Tanzania Notes and Records entitled Tanganyika Notes and Records up to the publication of no 65 in March 1966, was a bi-annual journal published in Dar-es-Salaam covering a wide range of subjects, including ethnography. The first issue was in 1936 and the last one in 1984.


On this page, you have the content of all the volumes from the beginning. It is classified by author. You can either scroll it or search it is by using the “Find on this page” function hereunder. All the content used to be available digitally on the website of the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology thanks to a grant from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund but it seems to have disappeared. We are trying to raise the issue with them. In the meantime, the 4 first issues are available at SOAS and a number of early issues at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Author Title Year Volume Pages
Abdurahman, MuhammedAnthropological Notes From the Zanzibar Protectorate1939859
Aitken, W.G.Geomorphology of Parts of the Kondoa District19502955
Ajemy, Hemedi B.A.A.The Story of Mbega. (Part Two)1936280
Ajemy, Hemedi B.A.A.The Story of Mbega. (Part One)1936138
Ajemy, Hemedi B.A.A.The Story of Mbega. (Part Three)1937387
Ajemy, Hemedi B.A.A.A History of Africa19523265
Akinola, G. AkinThe French on the Lindi Coast, 1985-178919697013
Aldington, T.J.Tanzania Agriculture: A Decade of Progress in Crop Production19757657
Allen, J.W.T.The Name 'Dar es Salaam'19451967
Allen, J.W.T.An Arabic Script for Students of Swahili1945Supplement
Allen, J.W.T.Rhapta19492752
Allen, J.W.T.Utenzi195028281
Allen, J.W.T.Arabic Script for Students of Swahili: An Amendment19686951
Anacleti, A. OdhiamboSerengeti: Its People and Their Environment197781 and 8223
Anstey, DavidMkomazi Game Reserve19585068
Bagenal, C.J.Mwariye: A Sacred Mountain of Tanganyika19543658
Bagoka, H.I.S.Tanzania's inland waters197679-80123
Baker, E.C.Notes on the Shirazi of East Africa1941111
Baker, E.C.Notes on the Waikizu and Wasikazi of Musoma19472366
Baker, E.C.Tribal History and Legend. A Note on the Washomvi of Dar-es-Salaam19472347
Baker, E.C.A Note on the Washomvi of Dar es Salaam19472347
Baker, E.C.Notes on the History of the Wasegeju19492716
Baker, E.C.Tribal Calendars19523330
Baldwin, R.R.Native Authority Afforestation on Kilimanjaro19462181
Barker, R.The Delta of the Rufiji River193621
Barker, R.The Rufiji River1937410
Barker, R.Some Rivers of Southern Tanganyika19472466
Barker, R.Nyanza Lion Hunters19533475
Barker, R.Maritime Relics of the 1914-1918 War19553864
Barker, R. & Giffard, G.G.The East African Campaign, 1914-19191947
Barongo, S.Petroleum Development in Tanzania197679-80115
Baumann, OscarMafia Island1957461
Bax, S. NapierThe Early Church Missionary Society (CMS) Missions at Buzilima and Usambira in the Mwanza District1939739
Bax, S. NapierDoctor John Smith, 1852-185719421456
Bax, S. NapierNotes on the Presence of Tsetse Fly Between 1857 and 1915 in the Dar es Salaam Area19431633
Baxter, H.C.Religious Practices of the Pagan Wazigua: The Story of a Dying Creed19431549
Baxter, H.C.Introduction to Witchcraft in Africa19441869
Baxter, H.C.Pangani: The Trade Centre of Ancient History19441715
Beck, A.Priorities in Biological Research at Amani, 1902-1914198013
Becker, A.The subjugation of Chief Meli of Moshi, 1893196157199
