Tribal Art Magazine is the main magazine for collectors and dealers in African, Oceanic, American Indian and Tribal Asian arts. It has been published quarterly in two French and English versions from Belgium and the States since 1994. It was first called World of Tribal Art till 2002 when a secession occurred and a rival magazine (Art Tribal) was published. During that time, it was entitled Tribal till both merged again in 2006 as Tribal Art Magazine. It was briefly preceded in 1990-1991 by a French magazine entitled Primitifs.


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On this page, you have the content of all the Tribal Art Magazine volumes including World of Tribal Art, Tribal, the competing Art Tribal and the kind of predecessor Primitifs (1990-present). I have also added the content of Kaos that, between 2001 and 2007, was the publication accompanying the yearly Paris event Parcours des mondes, today a sister organisation of Tribal Art Magazine. It is organised alphabetically by author. You can either scroll it or search it is by using the “Find on this page” function hereunder.

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Author Title Journal Year Volume
Aimi, AntonioTreasures of Ancient PeruTribal200332 - Autumn 2003
Aimi, AntonioInca: Origins and Mysteries of the Civilization of Gold Tribal Art201055 - Spring 2010
Aimi, AntonioThe “Discovery” of Machu Picchu Tribal Art201159 - Spring 2011
Aimi, AntonioMaya Jade Masks Tribal Art201263 - Spring 2012
Aimi, AntonioThe Chavin Huantar Temple Revealed Tribal Art201367 - Spring  2013
Aimi, AntonioThe Land of the Spirits in MilanTribal Art201576 - Summer 2015
Ajedumo, Christopher O.Apprenticeship, Continuity, and Patronage in Traditional Yoruba ArtTribal200434 - Spring 2004
Aldridge, RichardMassim Sorcery Figures. Figures with Long Ears and Long Snouts from the Massim Region of Papoua New Guinea Tribal Art201471 - Spring 2014
Alpert, StevenAn Early Ivory Spoon with Stylistic Connections to Eastern IndonesiaTribal200333 - Winter 2003
Alpert, Steven & DeRoche, DaveMonumental Miniatures: the Collection of Saul and Marsha StanoffTribal200332 - Autumn 2003
Altick, ElizabethAztec World, TheTribal Art200849 - Summer 2008
Amae, NathaliePoétique et merveilles de la musique hindoustanie - Poetry and Marvels of Hindustani MusicKaos20022
Amae, NathalieRoute musicale de la soie - The Musical Silk Road Kaos20044
Amae, Nathalie & James W. ReidTrésors de plumes de l'ancien Pérou - Feather Treasures from Old PeruKaos20022
Amrouche, PierreHappy Birthday, Mr VéritéTribal Art201680 - Summer 2016
Anderson, DennisPhotographing Tribal ArtWoTA19969 - Spring 1996
Anderson, DuaneChief White Antelope BlanketTribal200229 - Winter 2002
Anglin Burgard, TimothyEnrico DonatiTribal Art200745 - Summer 2007
Ansen, Dimitri & Petersen, AnnaThomas Morland Hocken: Collector of Maori ArtifactsTribal Art200848 - Spring 2008
Antoni, JuditIn Search of Adventure: Count Rudolf Festetics and the Tolna's Journeys in the PacificTribal200434 - Spring 2004
Ao, Ayinla ShiluNaga Adornment: Ornament as LanguageTribal200436 - Autumn/Winter 2004
Appel, MichaelaWorld Views of the South SeasTribal200538 - Summer 2005
