Founded in 1892 as one of the first learned societies of the Southern Hemisphere, the Polynesian Society immediately started publishing the Journal of the Polynesian Society as a quarterly devoted to the study of Maori and other Pacific cultures. Today, it is housed at the University of Auckland, New-Zealand.


Collectors will know it mainly for its publication in the late 30's and early 40's of the catalogues of the W.O. Oldman collection which are available hereunder.


The W.O. Oldman collection catalogues



On this page, you have the content of all the volumes from the beginning. It is classified by author. You can either scroll it or search it is by using the “Find on this page” function hereunder. All the content is available digitally on the website of the University of Auckland for the articles up to 2016 or on the one of the Polynesian Society for the more recent ones.

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Author Title Year Volume Issue Pages
Abraham, A. C. T. Some Bay of Islands Maori place-names195463 3-4 243-246
Adkin, G. Leslie On the nomenclature of the Waikanae river, western Wellington194150 200 232-238
Adkin, G. Leslie Former food stores in Lake Horowhenua194251 3 181-186
Adkin, G. Leslie Supplementary data relating to the ancient Waitaha...195059 1 1-34
Adkin, G. Leslie Maero-whenua?195160 1 37-39
Adkin, G. Leslie A second ancient patu from Horowhenua195261 3 + 4 311-315
Adkin, G. Leslie Archaeological evidence of former native occupation of Eastern Palliser Bay195564 4 450-480
Adkin, G. Leslie A rare lunate pendant from New Zealand195766 2 192-198
Adkin, G. Leslie An unrecorded type of patu from western Marlborough Sounds195968 2 86 - 92
Adkin, G. Leslie An adequate culture nomenclature for the New Zealand area196069 3 228-238
Adkin, G. Leslie A Patu type attributable to the Ngatimamoe culture, from the Horowhenua-Manawatu area, Western Wellington196372 1 27-30
Akeli, Safua [Review] Macpherson, Cluny and La'avasa Macpherson. The Warm Winds of Change: Globalisation in Contemporary Samoa2010119 3 320-322
Akeli, Safua [Review] Thode-Arora, H. Weavers of Men and Women: Niuean Weaving and its Social Implications2012121 3 305-307
Akimichi, Tomoya The ecological aspect of Lau (Solomon Islands) ethnoichthyology197887 4 301-326
Albert, S. M. Completely by accident I discovered its meaning: the iconography of New Ireland malagan198695 2 239-252
Alexander, Prof W. D. The 'Hale O Keawe' at Honaunau Hawaii189433 159-161
Alexander, W.D. Specimens of ancient Tahitian poetry189321 55-59
Alkire, William H. Cultural adaptation in the Caroline Islands196069 2 123-150
Allan, C. H. Land law and custom in Ysabel: postwar change and development198897 1 7-30
Allen, Bryant Wet-field taro terraces on Mangaia, Cook Islands197180 3 371 - 378
Allen, Bryant J. & Andrew W. WoodLegendary volcanic eruptions and the Huli, Papua New Guinea198089 3 341-348
Allen, J. The Lapita homeland: some new data and an interpretation198998 2 129-146
Allen, John S. Te Rangi Hiroa's physical anthropology1994103 1 11-28
Allen, M. S. Recent archaeological research on Aitutaki, Southern Cooks: the Moturakau shelter199099 3 265-296
Allen, Melinda S. Revisiting and revising Marquesan culture history: New archaeological investigations at Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva Island2004113 2 143-196
Allen, Melinda S. [Review] Hooper, Antony and Iuta Tinielu, Echoes at Fisherman's Rock: Traditional Tokelau Fishing2013122 3 293-295
Allen, Michael Kinship terminology and marriage in Vanua Lava and East Aoba196473 3 315 - 323
Ambrose, W. R. & R. W. JohnsonUnea: an obsidian non-source in Papua New Guinea198695 4 491-498
Amoamo, Maria [Review] Salmond, Anne: Bligh: William Bligh in the South Seas2012121 1 91-93
Amoamo, T., T. Tupene & R. NeichThe complementarity of history and art in Tutamure meeting-house, Omarumutu Marae, Opotiki,198493 1 5-38
Andersen, Johannes C. Fish-gorges or shell-fish extractors or spillikins? 192736 143 287-289
Andersen, Johannes C. No. 10. Maori music with its Polynesian background. Part 4193241 164 109-140
Andersen, Johannes C. No. 10. Maori music with its Polynesian background. Part 1193241 164 1-30
Andersen, Johannes C. No. 10. Maori music with its Polynesian background. Part 2193241 164 31-78
Andersen, Johannes C. No. 10. Maori music with its Polynesian background. Part 3193241 164 79-108
Andersen, Johannes C. No. 10 Maori music with its Polynesian background193342 168 141-145
Andersen, Johannes C. No. 10 Maori music with its Polynesian background193342 168 146-194
Andersen, Johannes C. No. 10 Maori music with its Polynesian background193342 168 195-252