Becker, A.A Ne Sultan Succeeds to the Throne in Zanzibar196361147
Beidelman, T.O.A note on Baraguyu house-types and Baraguyu economy19615656
Beidelman, Thomas O.The Baraguyu196055245
Beidelman, Thomas O.Iron Working in Ukaguru196258-59288
Beidelman, Thomas O.A History of Ukaguru: 1857-1916196258-5911
Beidelman, Thomas O.Notes on the Vidunda of Eastern Tanganyika19666563
Bell, R.M.The Maji Maji Rebellion in the Liwale District19502838
Bennett, Norman R.Captain Storms in Tanganyika: 1882-1885196054
Bennett, Norman R.Americans in Zanzibar, 1865-1915. Part Two196156121
Bennett, Norman R.Americans in Zanzibar, 1865-1915. Part One19636049
Bennett, Norman R.The British on Kilimanjaro, 1884-189219646343
Bennett, Norman R.The London Missionary Society at Urambo: 1878-189819666543
Bojarski, Edmund A.The Last Cannibals in Tanganyika195851227
Bowie, D.F.The Lip-Plug or 'Ndonya' Among the Tribes of the Southern Province19492775
Brain, James L.The Were of Eastern Province196258-59231
Brain, James L.Moto Moto Tanzania. Truck and Bus Slogans in Tanzania19686895
Brain, James L.A note on the Waninguli19747363
Brauer, G.Human Skeletons From Kinto (Strauss) Rock Shelter198083
Brock, BeverleyThe Nyiha of Mbozi1966651
Brooke, Clarke H.Heritage of Famine in Central Tanzania19676715
Brown, MervynSome Historical links Between Tanzania and Madagascar197679-8049
Brown, Walter T.Bagamoyo: An Historical Introduction19707169
Bulman, W.E. & Farquharson, J.R.The Climate and Welfare of Tanganyika1945
Burton, Richard F.Description of a Visit to Kilwa in 185919411245
Cadiz, C.F.C.V.Dar es Salaam19462177
Calton, W.E.A Year's Experience of Small Scale Nutrient Culture (Hydroponics) at Oyster Bay195851216
Carnell, W.J.Sympathetic Magic Among the Gogo of Mpwapwa District19433925
Carnell, W.J.Four Gogo Folk Tales19554030
Carthew, John & Topan, F.Drama in Tanzanian Schools1969
Cashmore, T.H.R.A Note on the Chronology of the Wa-Nyika of the Kenya Coast196157153
Casson, W.T.Architectural Notes on Dar es Salaam197071181
Cawston, F.G.The Problem of Controlling Bilharzia Infection19431696
Chacker, Eunice A.Early Arab and European Contracts With Ukerewe19686875
Charlewood, C.J.Naval Actions on the Tanganyika Coast: 1914-1917. Part Two196055153
Charlewood, C.J.Naval Actions on the Tanganyika Coast: 1914-1917. Part One196054120
Chittick, H. NevilleNotes on Kilwa195953179
Chittick, H. NevilleRelics of the Past in the Region of Dar-es Salaam19707165
Clarke, J.C.A Note on the 'Ntore' System in Bugufi, Biharamulo District1938565
Clarke, P.H.C.A Note on School Slang196258205
Coke, C.M.The Livingstone Memorial at Ujiji19482534
Cole, G.F.San Rafael19431582
Cole, J.S.R.Progress to independence: Tanganyika196258-59179
Conan-Davies, E.Queen Mab in Masasi19441764
Cooper, B.The Kindiga1949278
Cory, HansSukuma Twin Ceremonies: Mabasa19441734
Cory, HansLand Tenure in Bukuria19472370
Cory, HansThe Necessity For the Co-Ordination of Economic and Political Development19513078
Cory, HansThe People of the Lake Victoria Region19523322
Cory, HansBuhaya and the African Explorer19564320
Cory, HansReligious Beliefs of Sukuma Nyamwezi19605414
Cory, Hans & Masulu, M.M.Place Names in the Lake Province1951
Coulson, Andrew C.Crop Priorities For the Lowlands of Tanga Region197781 and 8243
Crosse-Upcott, A.R.W.Barikwa Pottery19554024
Crosse-Upcott, A.R.W.Ngindo Famine Subsistence1958501
Culwick, A.T.Ngindo Honey Hunters1938566