Arthur, AlexRapa NuiWoTA19941 - March 1994
Arthur, AlexJerome Lionel JossWoTA19943 - September 1994
Arthur, AlexPhilippe Guimiot: Expert par excellenceTribal Art200952 - Summer 2009
Arthur, Alex125 Masterpieces: The Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam Tribal Art201161 - Autumn 2011
Arthur, AlexFuture Primitive: A Glimpse into the World of Ross Lovegrove Tribal Art201266 - Winter 2012
Arthur, AlexThe "Shock of the Old" and the Passion of George Lois Tribal Art201471 - Spring 2014
Arthur, AlexSpiritual Connections: Charles Derby on Collecting Tribal Art201473 - Autumn 2014
Arthur, AlexJosé Bedia: Maker of Spiritual and Artistic ConnectionsTribal Art201576 - Summer 2015
Arthur, AlexLuciano Lanfranchi and Collecting Primitive ArtTribal Art201784 - Summer 2017
Arthur, AlexLife and Art on the Mentawai Islands: Toys for the SoulsTribal Art201785 - Autumn 2017
Arthur, AlexWoods Davy, "Monsieur Kifwebe"Tribal Art201993 - Autumn 2019
Arthur, AlexDedicated to the Worthy : the Art of Collecting ArtTribal Art202098 - Winter 2020
Arthur, Alex Interview with Colette Ghysels: A Fascination with FineryTribal Art202095 - Spring 2020
Arthur, Alex Guy van Rijn: Archivist, Collector, and ConnoisseurTribal Art202097 - Autumn 2020
Arthur, Alex & Elena Martinez-JacquetAlain WeillTribal Art201577 - Autumn 2015
Aubier, PascalHommage Ă  Michel LeirisPrimitifs19901 - Nov. Dec. 1990
Aumont, Adeline Easter Island: Navel of the World?Tribal Art202095 - Spring 2020
Avila,AlinAlexisPierre-Yves BohmPrimitifs19914 - Mai. Juin 1991
Azimi, RoxanaMarché de la céramique islamique - The Marketplace of Islamic CeramicsKaos20033
Azimi, RoxanaChine méconnue - The Unknown ChinaKaos20044
Baer, JoshuaThe Last BlanketsWoTA199610 - Summer 1996
Baglione, Gabrielle & CrémiÚre, CédricDrawing "The Other" at the Muséum in Le HavreTribal Art200849 - Summer 2008
Barnes, RuthTextiles & Serpent-Dragons: The Vatter Collection in FrankfurtTribal200436 - Autumn/Winter 2004
Barnes, RuthThe Department of Indo-Pacific Art at the Yale University Art Gallery Tribal Art201473 - Autumn 2014
BarrÚre, AntoineBois funéraires du royaume de Chu - Funerary sculpture of thé Kingdom of Chu Kaos20011
Barreto, CristianaLe symbolisme sexuel et les Femmes dans l'art de l'Amazonie ancienne - Figurines and Tangas from Marajo. Sex Symbolism and Women in Ancient Amazon ArtKaos20033
Barrier, FrançoiseFrançois RatyTribal Art200848 - Spring 2008
Barrier, FrançoiseAngola at the Musée Dapper Tribal Art201160 - Summer 2011
Barrier, FrançoiseFrançois Boulanger Tribal Art201160 - Summer 2011
Barrier, Françoise & Boudin, PhilippeMichel Boulanger: "Beauty Deserves Itself"Tribal200435 - Summer 2004
BarrIĂšre, GĂ©rardLouise BourgeoisPrimitifs19913 - Mars. Avril 1991
Bassani, EzioMasters of African Sculpture: Forms and StylesTribal Art200643 - Winter 2006
Bataille-Benguigui, Marie-ClaireMadagascarTribal Art200641 - Summer 2006
Beaulieu, Jean-Philippe The First Uli in Stuttgart’s Linden-MuseumTribal Art202097 - Autumn 2020
Beckwith, Carol & Fisher, AngelaDinka of Southern Sudan, The Tribal Art200953 - Autumn 2009
Begner, SteveThe Iroquois WhimseyTribal200539 - Autumn/Winter 2005