Andersen, Johannes C. No. 10 Maori music with its Polynesian background193443 172 253-304
Andersen, Johannes C. Maori religion194049 196 511-555
Andersen, Johannes C. The so-called 'spool' artifact194049 196 595-599
Andersen, Johannes C. Maori words incorporated into the English language194655 2 141-162
Anderson, A. Maori settlement in the interior of Southern New Zealand from the early 18th to late 19th centuries A.D.198291 1 53-80
Anderson, A. Makeshift structures of little importance: a reconsideration of Maori round huts198695 1 91-114
Anderson, Atholl Current approaches in east Polynesian colonisation research1995104 1 110-132
Anderson, Atholl Discovery of a prehistoric habitation site on Norfolk Island1996105 4 479-486
Anderson, Atholl Cultural chronology in Mangareva (Gambier Islands), French Polynesia: Evidence from recent radiocarbon dating2003112 2 119-140
Anderson, Atholl et al. Towards a first prehistory of Kiritimati (Christmas) Island, Republic of Kiribati, 2000109 3 273-294
Anderson, Atholl & Ian SmithThe Papatowai site: new evidence and interpretations1992101 2 129-158
Anderson, Atholl, Geoffrey Clark & Trevor WorthyAn inland Lapita site in Fiji, 2000109 3 311-316
Anderson, Vivienne [Review] Higgins, N. and C. Freeman (eds)., Childhoods: Growing Up in Aotearoa New Zealand2014123 1 91-93
Anne, Salmond, Billie LythbergSpiralling Histories: Reflections on the 1923 Dominion Museum East Coast Ethnological Expedition and Other Multimedia Experiments. 2019128143-64
Anson, Dimitri What's in a name: the house carvings that Dr Hocken gave to the Otago Museum2004113 1 73-90
Aoyagi, Machiko Kinship organization and behaviour in a contemporary Tongan village196675 2 141 - 176
Archer, Dane & MaryRace, identity, and the Maori people197079 2 201-218
Archey, Gilbert A recently-discovered carved stone figure192635 138 150-152
Archey, Gilbert Notes on Maori artifacts192736 141 72-75
Archey, Gilbert Rock shelter drawings at Arapuni gorge192736 144 369-371
Archey, Gilbert Evolution of certain Maori carving patterns193342 167 171-190
Archey, Gilbert Whale-tooth pendants in bone and stone193443 172 244-245
Archey, Gilbert Maori carving patterns193645 178 49-62
Archey, Gilbert Maori decorative art comment195766 1 60-63
Archey, Gilbert A carved flageolet Putorino195968 2 83-85
Arlidge, Allan S. Some thoughts on the history of the local government of the Maori people198089 3 329-340
Arno, Andrew R. Joking, avoidance, and authority: verbal performance as an object of exchange in Fiji197584 4 71-86
Aswani, Shankar Changing identities: The ethnohistory of Roviana predatory head-hunting2000109 1 39-70
Aswani, Shankar Investigating Coral Reef Ethnobiology in the Western Solomon Islands for Enhancing Livelihood Resilience2014123 3 237-276
Athens, Stephen, J. Pottery from Nan Madol, Ponape, Eastern Caroline Islands,198089 1 95-100
Atkinson, A. S. What is a Tangata Maori? 18921 3133-136
Audran, Père Herve Traditions of and notes on the Paumotu (or Tuamotu) Islands. Part VI192029 113 42-43
Ayers Counts, Dorothy Akro and Gagandewa: a Melanesian myth198089 1 33-66
Ayres, William S. Radiocarbon dates from Easter Island197180 4 497 - 504
Babayan, C. et al.Voyage to Aotearoa198796 2 161-200
Baddeley, J. Adoption in Rarotonga198291 1 121-138
Baer, Alexander Ceremonial Architecture and the Spatial Proscription of Community: Location Versus Form and Function in Kaupo, Maui, Hawaiian Islands (Special Issue: CEREMONIAL ARCHITECTURE IN EAST POLYNESIA: DEVELOPMENT AND VARIABILITY)2016125 3 289-306
Baer, Alexander [Review] Kirch, Patrick Vinton: Unearthing the Polynesian Past: Explorations and Adventures of an Island Archaeologist.2016125 4 446-448
Baird, J. Henry The Guam Museum195463 3-4 253-254
Baker, Sidney J. Origins of the words Pakeha and Maori194554 4 223-231
Baldridge, Kenneth W. Sauniatu, Western Samoa: a special purpose village, 1904-34197887 3 165-192
Ballara, Angela The role of warfare in Maori society in the early contact period197685 4 487-506
Ballara, Angela Settlement patterns in the early European Maori phase of Maori society197988 2 199-214
Ballara, Angela The pursuit of mana: a re-evaluation of the process of land alienation by Maoris, 1840-1890198291 4 519-542
Barber, Ian Archaeology, ethnography, and the record of Maori cannibalism before 1815: a critical review1992101 3 241-292
Barber, Ian Constructions of change: A history of early Maori culture sequences1995104 4 357-396
Barber, Ian & Justin MaxwellEvaluating New Radiocarbon Dates from Midden Deposits near Moriori Tree Carvings, Rekohu (Chatham Island)2012121 1 33-50
Barnes, J. A. Review article: Rethinking and rejoining: Leach, Fortes and filiation196271 4 403-410