Culwick, A.T. & Culwick, G.M.Indonesian Echoes in Central Tanganyika1936
Culwick, A.T. & Culwick, G.M.Foster Mothers in Ulanga1936
Danielson, E.R.Proverbs of the Waniramba People of East Africa195747-48187
Davey, A.C.Church Missionary Society (CMS), Ngambo1938568
Davies, Geraint G.Sir John Milner Gray: A Portrait195953148
De Rosemond, C.C.Iron Smelting in the Kahama District19431679
Dobson, E.B.Land Tenure of the Wasambaa1940101
Dobson, E.B.Comparative Land Tenure of Ten Tanganyika Tribes19553831
Dorman, M.H.The Kilwa Civilization and the Kilwa Ruins1938661
Doughty, L.R.The Origin of East African Sisal19441898
Dryden, S.Local government reform in Tanzania196666147
Du Toit, P.J.Notes on the Coinage of German East Africa (Tanganyika)19513137
East African Institute of Social ResearchThe Present Day Position of Lower Chiefs19533490
Eberlie, R.F.German Achievement in East Africa196055181
Ebrahim G.J.Development of Medical Sciences in Dar-es Salaam197071173
Ekemode, G.V.Fundi: Trader and Akida Kilimanjaro, 1860-1898197677-7895
Elliott, H.F.I.An Island in Lake Victoria19401028
Elliott, H.F.I.The Coiffeur of the Masai Warrior19482680
Elliott, H.F.I. & Fosbrooke, H.A.Wall Paintings at Chief Lugaga's House at Nyantakara in Southern Biharamulo District1950
Ellis, P.J.C.Ubungu in Chunya District195747-48201
Finch, F.G.Some Additional Notes on the God of the Wasonjo195747-48203
Flou, B.Folk Research in Mwanza Region: Introduction: The Strategy of Folk Research197781 and 8255
Ford, J. & Barker, R.Rinderpest1954
Ford, J. & Hall, R. De Z.The History of Karagwe1947
Forster, NormanA Note on Some Ruins Near Bagamoyo19373106
Fosbrooke, H.A.Rift Valley Ruins1938658
Fosbrooke, H.A.An Administrative Survey of the Masai Social System1948261
Fosbrooke, H.A.Paintings in Districts Other Than Kondoa19502946
Fosbrooke, H.A.Masai Walls of Moa: Walled Towns of the Segeju19502930
Fosbrooke, H.A.The Kondoa Sites; Where They Are and How to Get There19502930
Fosbrooke, H.A.Rock Engravings or Petroglyphs19502927
Fosbrooke, H.A.Methods of Preservation and Reproduction [of Rock Paintings]19502920
Fosbrooke, H.A.The Age and Meaning of the [Tanganyika Rock] Paintings19502911
Fosbrooke, H.A.Laying the Ghosts19513172
Fosbrooke, H.A.David Livingstone's Observations on Coal on the Ruvuma and the Tsetse Fly195233103
Fosbrooke, H.A.A Brief Review of Archaeological Remains in Tanganyika19523360
Fosbrooke, H.A.The Wachagga195232100
Fosbrooke, H.A.The Defensive Measures of Certain Tribes in North-Eastern Tanganyika. Part One: The Gweno Bolt Holes1953351
Fosbrooke, H.A.The Tatoga19543682
Fosbrooke, H.A.The Defensive Measures of Certain Tribes in North-Eastern Tanganyika. Part Two19543650
Fosbrooke, H.A.The Defensive Measures of Certain Tribes in North-Eastern Tanganyika. Part Three195539125
Fosbrooke, H.A.Mbugwe Flats and Sonjo Scarps19553959
Fosbrooke, H.A.The Defensive Measures of Certain Tribes in North-Eastern Tanganyika. Part Four1955391
Fosbrooke, H.A.The Life of Justin: An African Autobiography19553830
Fosbrooke, H.A.A Rangi Circumcision Ceremony; Blessing a New Grove19585030
Fosbrooke, H.A.Blessing the Year: A Wasi/Rangi Ceremony19585021
Fosbrooke, H.A.Some Historic Moshi Buildings195951198
Fosbrooke, H.A.Masai Walls of Moa: Authors Addendum19605429
Fosbrooke, JaneSome Kondoa Paintings More Fully Described19502939