Bénézech, Anne-MarieThe Deferred Discovery of Kuyu ArtTribal Art201783- Spring 2017
Beran, HarryMassim Lime Spatulas by the Master of the Prominent EyesWoTA199713 - Spring 1997
Béreau, StéphanieLes cultures extra-européennes dans la perspective muséaleArt Tribal20045. Printemps Eté 2004
Berge, ClaudeAncestral Sculpture in Asmat ArtWoTA19942 - June 1994
Bergé,DelphineLes surréalistes et l'Amérique précolombiennePrimitifs19914 - Mai. Juin 1991
Berkels, JetAsian Civilisations Museum in Singapore: Opening of an Impressive New GalleryTribal Art201994 - Winter 2019
Berlo, Janet CatherinePlains Indian DrawingsWoTA199713 - Spring 1997
Berna, BeppeThe Monkey as a Toggle: Discovering the Unknown World of the Primitive Art of ChinaWoTA200024 - Autumn/Winter 2000
Berns, Marla C.Central Nigeria Unmasked: Arts of the Benue River Valley Tribal Art201263 - Spring 2012
Bernstein, DavidWhen an Artifact is Neither "Right" nor "Wrong"WoTA199921 - Summer/Autumn 1999
Bernstein, DavidOn the Trail of W. M. Gabb and His Ancient Lizard Staff Tribal Art201370 - Winter 2013
Berrin, KathleenSpirit Country: Australian Aboriginal Art in San FranciscoWoTA199921 - Summer/Autumn 1999
Berrin, KathleenCourtly Art of the Ancient MayaTribal200436 - Autumn/Winter 2004
Berrin, KathleenSo Many Objects, So Little Time: The Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas at the New de Young Museum in San FranciscoTribal200539 - Autumn/Winter 2005
Binkley, DavidA Royal Gift from Njoya to GlauningTribal200332 - Autumn 2003
Binkley, David A.A Passion Realized: The Field Research Archive of FrÚre Joseph Cornet at Loyola University Tribal Art201263 - Spring 2012
Birger Holmstedt, LeifKnud Rasmussen: Arctic ExplorerTribal Art200643 - Winter 2006
Birger Holmstedt, LeifMasks and Figurines from Ammassalik: The Gustav Holm ExpeditionTribal Art200848 - Spring 2008
Biro, YaëlleAfrican Art in MonacoTribal200538 - Summer 2005
Biro, YaëlleAmazon at the Abbaye de DaoulasTribal200538 - Summer 2005
Biro, YaëlleA Pioneering Collection: Acquiring Congolese Art at the Penn Museum Tribal Art201368 - Summer 2013
Biro, YaëlleThe Canon and Its Consequences: The Reception of Bamileke Tsesah CrestsTribal Art201887- Spring 2018
Biro, Yaëlle & Giulia PaolettiIn and Out of the Studio: Photographic Portraits from West AfricaTribal Art201577 - Autumn 2015
Bitteti, EugenioAlessandro PassareTribal Art200746 - Autumn 2007
Blazek, GebhartTextiles & Carpets of Tribal MoroccoWoTA199715 - Summer 1997
Blazy, Jacques"Mexico Splendors of Thirty Centuries"Primitifs19912 - Jan.Fev. 1991
Bobin, OlivierCarbon-14 Dating for Tribal Art Tribal Art201369 - Autumn 2013
Boero, Najwa“Native Forests”: Arts of Atlantic Equatorial AfricaTribal Art201785 - Autumn 2017
Bognolo, DanielaThe History and Derivation of a Lobi Area Sculptural Style: The Holly Keko StyleTribal Art201576 - Summer 2015
Boissonnas, ValentinFeather Mosaics from the Keram River: Exceptional Sepik Assemblage ArtTribal Art201890 - Winter 2018
Bollt, Robert & Bernstein, DavidLessons in Ancient YarnWoTA199715 - Summer 1997
Bondil, NathalieSacred Africa in MontrealTribal Art200643 - Winter 2006
