Ghana National Museum Occasional Papers has been published only twice in 1970 and 1974 for a total of 8 papers. They are very difficult to find and therefore I have uploaded the original full text on this website.


On this page, you have the content of all the volumes from the beginning. It is classified by author. You can either scroll it or search it is by using the “Find on this page” function hereunder.

Author Title Year Volume Pages
Bassing, AllanEuropean-inspired Akan goldweights197031522
Cudjoe, DzagbeFlutes from the Northern and Upper regons of Ghana19702814
Cudjoe-Calvocoressi, DzagbeA preliminary investigation into the Du-Legba cult of the Volta Region, Ewe197485463
Myles, KwasiSome wooden figures in the national collections197042327
Myles, KwasiNotes on two tobacco pipes from Assin, Central Region197052830
Pole, Leonard M.Iron smelting in Northern Ghana19746540
Priddy, BarbaraSome terracotta figures in the Ghana National Museum 1970167
Priddy, BarbaraPottery in Northern Region197474153