Fozzard, P.M.H.Some Rock Paintings in South and Southwestern Kondoa: Irangi District19595294
Frame, G.W.Wild Mammal Survey of Empakaai Crater Area198288-8941
Frank, Cedric N.Bishop Steere and Kiswahili19523238
Frankl, P.J.L.Anglicanism in South-Eastern Tanganyika: 1876-19261974741
Frazier, JackSea turtles in Tanzania197677-7811
Frederick, S.W.Life of Joseph Kimalando19697021
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.Some Preliminary Observations on Medieval Mosques Near Dar es Salaam19543664
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.Chinese Porcelain in Tanganyika19554163
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.Mediaeval Mosques Near Dar es Salaam195538
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.Coins of the Sultans of Kilwa in the King George V Museum195645
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.The Chronology of the Sultans of Kilwa19585085
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.In Search of the History of the 'Tabora Sovereign'19585049
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.Sir John Gray: Bibliography195953150
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.Some Problems of East African Coinage195952250
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.Speke's Death195952137
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.Swahili Borrowings195952137
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.Cosmas Indicopleustes: A Problem in East African History19595257
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.The Historiography of the East African Coast196055279
Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.Husuni196259227
Freyhold, M. vonNotes on Tanzanian industrial workers197781-8215
Fuggles-Couchman, N.R. & Hartnell, A.V.The Mashokora Cultivations of the Coast1937
Garlake, P.S.Early Ship Engravings on the East African Coast196463197
Geilinger, W.The Retreat of the Kilimanjaro Glaciers193627
Gillman, Clement C.A Short History of the Tanganyika Railways19421314
Gillman, Clement C.A Bibliography of Kilimanjaro, 194419441860
Gillman, Clement C.An Annotated List of Ancient and Modern Indigenous Stone Structures in Eastern Africa19441744
Gillman, Clement C.Dar s Salaam, 1860-1940: A Story of Growth and Change1945201
Gillman, Clement C.Supplementary Note on Stone Structures in East Africa19451964
Gillman, H.Bush Fallowing on the Makonde River Plateau19451934
Ginner, H.W.E.Note on German Graveyard at Old Moshi19482578
Ginner, PhyllisAn Artistic Appreciation of the Kondoa Rock Paintings1950293
Gower, Rebecca H.The Effect of a Change of Diet on Masai Schoolboys19482677
Gower, Rebecca H.Two Views on the Masai19482660
Gower, Rebecca H.Ukutu in the Nineteenth Century195851206
Gower, Rebecca H.Swahili Slang195850250
Gower, Rebecca H. & Chilton, NoelSwahili Borrowings From English1958
Graham, James D.Indirect Rule: The Establishment of 'Chiefs' and 'Tribes' in Cameron's Tanganyika197677-78
Grahan, James D.Idirect rule: the establishment of 'chiefs' and 'tribes' in Cameron's Tanganyika197677-781
Gramly, Richard M.Archaeological Reconnaissance at Pangani Bay197917
Grant, C.H.B.The Valley and Swamps of the Malagarasi River, Western Tanganyika Territory19472329
Grant, C.H.B.Some Lakes and Waterfalls of Central and Western Tanganyika19482563
Grant, C.H.B.Notes on Uvinze, Tongwe and Ubende, Western Tanganyika19492769