Bonehill, JohnWilliam Hodges and Cook’s Second VoyageTribal Art200643 - Winter 2006
Bonnain, RolandeMais quels collectionneurs ?Art Tribal20034. Hiver 2003
Borell, Nigel & Christina HellmichMaori Portraits: Gottfried Lindauer's New ZealandTribal Art201786 - Winter 2017
Borellini, AlessiaPeggy's Ethnopassion Tribal Art200849 - Summer 2008
Bortolot, Victor J., Ph.D.Authentication by ThermoluminescenceWoTA19944 - Winter 1994
Boudin, PhilippeBirth of an Exceptional Museum: the Collections of the Quai BranlyTribal200331 - Summer 2003
Boudin, PhilippeYanomani: Spirit of the ForestTribal200331 - Summer 2003
Boudin, PhilippeAfrican Art in Rio de JaneiroTribal200333 - Winter 2003
Boudin, PhilippeDaniel HourdéTribal200434 - Spring 2004
Boudin, PhilippeGrenoble: An Instinctive CollectionTribal200435 - Summer 2004
Boudin, PhilippeMarcel GriauleTribal200436 - Autumn/Winter 2004
Boudin, PhilippeBusiness EnterpriseTribal200436 - Autumn/Winter 2004
Boudin, PhilippeWhen God Inhabited Ife: Masterpieces of Ancient NigeriaTribal200537 - Spring 2005
Boudin, PhilippeOrigins: Iberian Collections in MadridTribal200538 - Summer 2005
Boudot, ÉricChine du Guizhou, textiles des ethnies MiaoArt Tribal20032. Printemps 2003
Boudot, ÉricRitual Masks of Nuo Exorcism PerformanceTribal Art200744 - Spring 2007
Boudre, DanielAu pays des TambermaArt Tribal20032. Printemps 2003
Boulay RogerOn the Festetics de Tolna exhibition at the quai Branly Tribal Art200746 - Autumn 2007
Boulay, RogerThe Ceremonial Axe of the Kanaks of New Caledonia Tribal Art200952 - Summer 2009
Boulay, RogerA Golden Triangle for Oceanic Art Tribal Art201057 - Autumn 2010
Boullier, Claire & Person, AlainNok: An Iconography of Seated Male FiguresWoTA199921 - Summer/Autumn 1999
Bourgeois, Arthur P.Khosi Sculptures Among the Yaka and Their NeighborsTribal200333 - Winter 2003
Bourgeois, Arthur P.Of Noses and Penises Masculine Imagery among the Yaka Tribal Art201160 - Summer 2011
Bourgoin, PhilippeThe Sculptural Artistry of the TainoWoTA19941 - March 1994
Bourgoin, PhilippeLime Spatulas from MassimWoTA19944 - Winter 1994
Bourgoin, PhilippeMarupai: Magical Amulets of the Papuan GulfWoTA19955 - Spring 1995
Bourgoin, PhilippeHerbert Ward, 1863–1919: Explorer, Writer, Sculptor, and CollectorWoTA19969 - Spring 1996
Bourgoin, PhilippeThe Forgotten Islands of the Bismarck Archipelago: the Hermits and the KanietsWoTA199715 - Summer 1997
Bourgoin, PhilippeWar Charms of the Admiralty IslandsWoTA199819 - Autumn/Winter 1998
Bourgoin, PhilippeThe Triumph of "Early Arts" at the LouvreWoTA200023 - Summer 2000
Bourgoin, PhilippeMystérieux masques-canes des Tolai de Nouvelle-BretagneArt Tribal20021 - Hiver 2002
Bourgoin, PhilippeRegard sur les styles locaux dans la collection d'art yoruba de l'Afrika Museum de Berg en DalArt Tribal20045. Printemps Eté 2004
Bourgoin, PhilippeTraces of the Americas: An Homage to Pre-Columbian CultureTribal Art200640 - Spring 2006
Bourgoin, PhilippeFrom One View to AnotherTribal Art200643 - Winter 2006
Bourgoin, PhilippeAnimals in the Art of New IrelandTribal Art200744 - Spring 2007
Bourgoin, Philippe“Canopies of Emerald”: The Rietberg MuseumTribal Art200744 - Spring 2007
