE1910-191132 37-813
Hewitt, J. N. B. Iroquoian cosmology. Second part, with introduction and notesA.R. BAE1925-192643 449-819
Hickerson, Harold Land Tenure of the Rainy Lake Chippewa at the Beginning of the 19th Century  SCA1967
Hilger, Sister M. Inez Chippewa child life and its cultural background  Bulletin BAE1951
Hilger, Sister M. Inez Arapaho child life and its cultural background  Bulletin BAE1952
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Hoffman, Bernard G. Observations on certain ancient tribes of the Northern Appalachian Province  Bulletin BAE1964
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Kehoe, Thomas F. Stone tipi rings in north-central Montana and the adjacent portion of Alberta, Canada: Their historical, ethnological, and archeological aspects  Bulletin BAE1960
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