Grant, D.K.S.Mangrove Woods of Tanganyika Territory193855
Gray, J.M.The Journey of an Arab Caravan From East to West Africa in 1851. Part Two1962591
Gray, J.M.The Journey of an Arab Caravan From East to West Africa in 1851. Part One19625821
Gray, JohnMikindani Bay Before 188719502829
Gray, John M.Stanley Versus Tippoo Tip19441811
Gray, John M.Early Connections Between the United States and East Africa19462258
Gray, John M.Kilwa in 181219472449
Gray, John M.Dar es Salaam in 18681947241
Gray, John M.Rezende's Description of East Africa in 16341947232
Gray, John M.A Journey By Land From Tete to Kilwa in 161619482537
Gray, John M.Portuguese Records Relating to the Wasegeju19502985
Gray, John M.The History of Kilwa. Part One1951311
Gray, John M.Dar es Salaam Under the Sultans of Zanzibar1952331
Gray, John M.A History of Kilwa. Part Two19523211
Gray, John M.A European Graveyard at Kigoma195437130
Gray, John M.Memories of an Arabian Princess19543749
Gray, John M.The Wadebuli and the Wadiba19543622
Gray, John M.Sir John Henderson and the Princess of Zanzibar19554015
Gray, John M.Nairuzi: Some Additional Notes19553868
Gray, John M.Nairuzi or Siku ya Mwaka (Annual Festivals in Zanzibar and East Africa1955381
Gray, John M.The French at Kilwa, 1776-178419564428
Gray, John M.The Trading Expeditions From the Coast to Lakes Tanganyika and Victoria Before 1857195749226
Gray, John M.A Note on Joseph Francois Charpentier de Cossigny (1736-1809)195851246
Gray, John M.The British Vice-Consulate at Kilwa Kivinje, 1884-1885195851174
Gray, John M.Burton on Kiswahili195851156
Gray, John M.Albrecht Roscher19585071
Gray, John M.Early Portuguese Visitors to Kilwa195952117
Gray, John M.Early Portuguese Visitors to Kilwa: A Further Note196157175
Gray, John M.Commercial Intercourse Between Angola and Kilwa in the Sixteenth Century196157173
Gray, John M.Fort Santiago at Kilwa196259175
Gray, John M.Official Use of the Persian Solar Calendar by the Sultans of Zanzibar196258224
Gray, John M.The French at Kilwa in 1797196258172
Gray, John M.Visit of a French Ship to Kilwa in 1527196463222
Gray, John M.A French Account of Kilwa at the End of the Eighteenth Century19646320
Gray, John M.The Recovery of Kilwa By the Arabs in 178519646220
Gray, John M.The Voyage of Francisco Barreto Along the East African Coast in 1560196665103
Gray, John M.Medieval East African Copper Coinage196665104
Gray, John M.The Hadimu and Tumbatu of Zanzibar197782 and 83135
Gray, Robert F.Notes on Irangi Houses19533545
Gray, Robert F.The Mbugwe Tribe: Origin and Development19553839
Green, Edward C.The Wambugu of Usumbara: (With Notes on Kimbugu)196361175
Grieg, R.C.H.Iron Smelting in Fipa1937477
Griffith, A.W.M.Primitive Native Education in the Bukoba District1936187
Griffith-Jones, T.Stanley's First and Second Expeditions Through Mpwapwa and W.L. Farquhar's Grave19482529
Griffiths, J.E.S.The Aba-Ha of the Tanganyika Territory: Some Aspects of Their Tribal Organizations and Sleeping Sickness Concentrations1936272
Griffiths, J.E.S.Notes on Land Tenure and Land Rights Among the Sonjo of Tanganyika Territory1940915
Griffiths, Mrs. J.E.S.Masai Cattle Auction1938699
Guest, N.J. & Leedal, G.P.Notes on the Fauna of Kilimanjaro1954
Gulliver, P.H.A tribal map of Tanganyika19595261
Gulliver, Pamela H.Three Hundred Years Ago in Tanganyika19543686
Gulliver, Pamela H.Dancing Clubs of the Nyasa19554158