Bourgoin, PhilippeMaori Tattooed Head, ATribal Art200849 - Summer 2008
Bourgoin, PhilippePolynesia - Art and Divinity, 1760-1860 Tribal Art200849 - Summer 2008
Bouttiaux, Anne-MarieSensitivity and Power: A Photographic Homage to Songye SculptorsTribal200435 - Summer 2004
Bouttiaux, Anne-Marie"África. La figura imaginada" Entre sublimation et fantasme : corps sculptés et esprits incarnés d'Afrique occidentaleArt Tribal20046. Automne 2004
Bouttiaux, Anne-MarieAnimals in the Sculptural Arts of Africa Tribal Art200747 - Winter 2007
Bowden, RossA New Guinea Men's House for SaleTribal200539 - Autumn/Winter 2005
Boylan, ChrisJewelry of OceaniaWoTA200022 - Winter 2000
Boylan, Chris & North, GretaHighlands Art of New GuineaWoTA199716 - Winter 1997
Boylan, Chris and Feilacher, JohannShields of the New Guinea Highlands at the Museum Gugging Tribal Art201159 - Spring 2011
Breunig, PeterUnderstanding Nok terracotta art Tribal Art201265 - AUTUMN 2012
Bridges, Nichole N. & Cynthia AmnéusSpecial Requests: African Art and Patronage at the Cincinnati Art MuseumTribal Art201783- Spring 2017
Brincard, Marie-ThérÚseArnold and Joanne Syrop Tribal Art201263 - Spring 2012
Brincard, Marie-ThérÚseThe Neuberger Museum of Art: The African Collection Tribal Art201471 - Spring 2014
Brincard, Marie-ThérÚseKuba Textiles: Geometry in Form, Space, and Time Tribal Art201575 - Spring 2015
Brotherton, BarbaraQuileute Ceremonial Art Tribal Art201058 - Winter 2010
Cabanne, PierreDerain et l'art primitif Primitifs19901 - Nov. Dec. 1990
Capistrano-Baker, Florina H.Divine Protection: Batak Art of North SumatraWoTA19942 - June 1994
Capture, Joe D. HorseNative American Art at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Tribal Art201263 - Spring 2012
Carpenter, Bruce & Wiggers, FrankIslands of GoldWoTA19943 - September 1994
Carpenter, EdmundCarl SchusterWoTA199817 - Spring 1998
Carrie, FlorenceVictor Teicher ou la passion harmonieuseArt Tribal20034. Hiver 2003
Castner, James L.Shrunken Heads or "Tsantsas"Tribal200332 - Autumn 2003
Cauwe, NicolasThe Easter Island Statue in Brussels Tribal Art200850 - Autumn/Winter 2008
Cauwe, NicolasOceania, Voyage through the ImmensityTribal Art201786 - Winter 2017
Chabod, JeanL'architecte et le muséographe, nouveaux héros des arts tribauxArt Tribal20045. Printemps Eté 2004
Chabod-Serieis, JeanLe musée imaginaire des galeristesArt Tribal20046. Automne 2004
Chabod-Serieis, JeanRestaurer ? Pourquoi faire ?Art Tribal20047. Hiver 2004
Chabod-Serieis, JeanRestauration : comment l'idée a fait son nid ?Art Tribal20047. Hiver 2004
Chabod-Serieis, JeanConnaĂźtre avant de restaurer : l'exemple du chantier des collections du MQBArt Tribal20047. Hiver 2004
Chabod-Serieis, JeanPetits objets,ĂȘtes-vous lĂ  ? Mais pourquoi sont-ils si petits ?Art Tribal20058. Printemps EtĂ© 2005
Chabod-Serieis, JeanBruno Gay, serveur Ús miniaturesArt Tribal20058. Printemps Eté 2005
Chabod-Serieis, JeanPortrait : Charles Duvelle, 40 ans comme ethnomusicologisteArt Tribal20059. Automne 2005
Chabod-Serieis, JeanTrances : quand la musique est possédéeArt Tribal20059. Automne 2005
Chazot, EricTribal Art of the HimalayasWoTA19956 - Summer 1995