Barnes, Shawn & Terry HuntSamoa's pre-contact connections in West Polynesia and beyond2005114 3 227-266
Barney, Ralph D. An early public war of words in Pacific politics: Tonga 1860-1890197483 3 349-360
Barrau, Jacques L'humide et le sec an essay on ethnobiological adaptation to contrastive environments in the Indo-Pacific area196574 3 329 - 346
Barrera, William M. & Patrick Vinto KirchBasaltic-glass artefacts from Hawaii: their dating and prehistoric uses197382 2 176-187
Barrow, T. T. Maori decorative carving - an outline195665 4 305-331
Barrow, T. T. Shorter communication196271 2 254-255
Barrre, Dorothy B. Cosmogonic genealogies of Hawaii196170 4419-428
Barthel, Thomas S. Female stone figures on Easter Island195867 3 252-255
Bataille-Benguigui, M-C. The fish of Tonga, prey or social partners198897 2 185-198
Bathgate, Murray A. Maori river and ocean going craft in Southern New Zealand196978 3 344 - 377
Batley, R. A. L. Legendary footprints on the Poutu Stream, Rotoaira194958 1 47-50
Batley, R. A. L. Inland Patea genealogies195059 1 63-75
Batley, R. A. L. Some practical aspects of dendrochronology in New Zealand195665 3 232-244
Batley, R. A. L. A pottery cooking vessel from Mono Island196877 1 74 - 76
Batley, R. A. L. Ngati Rangi: Whiro's family at Murimotu, North Island, New Zealand197382 4 343-354
Beaglehole, Ernest New Zealand anthropology to-day193746 183 154-172
Beaglehole, Ernest Anthropology in New Zealand193847 188 152-162
Beaglehole, Ernest Culture and psychosis in New Zealand193948 191 144-155
Beaglehole, Ernest The Polynesian Maori194049 193 37-68
Beaglehole, Ernest Race, caste and class194352 1 1-11
Beaglehole, Ernest The South Seas Regional Commission194453 2 59-71
Beaglehole, Ernest Trusteeship and New Zealand's Pacific dependencies194756 2 128-157
Beaglehole, Ernest The mixed blood in Polynesia194958 2 51-57
Beaglehole, Ernest & James E. RitchieThe Rakau Maori studies195867 2 132-154
Beaglehole, Ernest & PearlBrief Pukapukan case history193948 191 135-143
Beaglehole, Ernest & PearlContemporary Maori death customs194554 2 91-116
Beaglehole, Ernest & PearlThe study of Maori life194554 4 235-237
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends collected from the natives of Murihiku (Southland, New Zealand) Part II.191524 96 130-139
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends collected from the natives of Murihiku (Southland, New Zealand)19152495 98-112
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends. Collected from the natives of Murihiku. (Southland, New Zealand). Part III191625 97 9-17
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends. Collected from the natives of Murihiku. (Southland, New Zealand)191625 98 53-65
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends. Collected from the natives of Murihiku. (Southland, New Zealand)191625 99 89-98
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends191726 2 75-86
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends191726 3 106-110
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends. Collected from the natives of Murihiku. (Southland, New Zealand)191827 107 137-161
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends. Collected from the natives of Murihiku. (Southland, New Zealand) Part IX191928 109 42-51
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends. Collected from the natives of Murihiku. (Southland, New Zealand) Part X191928 111 152-159
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends. Collected from the natives of Murihiku. (Southland, New Zealand) Part XI191928 112 212-225
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends. Collected from the natives of Murihiku. (Southland, New Zealand) Part XII192029 115 128-138
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends. Collected from the natives of Murahiku. (Southland, New Zealand) Part XIII192029 116 189-198
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends. Collected from the natives of Murihiku. (Southland, New Zealand) Part XIV192231 123 134-144
Beattie, H. Traditions and legends collected from the natives of Murihiku. (Southland, New Zealand) Part XIV192231 124 193-197
Bechtol, Charles O. Sailing characteristics of oceanic canoes196271 4 98-101
Bechtol, Charles O. Hei-tiki196776 4 445 - 452
Becker, David P. A rediscovered and reunited Maori pataka fragment197887 3 243-252
Beckerman, Stephen Protein and population in tropical Polynesia197786 1 73-80
Beckett, Jeremy Social change in Pukapuka196473 4 411 - 430
Beckett, Peter Two fish hook parts from a midden in Wellington195362 2 196