Gulliver, Pamela H.History of the Songea Ngoni19554116
Gulliver, Pamela H.Counting on the Fingers By Two East African Tribes195851259
Gunn, D.L.The History of Lake Rukwa and the Red Locust1956421
Gwasa, G.C.K. & Mbwiliza, J.F.Social Production, Symbolism, and Ritual Inbuha, 1750-19001976
Haldemann, E.G.Recent Landslide Phenomena in the Rungwe Volcanic Area, Tanganyika1946451
Hall, R. De Z.The Dance Societies of the Wasukuma as Seen in the Maswa District1936194
Hall, R. De Z.A Bibliography of Ethnological Literature For Tanganyika Territory1939775
Hall, R. De Z.A Study of Land Tenure in Bugufi, 19251947
Hall, R. De Z.Angoni Raids in the Rufiji District19592774
Halls, C.Dutch Navigation of the East African Coast19676739
Harkin, D.A.The Sarabwe Lava Flow, Kiejo, Rungwe District19554020
Harlow, VincentBurton and Speke Expedition Centenary195749312
Harries, Lyndon P.Notes on the Mythology of the Bantu in the Ruvuma District19411238
Harries, Lyndon P.Linguistic Notes From the Southern Province19451945
Harries, Lyndon P.Swahili Epic Literature19513073
Harries, Lyndon P.Swahili in the Belgian Congo19553912
Harries, Lyndon P.Congo Swahili19564450
Harris, J.H.Lake Manyara: The Phenomenon of a Salt Crust Which Disappears as It is Approached1951306
Hartley, B.J.Land Tenure in Usukuma1938517
Hartnoll, A.V.Praying For Rain in Ugogo19421359
Hartnoll, A.V. & Fuggles Couchman, N.R.The Masheyora Cultivations of the Coast1937
Hartnoll, M.A Story of the Origin of the Name of Bandar-es Salaam Which in the Old Days Was Called Mzizima19373117
Hartnoll, Richard G.The Kunduchi Marine biology station19747439
Hartwig, Gerald W.Oral Evidence and Its Potential: The Example of the Kerebe19801
Harvey, Ronald J.Mirambo 'Napolean of Central Africa'19502810
Hassing, Per & Bennett, N.R.A Journey Across Tanganyika in 18861962
Hatchell, G.W.Some Notes on Sea-Fishing Near Tanga1938563
Hatchell, G.W.Some Account of the People Living Under the Protection of Mount Mkungwe19411141
Hatchell, G.W.The East African Campaign 1914-1919. Part One19462139
Hatchell, G.W.The Angoni of Tanganyika Territory19482569
Hatchell, G.W.The East African Campaign 1914-1919. Part Two19482475
Hatchell, G.W.An Early 'Sleeping-Sickness Settlement' in South-Western Tanganyika19492760
Hatchell, G.W.Sea Fishing on the Tanganyika Coast1954371
Hatchell, G.W.Maritime Relics of the 1914-1918 War1954361
Hatchell, G.W.The Boundary Between Tanganyika and Kenya19564341
Hatchell, G.W.The British Occupation of the South-Western Area of Tanganyika Territory, 1914-1918195851131
Hatchell, G.W.Resettlement Areas Reclaimed From Tsetse195953243
Hatchell, G.W.The Ngalawa and the Mtepe196157211
Hawking, F.Filariasis1939728
Hitchcock, E.The sisal industry of East Africa1959524
Hokororo, A.M.The Influence of Church on Tribal Customs at Lukuledi1960541
Honey, MarthaAsian industrial activities in Tanganyika19747555
Hornell, JamesThe Sewn Canoes of Victoria Nyanza: Construction and Origin1943157
Hornsby, G.German Education Achievement in East Africa19646283
Huber, HugoThe agricultural calendar of the Kwaya19747549
Hucks, G.W.Y.Haya Surnames1939772
Hucks, G.W.Y.Legislative council elections - 195819605438
Huggins, P.M.Sukuma Fables1936190
Hunter, G.A Sandawa Climbing Rope19523393
Hunter, G.Hidden Drums in Singida District195334134
Hunter, G.A Note on Some Tombs on Kaole195437134