Chazot, EricThe Himalayas: Hidden or Revealed Faces?WoTA19958 - Winter 1995
Chazot, EricPrimitive Sculpture of Western NepalTribal Art200640 - Spring 2006
Chazot, Éric & Girolami, Jean-PierreArt and Shamanism in the HimalayasWoTA200022 - Winter 2000
Chazot, Eric et Michel RevelardL'art du masque en HimalayaArt Tribal20032. Printemps 2003
Chenault, Mark L.Pre-Columbian Costa Rican JadeWoTA199713 - Spring 1997
Clarke, ClarisseAlbert Barnes, The Barnes Foundation, and African ArtTribal Art201578 - Winter 2015
Clunie, FergusBulutoko: Forks and Human Sacrifice in Fiji Tribal Art201161 - Autumn 2011
Coiffier, ChristianFrom the bagage of Margaret Mead to That of La Korrigane Tribal Art201368 - Summer 2013
Coiffier, ChristianGable Sculptures of the SepikTribal Art201991 - Spring 2019
Colburn, Forrest & Griffin, GillettNicaragua and its Lost Pre-Columbian HeritageWoTA199817 - Spring 1998
Colburn, Forrest D.Pre-Columbian Gold of Costa RicaTribal200538 - Summer 2005
Colburn, Forrest D.Gillett G. GriffinTribal Art200643 - Winter 2006
Colburn, Forrest D.The Museo del Banco Central de Reserva del Peru Tribal Art200746 - Autumn 2007
Colburn, Forrest D.Four Mesoamerican Celts Tribal Art200747 - Winter 2007
Colburn, Forrest D.Martín Chambi: Andean Photography Tribal Art200952 - Summer 2009
Colburn, Forrest D.The Photography of Javier Silva-Meinel Tribal Art201058 - Winter 2010
Colburn, Forrest D.Michael D. Coe: Distinguished Professor of Mesoamerican Studies Tribal Art201368 - Summer 2013
Cole, Herbert M.Yoruba Sculpture in the Vittorio Meneghelli Collection Tribal Art200849 - Summer 2008
Cole, Herbert M.The Complexity of Maternity in AfricaTribal Art201784 - Summer 2017
Coleman, WinfieldArt as Cosmology: Cheyenne Women's Rawhide PaintingWoTA199818 - Summer 1998
Coleman, WinfieldUncommon Legacies: The Native American Collection of the Peabody Essex MuseumTribal200229 - Winter 2002
Coleman, WinfieldA Rare Orok: Cosmology in FeathersTribal200331 - Summer 2003
Coleman, WinfieldBeauty, Honor, and Tradition: The Legacy of Plains Indians ShirtsTribal200434 - Spring 2004
Coleman, WinfieldShamanic Art of the Upper XinguTribal200538 - Summer 2005
Coleman, WinfieldSeventeenth-Century Woodlands War Clubs Tribal Art200952 - Summer 2009
Coleman, WinfieldHolophusicon: The Leverian Museum Tribal Art201162 - Winter 2011
Coleman, WinfieldDancing Spirits: Selected Illustrations from "Hopi Katcinas Drawn by Native Artists" Tribal Art201471 - Spring 2014
Coleman, Winfield & Fogel, JonathanWill Soule: The View from Fort SillTribal200537 - Spring 2005
Colleyn, Jean-PaulBambaras & BamanayaWoTA199921 - Summer/Autumn 1999
Colleyn, Jean-PaulL'alliance, le dieu, l'objet: photographies de Catherine de Clippel des vodun de la région d'Aneho au TogoKaos20055
Conru, KevinTreasures of the Museum FĂŒr VölkerkundeWoTA19943 - September 1994
Conru, KevinThe Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter and an Important Hawaiian Spear SupportWoTA19944 - Winter 1994
Conru, KevinTom PhillipsWoTA19956 - Summer 1995
Conru, KevinThoughts Over an Attribution...WoTA199920 - Spring 1999
Conru, KevinHugo A. Bernatzik in the South PacificTribal200229 - Winter 2002
Conru, KevinBerend HoekstraTribal200331 - Summer 2003