Beckett, Peter Ancient occupied sites of the Paraparaumu District195766 4 357-364
Beckwith, Martha Polynesian mythology194049 193 17-36
Beckwith, Martha Polynesian story composition194453 4 177-203
Bedford, Stuart Post-contact Maori: the ignored component in New Zealand archaeology1996105 4 411-440
Bedford, Stuart et al.Detritus of empire: Seventeenth century Spanish pottery from Taumako, Southeast Solomon Islands, and Mota, Northern Vanuatu, 2009118 1 69-90
Bell, Dr. Robert E. Some of our contributors195665 1 90-92
Bell, F. L. S. The social significance of Amfat among the Tanga of New Ireland193544 174 97-111
Bell, F. L. S. Dafal193645 179 83-98
Bell, F. L. S. The role of the individual in Tangan society195564 3 281-291
Bell, Robert E. Archaeological investigations at Murdering Beach, Otago, New Zealand195665 1 35-40
Bellwood, Peter Archaeology on Rarotonga and Aitutaki, Cook Islands: A preliminary report196978 4 517 - 530
Bender, Andrea Two Accounts of Traditional Mangarevan Counting... and How to Evaluate Them2013122 3 275-288
Bender, Andrea & Sieghard Beller'Fanciful' or genuine: bases and high numerals in Polynesian number systems2006115 1 7-46
Benguigui, Georges The middle classes in Tonga198998 4 451-464
Benguigui, Georges Tonga in Turmoil2011120 4 349-368
Benton, Richard Jock Malcolm McEwen (1915-2010). Obituary2010119 3 223-226
Benton, Richard A. Changes in language use in a rural Maori community 1963-1978198089 4 455-478
Benton, Richard A. Bilingual education and the survival of the Maori language198493 3 247-266
Benton, Richard A. David Simmons, MBE (1930-2015) Obituary2016125 4 339-340
Berde, Stuart Contemporary notes on Rossel Island valuables197382 2 188-205
Berde, Stuart Political education in the rural sector: a comparison of two Papua New Guinea island communities197584 4 86-98
Bergendorff, S., U. Hasager & P. HenriquesMythopraxis and history: on the interpretation of the Makahiki,198897 4 391-408
Besnier, Niko Christianity, authority, and personhood: Sermonic discourse on Nukulaelae Atoll1994103 4 339-378
Best, Elsdon Pre-historic civilisation in the Philippines. the Talgalo-Bisaya tribes18921 2118-125
Best, Elsdon Pre-historic civilisation in the Philippines. The Tagalo-Bisaya tribes -II18921 4195-201
Best, Elsdon The tree-fort of the Muaupoko tribe of Maoris, at Whakahoro189322 87-88
Best, Elsdon The Maori and the moa: notes on some moa bones found in a mud spring at Upokongaro, Wanganui18965 2 121-122
Best, Elsdon Te Rehu-o-Tainui: the evolution of a Maori atua18976 2.41-66
Best, Elsdon The kiore Maori or native rat18987 1 47
Best, Elsdon Omens and superstitious beliefs of the Maori: Part 118987 3 119-136
Best, Elsdon Omens and superstitious beliefs of the Maori18987 4 233-243
Best, Elsdon Notes on Maori mythology18998 2 93-121
Best, Elsdon Spiritual concepts of the Maori19009 4 173-199
Best, Elsdon Spiritual concepts of the Maori: Part II190110 1 1-20
Best, Elsdon Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara. Wellington in pre-Pakeha days190110 3 107-165
Best, Elsdon Notes on the art of war, as conducted by the Maori of New Zealand, with accounts of various customs, rites, superstitions..190211 1 11-41
Best, Elsdon Notes on the art of war, as conducted by the Maori of New Zealand, with accounts of various customs, rites, superstitions..190211 2 47-75
Best, Elsdon Notes on the art of war as conducted by the Maori of New Zealand, with accounts of various customs, rites superstitions…190211 3 127-162
Best, Elsdon Notes on the art of war, as conducted by the Maori of New Zealand, with accounts of various customs, rites, superstitions..190211 4 219-246
Best, Elsdon Notes on the art of war as conducted by the Maori of New Zealand: Part V190312132-50
Best, Elsdon Notes on the art of war as conducted by the Maori of New Zealand, with Accounts of various customs, rites, superstitions, and c., pertaining to war, as practiced and believed in by ancient Maori: Part V (sic)190312265-84
Best, Elsdon Notes on the art of war as conducted by the Maori of New Zealand: Part VII1903123 145-165
Best, Elsdon Notes on the art of war as conducted by the Maori of New Zealand: Part VIII1903124193-217
Best, Elsdon Notes on the art of war, as conducted by the Maori of New Zealand190413 1 1-19
Best, Elsdon Notes on the art of war, Supplementary notes190413 2 73-82
Best, Elsdon Notes on the custom of Rahui, its application and manipulation, as also its supposed powers, its rites, invocations and superstitions190413 2 83-88
Best, Elsdon The Uhi-Maori or native tattooing instruments190413 3166-172
Best, Elsdon Maori medical lore190413 4 213-237
Best, Elsdon Maori medical lore1905141 1-23