Hunter, G.Note on Chinese Porcelain19553865
Hutchinson, J.A.Kilimanjaro1965641
Hyden, GoranDevelopment of the cooperative movement in Tanzania19757651
Hyera, T.M. & Stigter, C.J.Agrometeorological Research Needs in Tanzania1981
Iliffe, JohnA History of the Dockworkers of Dar es Salaam197071119
Imperato, Pascal J.Witchcraft and Traditional Medicine Among the Luo of Tanzania196666193
Ingham, KennethJohn Hanning Speke: A Victorian and His Inspiration195749301
Ingham, KennethTanganyika in the Twenties19595218
Ionides, C.P.J.Stories of the Wangindo19513181
Ishumi, A.G.M.A survey of students at the university of Dar es Salaam198084137
Jackson, T.H.E.Some Stone-Built Defences on Ukerewe Island19482577
Jamal, A.H.Ministry of finance: a ten year summary197576159
Jellicoe, MargueriteThe Turu Resistance Movement1969701
Jerrard, R.C.Three Swahili Fables1938693
Jerrard, R.C.The Muheza Bee Fundi, the Story of Seluchungi, Son of Machungi19397116
Jervis, T.S.A History of Robusta Coffee in Bukoba1939847
Jiddawi, Abdurrahim M.Extracts From an Arab Account Book, 1840-185419513125
Johnson, C.B.Some aspects of Iraqw religion19666553
Johnson, P.H.Some Notes on Kilimanjaro and the Vihambaa of the Wachagga1946211
Johnson, V. EugeneAfrican Harvest Dance195437138
Johnston, P.H.Some Aspects of Dhow Building19492747
Jones, W. WynnAfrican Dugouts19411111
Juma, WaziriSukuma Societies For Young Men and Women19605427
Kaduma, J.D.Water Resources and Mineral Wealth197883-8541
Karugila, J.M.A national archives in a developing country198084-85117
Kategile, J.A.Animal Husbandry Production Without Pollution197883-86127
Kayamba, H.M.T.Notes on the Wadigo19412380
Kazimoto, N.The City Council of Dar es Salaam197071172
Kidamala, DaudiA brief history of the Waniramba people up to the time of the German occupation19615667
Kidamala, DaudiBrief History of the Waniramba People Up to the Time of the German Occupation196156
Kilama, W.L.Parasitic Diseases and the Communities Health197984139
Kimambo, R.H.N. & Mahanga, W.L.Activities of the mineral resources division: 1961-19711975
Kimati, V.P., Chale, F.U., Lema, R.A.& Tasker, R.Child Health Survey in Rural and Suburban Tanzania1980
Kimwani, Edward G.A Pictorial Description of the Manufacture of Barkcloth in the Bukoba District19513085
Kirkman, James S.Kilwa: The Cutting Behind the Defensive Wall19585094
Kirkman, James S.Excavations at Ras Mkumbuu on the Island of Pemba195953161
Kirkman, James S.Excavations at Ras Mkumbuu Pemba195953161
Kiro, SelemaniThe History of the Zigua Tribe19533470
Kirschstein, EgonSome Tales of Tanganyika Natives1937482
Kirschstein, EgonA Note on Native Power of Discernment19386102
Kivaisi, R.T.Social uses of solar energy in Tanzania198084-85153
Knappert, JanSome Aspects of Swahili Poetry196666163
Knudsen, B.R.Dance Societies: The Voluntary Work Associations of the Sukuma197781 and 8266
Koch, RobertReport on West Usambaa From the Point of View of Health1953357
Koenig, O.The Ancient Wells of Ngassumat in South Masailand19513153
Korabiwicz, W.Ngerengere River Bark Canoes19472469
Koritschoner, HansDetails of a Native Medical Treatment1936267
Koritschoner, HansSome East African Native Songs1937451
Koritschoner, Hans & Hartnoll, M.M.Tribal Structure in Uhaya1942
Kyulule, P.J.The future environment197883163
Lambourn, R.G.P.Some Notes on the Yao19502973
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