Conru, KevinBismarck Art and the Avant-Garde Tribal Art201369 - Autumn 2013
Conru, KevinMasterpieces: New Guinea Art from Tervuren Tribal Art201472 - Summer 2014
Conru, KevinTom Joyce: The Art of IronTribal Art201888 - Summer 2018
Conru, KevinIn Tribute : Loed van Bussel (1935-2018)Tribal Art201888 - Summer 2018
Conru, KevinPapua New-Guinea: Ancestral Visions . Art form the Sepik-RamuTribal Art201992 - Summer 2019
Conru, KevinF.L. Kenett: A Forgotten LegendTribal Art201993 - Autumn 2019
Convers, Fr. MichelIn the Wake of the Massa Movement Among the SenufoWoTA199713 - Spring 1997
Convers, Fr. MichelStrange and Fascinating NyikaryiWoTA199817 - Spring 1998
Convers, P. MichelL'aventure de Massa en pays sénoufoPrimitifs19916 - Sept. Oct 1991
Copeland, AlexWhakarewarewa and Mita Taupopoki Tribal Art201057 - Autumn 2010
Coppens, FrançoisK. F. Wong: Images of BorneoTribal Art200849 - Summer 2008
Corbey, RaymondA Trobriand Va'yaulo in WestphaliaWoTA200125 - Spring 2001
Corbey, RaymondThe Authenticity of Kamoro and Asmat ArtTribal200435 - Summer 2004
Corbey, RaymondThe Marind Anim of New Guinea Tribal Art201159 - Spring 2011
Cornet, Joseph AurélienChokwe pendants Tribal Art200746 - Autumn 2007
Couffiet, ChristianErnest Wauchope and the Art of the Yuat RiverTribal Art201578 - Winter 2015
Coulibaly, MarcProtection des communautés et des individus : rites de guérison et de purification par les masques au Burkina FasoArt Tribal20046. Automne 2004
Cowdrey, MikeWhite Arm: Master-Artist and Historian of the Crow Tribal Art201057 - Autumn 2010
Cowdrey, MikeA Winter Count of the Wajaje LakotaTribal Art201577 - Autumn 2015
Cresenz Rossi, MilÚnePhemba: Mother and Child among the Yombe Tribal Art201055 - Spring 2010
Cruz Cevallos, IvanCasa del Alabado A Museum of Pre-Columbian Art Tribal Art201159 - Spring 2011
D.Colburn, ForrestAndré EmmerichTribal200436 - Autumn/Winter 2004
Dainese, DeborahEx-Africa: Histories and Identities of a Universal ArtTribal Art201991 - Spring 2019
Dainese, Deborah The "Mostra di Arte Negra" at the Venice Biennale in 1922Tribal Art202095 - Spring 2020
D'Alessandro, JillTo Dye For: The Art of Resisting Tribal Art201058 - Winter 2010
D'Alessandro, JillOn the Grid: Textiles and MinimalismTribal Art201682 - Winter 2016
Davidson, James A.Mathaman : guerrier, artiste, "songman"Primitifs19913 - Mars. Avril 1991
Davis, CharlesTom Lewis: African Art in the Crescent CityTribal Art201992 - Summer 2019
Davy, WoodsKifwebe Maskettes of the Luba and SongyeTribal Art200848 - Spring 2008
De Clippel, CatherineSecrets: Fetishes of Africa Tribal Art200746 - Autumn 2007
de Grunne, BernardFang Statuary: A Classical Art Form?WoTA19942 - June 1994
De Grunne, BernardMaster Hands: Post ScriptTribal200331 - Summer 2003
De Grunne, BernardA Proto-Jukun Terracotta FigureTribal200539 - Autumn/Winter 2005
De Grunne, BernardMaster Hands of the LegaTribal Art200850 - Autumn/Winter 2008
De Grunne, BernardThe Frum African Art Collection Tribal Art200954 - Winter 2009
de Mahieu, WauthierThe Komo Mask: A Unique and Unifying ObjectTribal Art201888 - Summer 2018
de Rijk, MartijnMagical EncountersWoTA200126 - Summer/Autumn 2001