Best, Elsdon The lore of the whare-kohanga. Notes on procreation among the Maori people of New Zealand1905144 205-215
Best, Elsdon The lore of the whare kohanga, Part II, Pregnancy190615 1 1-26
Best, Elsdon The lore of the whare-kohanga, Part III, Tuatanga tamariki, the tua rite.190615 3 147-162
Best, Elsdon The lore of the whare-kohanga, Part IV, Oriori tamariki.190615 4 183-192
Best, Elsdon Lore of the whare kohanga: Part V, Miscellaneous items190716 1 1-12
Best, Elsdon Maori numeration: the vigesimal system190716 294-98
Best, Elsdon Maori star names191019 2 97-99
Best, Elsdon Tuhoe, the children of the mist191322 87 149-150
Best, Elsdon Tuhoe, the children of the mist. I. A lone land and they who settled it191322 87 151-155
Best, Elsdon Tuhoe, the children of the mist. II. Tuhoeland191322 87 156-159
Best, Elsdon Tuhoe, the children of the mist. III. The original people of Tuhoeland191322 87 160-165
Best, Elsdon Tuhoe, the children of the mist. III. contd.191423 89 38-54
Best, Elsdon Tuhoe, the children of the mist. III. contd.191423 90 84-102
Best, Elsdon Tuhoe, the children of the mist. III. contd.191423 91 159-172
Best, Elsdon The Maori concept of the spirit world191625100 174-175
Best, Elsdon Some place names of islands of the Society Group191726 3 111-115
Best, Elsdon Note on the manaia in Maori carvings191726 3 130-131
Best, Elsdon The Land of Tara and they who settled it191726 4 143-169
Best, Elsdon The Land of Tara and they who settled it. Part II191827 105 1-25
Best, Elsdon The Land of Tara and they who settled it. Part III191827 106 49-71
Best, Elsdon The Land of Tara and they who settled it. Part IV191827 107 99-114
Best, Elsdon The Land of Tara and they who settled it. Part V191827 108 165-177
Best, Elsdon The Land of Tara and they who settled it. Part VI191928 109 1-17
Best, Elsdon The Land of Tara and they who settled it. Part VII191928 110 79-96
Best, Elsdon The Land of Tara and they who settled it191928 111 123-133
Best, Elsdon The legend of Whiro192231 123 111-116
Best, Elsdon Origin of the Maori. The hidden homeland of the Maori, and its probable location192332 125 10-20
Best, Elsdon Maori personifications. Anthropogeny, solar myths and phallic symbolism: as exemplified in the demiurgic concepts of Tane and Tiki192332 126 53-69
Best, Elsdon Maori personifications. Anthropogeny, solar myths and phallic symbolism: as exemplified in the demiurgic concepts of Tane and Tiki192332 127 53-69
Best, Elsdon Did Polynesian voyagers know the double outrigger? Notes on the management of canoes at sea by Maori navigators of bygone centuries192332 128 200-214
Best, Elsdon The Polynesian method of generating fire192433 130 87-102
Best, Elsdon The Polynesian method of generating fire [contd]192433 131 151-161
Best, Elsdon The Maori as a deep sea voyager. How Pahiko sailed for the isles of Polynesia. Circa. 1675192433 132 329-333.
Best, Elsdon Notice to members: 'The Maori'192534 134 191-192
Best, Elsdon Notice to members: 'The Maori'192534 135 276
Best, Elsdon The burning of Te Arawa192534 136 292-320
Best, Elsdon Notes on customs, ritual and beliefs pertaining to sickness, death, burial and exhumation among the Maori of New Zealand192635 137 6-30
Best, Elsdon He tangi na Hine-matioro mo tona mokopuna, mo Te Kani-a-takirau, i tona haerenga ki te Kaha-nui-a-Tiki192635 138 153
Best, Elsdon Notice to members: 'The Maori'192635 138 179-180
Best, Elsdon The legend of Mahu and Taewha192635 138 73-110
Best, Elsdon Ritual formulae pertaining to war and peace-making192635 139 204-210
Best, Elsdon Ngatori-i-rangi and Manaia. Illustrating Maori belief in the arts of magic192635 139 211-222
Best, Elsdon Notice to members: 'The Maori'192635 140 353
Best, Elsdon Notice to members: 'The Maori'192736 141 98
Best, Elsdon The discovery and settlement of Rarotonga by Polynesians192736 142 122-134
Best, Elsdon Notes on inscribed stones of the Taranaki district192736 142 137-140
Best, Elsdon Raumahora and Takarangi. A legend of the Taranaki tribes192736 143 239-259
Best, Elsdon Hau and Wairaka. The adventures of Kupe and his relatives192736 143 260-282
Best, Elsdon Irihia. The homeland of the Polynesians. Some additional data... 192736 144 330-362
Best, Elsdon Maori and Maruiwi192837 146 175-193
Best, Elsdon The Maruiwi folk of the Bay of Plenty District192837 146 194-225
Best, Elsdon 'The Maori'192938 149 104
Best, Elsdon Maori customs pertaining to birth and baptism192938 152 241-269
Best, Elsdon The Maori193039 154 200
Best, Elsdon Maori agriculture. Cultivated food-plants of the Maori and native methods of agriculture193039 156 346-380
Best, Elsdon The Maori193039 156 392
Best, Elsdon Maori agriculture193140 157 1-22
Best, Elsdon The Maori193140 157 72
Best, Elsdon The Maori193140 158 94
Best, Elsdon The Maori193241 161 80
Best, Elsdon The Maori193241 162 180
Best, Elsdon The Maori193241 163 252
Best, Elsdon The Maori193342 167 240
Best, Elsdon The Maori193443 170 142
Best, Elsdon The Maori193443 1720
Best, Elsdon The Maori193544 175 192
Best, Elsdon The Maori193544 176 258
Best, Elsdon The Maori193645 177 48
Best, Elsdon The Maori193645 178 82
Best, Elsdon The Maori193746 181 40
Best, Elsdon The Maori193746 182 98
Best, Elsdon The Maori193847 185 44
Best, Elsdon The Maori193847 186 96
Best, Elsdon The Maori193948 189 70
Best, Elsdon The Maori194049 193 174
Best, Elsdon The Maori194049 195 482
Best, Elsdon The Maori194049 196 634
Best, Elsdon The Maori194150 197 52
Best, Elsdon The Maori194251 1 86
Best, Elsdon The Maori194251 3 228
Best, Simon The Maori adze: an explanation for change197786 3 307-338
Best, Simon Here be dragons198897 3 239-260
Best, Simon At the halls of the mountain kings. Fijian and Samoan fortifications: Comparison and analysis1993102 4 385-448
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Biersack, A. Tongan exchange structures: beyond descent and alliance198291 2 181-212
Biersack, Aletta Kavaonau and the Tongan chiefs1991100 3 231 - 268
Biggs, Bruce G. The Mba dialects, Western Viti Levu194857 1 68-87
Biggs, Bruce G. Fijian riddles (a vatavatairalango vakaviti)194857 4 342-348
Biggs, Bruce G. The translation and publishing of Maori material in the Auckland Public Library195261 3 + 4 176-191
Biggs, Bruce G. The compound possessives in Maori195564 3 341-348
Biggs, Bruce G. Morphology syntax in a Polynesian language196069 4 376-379
Biggs, Bruce G. A drift voyage from Futuna to Cikobia197483 3 361-365
Biggs, Bruce G. Some problems of Polynesian grammar197483 4 401-426
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Billings, D. K. The play's the thing: the political power of dramatic presentation198392 4 439-462
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Binney, Judith Papahurihia: some thoughts on interpretation196675 3 321 - 331
Binney, Judith Maungapohatu revisited: or, how the government underdeveloped a Maori community198392 3 353-392
Binney, Judith Myth and explanation in the Ringatu tradition: some aspects of the leadership of Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki and Rua Kenana Hepetipa198493 4 345-398
Binney, Judith Shorter communications: Papahurihia, Pukerenga, Te Atua Wera and Te Nakahi: How many prophets2007116 3 309-320
Binney, Judith Stories without end2010119 1 7-24
Birks, Helen & LawrencePart 1: Dentate-stamped pottery from Sigatoka, Fiji197382 4 6-18
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Our late president192231 122 75
Review. The whence of the Maori (S. P. Smith)192231 122 85-86
To members of the Society192231 122 89
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Word list. Containing words and expressions not included in published dictionaries of the Maori tongue192635 137 43-44
Science congress at Dunedin192635 137 69
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Honorific terms, sacerdotal expressions, personifications, etc., met with in Maori narrative 192635 139239-241
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White magic of the Maori. Some explanation of the Atahu or Iri Rite and the use of love charms192635 140 315-328
Word list. Containing words and expressions not included in published dictionaries of the Maori tongue192635 140 335-336
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Maori Literature192736 141 98
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Honorific terms, sacerdotal expressions, personifications, etc., met with in Maori narrative192736 143 290-291
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Honorific terms, sacerdotal expressions, personifications, etc., met with in Maori narrative192837 146 226-227
Word list192837 146 169-174
The Samoan division of time192837 146 228-240
The story of Rua and Tangaroa. An origin myth. How the art of wood-carving was acquired by man192837 147 257-260
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Honorific terms, sacerdotal expressions, personifications, etc., met with in Maori narrative192938 149 52-53
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No. 12 The migrations of a pandanus people... in the Gilbert Islands. Appendix IV. Tradition of the Karumaetoa clan, concerning the immigration into Beru, Southern Gilberts, of a man-eating ancestor named Tewatu-of-matang193443 172 109 - 112