de Sa Rego, StellaPhotography in Mexico in the Nineteenth CenturyTribal200435 - Summer 2004
De Santos, FranciscoRediscovered Byeri in Madrid Tribal Art200954 - Winter 2009
de Strycker, Louis & de Grunne, BernardThe Treasure of Kalumbi and the Buli StyleWoTA199610 - Summer 1996
Debie, YvesFrance vs. Artistic Patrimony Tribal Art201057 - Autumn 2010
Debie, Yves.BernardUNESCO Convention of November 14, 1970Tribal Art201577 - Autumn 2015
Debie, Yves-BernardSacrilege? A Criminal Act? Or Simply the Fair and Straightforward Application of French Law? Tribal Art201369 - Autumn 2013
Debie, Yves-BernardFrench Museums Collections: An Inaliebale PropertyTribal Art201784 - Summer 2017
Debie, Yves-BernardThe Possibility of Trade in Antique IvoryTribal Art201785 - Autumn 2017
Debie, Yves-BernardRestitution : the Tides of History or a Trend of the Times ?Tribal Art201889 - Autumn 2018
Debie, Yves-BernardThe UNESCO Convention of November 14, 1970: Not a Law for Criminal ProsecutionTribal Art201890 - Winter 2018
Debie, Yves-BernardConfutatis Maledicits, Flammis Acribus Addictis, or an eternal flame ?Tribal Art201992 - Summer 2019
Debie, Yves-BernardThe Salorges Auction : A Tragicomedy in Three ActsTribal Art201993 - Autumn 2019
Debie, Yves-Bernard What Place for Our Statues?Tribal Art202097 - Autumn 2020
Deble, Yves-BernardThe UNIDROIT Convention of 1995: A Dangerous Assault on the Internal Jurisdictional Authority of Signatory CountriesTribal Art201887- Spring 2018
Degli, MarineDes crĂąnes et des mondes / Skulls and Worlds Kaos20011
Delaney, MichelleBuffalo Bill’s Wild West Warriors: Photographs by Gertrude KĂ€sebier Tribal Art201161 - Autumn 2011
Deliss, ClémentineObject Atlas. Fieldwork in the Museum Tribal Art201264 - Summer 2012
Dell, Roger A.Oeuvres choisies d'Océanie, d'Amérique et d'Afrique dans les ollections de l'Académie des Arts d'HonoluluPrimitifs19912 - Jan.Fev. 1991
Delpuech, André et Martinez-Jacquet, ElenaTwo Very Real Worlds The Ligabue Collection of Pre-Columbian Art Presented at the Museo Archeologico...Tribal Art201679 - Spring 2016
Delpuech, André et Petit, MichelOn the Trail of EugÚne de Girardin: A Hitherto Unknown Sioux Painted Robe Acquired by the Musée du Quai Branly Tribal Art201472 - Summer 2014
Demouchelle, KevinVisionary: Viewpoints on Africa’s ArtsTribal Art201785 - Autumn 2017
Derby, CharlesThe Mysterious World of Paul RabutTribal200333 - Winter 2003
Detavernier, HervéTerres cuites du Ghana. Nouvelles classifications des terres de l'ancien Komaland. Les terres akanArt Tribal20033. Eté Automne 2003
Dimondstein, JoshuaAn Interview with Marc FranklinTribal Art200850 - Autumn/Winter 2008
Dimondstein, JoshuaOther Worlds: The Photography of Mike GladTribal Art201056 - Summer 2010
Dimondstein, JoshuaClamra CĂ©lestin: Devoted Collector, Ancestral GuardianTribal Art201785 - Autumn 2017
Drake Moraga, VanessaFractal Thinking: Status Cloths of the Shoowa Tribal Art201162 - Winter 2011
Drewal, Henry John & Shildkrout, EnidIfe Art in Ancient Nigeria Tribal Art200953 - Autumn 2009
Duboscq, BertrandMicroanalysis: The Final WordWoTA199818 - Summer 1998
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