No. 12 The migrations of a pandanus people... in the Gilbert Islands. Appendix III. Text and interlinear translation of the tradition of the Keaki clan,concerning the immigration of the tropic-bird Totem-groups from Samoa into the northern Gilberts193443 1720
No. 12 The migrations of a pandanus people... in the Gilbert Islands. Appendix I. Series of traditions from Little Makin... 193443 17285-96
No. 12 The migrations of a pandanus people... in the Gilbert Islands. Appendix II. Series of traditions from Tabiteuea... 193443 17297-103
Fifth Science Congress of the Royal Society of New Zealand193544 175 186
Adoption in Wogeo, New Guinea193645 177 17-38
The Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science193645 179 115
The appearances of the dart-game193645 179 119-126
The Pacific and circum-Pacific appearances of the dart-game193746 181 1-23
A Sikayana vocabulary193746 181 24-31
No. 14. The Oldman collection of Maori artefacts193746 184 17-36
No. 14. The Oldman collection of Maori artifacts193847 188 37-46
No. 15. The Oldman collection of Polynesian artifacts193847 188 37-46
The Easter Island script and the Middle-Indus seals193948 189 60-69
No. 15 The Oldman collection of Polynesian artifacts193948 192 24-50
No. 15 The Oldman collection of Polynesian artifacts194049 196 51-78
No. 15 The Oldman collection of Polynesian artifacts194150 200 78-82
The Ringatu seal194251 1 80
Glossary of ethnological terms194251 2 143-148
No 22. The Oldman collection additional Polynesian and other artifacts194352 4 1-2
Reports and statement of accounts194453 1 37-42
Supplement. Nga Moteatea194453 4 1-64
No 22. The Oldman Collection. Additional Polynesian and other artifacts194453 4 3-6
Appreciation194554 2 127
Maori and Pakeha194554 4 232-234
No 22. Deuba: Index194554 4 66-70
Obituary: Frederick Vincent Knapp. 1863 1945194655 1 81-82
Obituary: G. S. A. Biltcliff. 1901 1946194655 2 122-123
Whakapapa of H. Te Raumoa H. Balneavis194655 2 162-165
Obituary: W. H. Skinner 1857 1946194655 4 276-279
Obituary: George Shepherd 1872 1946194655 4 280
A last word from the editor194655 4 281
Johannes Carl Andersen, M.B.E., F.R.S. (N.Z.) Editor 1925-1947194756 1 1-2
Hakluyt and the great voyagers194756 1 119-120
Pits at Karapiro194756 1 2
The science congress 1947194756 2 127
Sir Apirana Ngata: public address in Washington194756 2 222-223
Obituary: A. H. Carrington194756 3 317
New Zealanders and anthropology194756 3 320-321
Obituary:Mrs. H. B. Richenda Parham194756 4 418
Rules of The Polynesian Society (Incorporated)194857 2 188-202
South Pacific Commission, Noumea, New Caledonia194958 3 131-132
Obituary: James Hornell 1865-1949194958 3 132
New anthropology chair at Auckland194958 4 198
South Pacific Commission Fourth Session194958 4 198-200
Maori rafter patterns194958 4 211-212
Obituary: Sir Apirana Ngata195059 2 111
The Hocart Papers in the Turnbull Library195059 3 268-272
Rare Maori text available195059 3 275-276
Apirana Turupa Ngata - 1874-1951195059 4 276-279
Apirana Nohopari Turupa Ngata195059 4 280-282
Ko Apirana Nohopari Turupa Ngata195059 4 283-285
Genealogy195059 4 286
The place of Sir Apirana Ngata in Maori acculturation195059 4 287-292
Crusade through Parliament195059 4 295-318
Legislators' tributes195059 4 319-334
Principal writings of Sir Apirana Ngata195059 4 347-348
A Ngati Raukawa canoe stern-post195059 4 368-376
Roger Duff, M.A., D.Sc195160 2 + 3 162-163
Tributes to and speeches by Sir Peter Buck195160 4 223-242
I. L. G. Sutherland - 1897-1952195261 1 + 2 120-129
Maori and European195261 1 + 2 136-155
Sikaiana or Stewart Island195261 3 + 4 209-221
Field antiquities195261 3 + 4 292-302
Sir Peter Buck195261 3 + 4 322-323
Obituary: Fred Waite195261 3 + 4 324-325
Polynesian myths and songs of Uvea (Loyalty Islands). Summary195362 2 114-118
Sir Peter Buck birthplace memorial195362 3 291-294
Land tenure in the Ellice Islands by Donald Gilbert Kennedy195362 4 348-358
NGA MOTEATEA Part One195362 4 73-90
Palau Islands195463 2 174
Rewiti Tuhurouta Kohere195463 3-4 258-259
Report on the transactions of the Palmerston North Polynesian Discussion Group195463 3-4 260-262
The Anthropology and Maori Race section of the Auckland Institute and Museum195564 1 157-159
Some of the contributors to this issue195564 1 175
Editors comment195564 1 3-4
New Zealand Archaeological Association195564 1155-156
Editorial195564 2 179-181
Annual General Meeting195564 2 249-251
Obituary: Camilla Hildegarde Wedgwood195564 3 258
New Zealand Archaeological Association195564 3 349-352
The Anthropology and Maori Race section of the Auckland Institute and Museum195564 3 353-355
Some of the contributors195564 3 362-364
Supplement: Nga Moteatea, Part I195564 4 90-152
New Year Honours195564 4 366
Another point of view195665 1 12
New Zealand Archaeological Association195665 1 77-81
Supplement: Nga Moteatea, Part I195665 4 152-230
Marakihau195766 1 2-4
The Anthropology and Maori Race Section of the Auckland Institute and Museum Proceedings for 1956 and 1957195766 3 339-343
Supplement: Nga Moteatea, Part I195766 4 230-312
Palmerston North Polynesian Group195867 2 167-168
New and forthcoming publicsations195867 3 304-305
Some new contributors195867 4 431432
Annual Report195968 2 169-172
Leslie G. Kelly - Te Putu195968 2 57-60
Two letters from Ngaati-Toa to Sir George Grey195968 4 261-276
The Maori agriculture of the Auckland province in the mid-nineteenth century196069 2 166-167
Notices: The Elsdon Best memorial fund196069 3 288
Review article: Stability and change in a Polynesian culture196170 3 365-376
Review article: Polynesian culture history196170 4 498-508
Victoria University of Wellington seminar on Maori origins and migrations196271 3 360
Memoir No.34. Polynesian Navigation, edited by Jack Golson196271 40
Table 1: Geographical knowledge of the Tahitians196271 4 132-136
Table 2: A table of accidental and deliberate voyages in the South Pacific196271 4 137-153
Polynesian navigation196271 4 1-4
Annual general meeting196372 2 176
The Polynesian society list of members196372 3 309 - 324
Discussion196372 4 420
New Guinea's first national election: A symposium196473 2 179 - 230
A remarkable stone figure from the New Guinea Highlands196574 1 78 - 79
Polynesian peasants and proletarians socio-economic change among the Tahitians of French Polynesia196574 3 269 - 328
The New Zealand journal of history196776 2 256
Annual General Meeting196776 3 393 - 394
Annual general meeting196877 3 325 - 326
Stereotypes and Maori work attendance196978 1 127 - 135
Annual general meeting197079 2 263 - 265
Annual general meeting197180 3 396 - 397
Review article: Some current theoretical problems and the 'loose structure' debate197281 2 256-267
Correspondence: Pottery sherds from Tungua, Ha'apai197382 4 414
Annual General Meeting197483 1 120-121
Obituary: John Bruce Palmer 1923-1974197483 4 459-460
Obituary: Charles Andrew Sharp 1908-1974197584 1 93-94
Obituary: Gilbert Edward Archey (C.B.E., D.Sc., F.R.S.N.Z.) 1890-1974197584 3 336-340
Annual General Meeting197786 1 145-148
Annual General Meeting197786 3 439-440
Obituary: Henry Devenish Skinner, O.B.E. 1886-1978197887 2 109-110
Chapter 6: Noble case studies197887 4 121-158
Chapter 7: Conclusion197887 4 159-166
Chapter 2: Traditional chiefly status and the origin of the nobility197887 4 18-42
Annual General Meeting197887 4 373-376
Chapter 1: The background of modern Tongan society197887 4 4-17
Chapter 3: The nobility in the transmission of a chiefly tradition to modern Tonga197887 4 43-73
Chapter 4: The legal definition of the nobility197887 4 73-81
Chapter 5: The nobility in its contemporary social contexts197887 4 82-120
Obituary: William Thomas Mulloy197988 4 373-374
Annual General Meeting198089 3 425-426
Future directions in the study of the arts of Oceania198190 2 155-156
Female pollution in Polynesia.. by F. A. Hanson198291 3 335-382
Review article: experimental voyaging in the Pacific198291 3 455-466
Obituary: Margaret Titcomb 1891-1982198291 4 593-594
Review articles: internal exile, continuity and community in Maori poetry198392 2 245-258
Annual General Meeting198392 3 429-431
Annual General Meeting198493 3 339-340
Annual General Meeting198695 3 413-414
Obituary, Ralph Neville Hermon Bulmer198897 4 369-370
Correspondence: The impact of castaways on host societies198998 1 91-94
Obituaries, Garth Anthony Rogers, William Robert Geddes198998 4 367-370
Report of the council of the Polynesian Society1992101 3 319-321
Man and a half [advertisement for book] 1992101 3iv
Shorter communication1998107 3 287-300
Special review2002111 2 171-176
'Songs cannot die': ritual composing and the politics of emplacement among the Banabans2003112 10
Poroporoaki for Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu 193120062006115 3 209-212
Review article: Recent books about Rapanui2009118 4 377-384
Polynesian Earth Ovens and their Fuels: Wood Charcoal Remains from Anaho Valley, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, 2010119 1 61-98
In Memoriam: Judith Binney 1940-20112011120 1 7-8
Peter Ranbury (1926-2012) 2012121 19-10
Introduction by Steven Hooper and Fergus Clunie2013122 2 101-102
References for all articles2014123 2 223-230
Introduction: Religious Rupture and Revival in the Pacific 20191284371-372
Volume III. Memoirs of the Polynesian Society. The lore of the whare wananga0Memoirs3 181
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